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in a pickle
05/21/14 23:38
in a pickle

I am assisting a lady whose Grandma passed and left her a house in CA. After probate, and several lawyers, it would seem all was clear to be rid of the property. In escrow it went and lo and behold a deed of trust was found naming Pacesetter the beneficiary. Now I have been told the property can't change hands without this being cleared.. does anyone know how to find Brian Humphrey, listed as Trustee. He was also a vp for Pacesetter. The Grandma paid most of the bill, until Pacesetter stopped answering calls, and had not finished the job.. Mainly a garage door to the tune of $2900??
Could use some direction please.

05/23/14 17:04
Re: in a pickle

I remember there were a couple of posts which asked about removing Pacesetter liens, let me see if I can find those...

They both mention contacting AmeriFirst and give phone numbers: 1-800-228-2179 or 402-505-6300

I hope this helps at least somewhat.