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04/02/14 00:22
ex manager !!!!

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I dont want to give out any details on who I am due to any legal recourse from them , but I was In a management position in there installation department and saw and heard with my own eyes on how they prey on old weak and feeble eldery and high pressure sell them into buying windows that are not bad but not that great either. Now if thats all they did then fine , you payed 500% more then you should of. But to make matters worse they hire people with little or no experience to install these windows. I personally seen a entire home that had storm windows installed upside down and inside out and they paid over 10 k for those, when I told higher management they said If the folks dont notice or complain dont wory about it.
I personally seen the president of the company only once when he flew into town and it was the day i was being hired and he gave a little speach to the sales staff and the management and in his speach he even strongly inferd that the clients that buy these window are week minded and thats their marketing target. It is my honest and most sincsere opininion as I sit here and type this that Pacesetter is the most ruthless, dishonest , unscrupulous bunch of predatory corperate animals that sell replacement windows I have ever hear of and till this day I still feel dirty for working for them.

10/02/14 17:20

I too got caught in the web as a sales rep. I was desperate for work at the time and I should have known better after the first couple of calls. I do consider myself an honest and very intellegent individual, but when you're trying to support a family, you do anything. And they know that. Not only do the customers become victims, but I feel I became one also. This was about 15 years ago but I still have night terrors about this experience. Being away from my family for little to nothing, stranded out in some small town. Making us feed off these folks as you described them, low income, little to no education, and desparate themeselves to try and make some small repairs to their homes. Then there are those on the telemarketing side. I don't blame the individuals, but I know realize it was managment forcing these calls to be answered by reps. Very often, I would be sent out across town (45 min to an hour traveling) to a customer, who when I arrived, chewed me out telling me that they told the person on the phone NOT to send anyone. That's for those who did answer their doors. They expected us to spend a significant amount of time (hours and hours and hours) with the customer who you could tell, wanted us gone. Like I said earlier, I'm a very honest person, which is why I did not exceed at this job, thank God. I'm happy now, but ever so often, those scary thoughts creep into my head. EEEEEEEEEK, there's one now.