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Beware they are at it again with Solar!
04/02/14 00:18

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Beware they are at it again with Solar!

I came across customer that just purchased 2 solar systems from First Solar in Cameron Park. They were sold under sized systems that will no way produce as much power as the salesman said it would. I went to the home at 2pm and the system was in the shade and producing very little. I talked to the owner and he told me he bought 2 systems and paid over $10.00 a watt for the systems. They are financing the systems and with a one year to pay program. I have been in this business for along time and guys like this give our bindustry a bad name.
BEWARE OF QUALITY FIRST AND FUTURE SOLAR. They are ripping people off!

Get 3 bids and ask for referances. Solar is a good buy for some people. For most with bills under $150.00 a month it is not!