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Question and Help Needed
12/20/14 01:06

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Question and Help Needed

Hi. This is Blair Kuhnen. I was helping a friend, Dennis Ciani, with his online reputation management and ran across this site doing a search for his business. He is the Marketing VP at Pacesetter Homes in Austin, Texas. They have no affiliation to Quality First Home Improvement or any home improvement related business that used to be called Pacesetter.

So, you can understand how it sucks that PacesetterSucks.com shows up on page 1 of google search results for "Pacesetter Homes Reviews." Can we work with you to at least get a disclaimer up on the page saying that the site is unrelated to Pacesetter Homes?

I actually help builders with reputation management, but was doing this for Dennis just as a friend. Any help would be appreciated.

Best regards,


12/20/14 02:09


Re: Question and Help Needed

I have added a disclaimer in the page header. Perhaps I should change the site title to Quality First Home Improvements Suck....