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When we first developed this website dedicated to voicing complaints and bad experiences with the Pacesetter Corporation, this section had only a few stories of personal Pacesetter experiences that we were able to dig up in various newsgroups. Since that time, however, we have received so much feedback and new stories that a single page was no longer sufficient to hold them all.

After attempting different methods of breaking up the stories into various sections, we eventually decided on putting each individual experience onto a completely separate page. This way, only the stories that have to load are the ones that you want to read. And to assist you in deciding which story you want to view, we have created short summaries for each experience. Simply click on the title of the summary to access the corresponding story.

Thanks to Pacesetter Corp. and their threat of legal action to shut down this site, we began asking each author to swear that everything stated in their story is true. The story summaries that have a grey title bar are ones that we have not yet been able to confirm. Also, someone seems to have posted all of the stories to a newsgroup, so you can always read them there.

Our Nightmare Experience with Pacesetter Corp.
This is the detailed account of our experience with Pacesetter Corp. The shorter version can be found on the Home Page.
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How They Work (added 12/17/2004)
An ex-employee of Pacesetter gives a good overall look at how they do business, including their pricing, products, warranty, and sales tactics.
Lost In Place (added 5/6/2003)
A customer soon realizes that a telemarketing call from Pacesetter hadn't been quite honest. I bet the sales rep wish he had a GPS (Global Positioning System).
Liar, Liar (added 4/22/2003)
They were told that the sales rep from their first presentation was fired, but when they set up another one nine months later, guess who showed up....
No Means No (added 4/22/2003)
Another story about a sales rep who won't take no for an answer... and even ends up begging just to do one window.
Bad To Worse (added 4/22/2003)
As if a standard Pacesetter sales presentation wasn't bad enough, just try sitting though one that's five hours long and given by a newbie while trying to take care of your sick daughter.
Hiring In Omaha (added 4/22/2003)
Anyone want to work for Pacesetter? They're now expanding into Omaha... where their corporate headquarters is located!
Hi, You're Fired (added 4/22/2003)
A fiance tells how her man was fired without any warning.
Final Contact (added 4/22/2003)
This family was kind enough to show us the message that they sent off to Pacesetter after they came across our site while researching the company.
Ten Reasons (added 4/22/2003)
Another canceled contract occurs after a visit to our site. This is a detailed story that lays out many good points.
Deception 101 (added 3/19/2003)
As a manager for almost 12 years, this ex-employee has heard and seen it all. How do you trick a customer into thinking he has termites? Find out here!
One Simple Rule (added 3/19/2003)
One rule to save them all. This family was saved by following one simple rule, and a little help from some wine.
Saved By The Bell (added 3/16/2003)
A lucky phone call helps a couple avoid sitting through a mind-altering Pacesetter sales pitch.
Predator & Prey (added 2/23/2003)
Pacesetter Corp. took advantage of a elderly, mentally disabled widow, convincing her to buy windows she could not afford. Fortunately, she has a good son who is taking it up with the Attorney General.
Life At Pacesetter (added 2/15/2003)
A great story from an former sales rep that tells the full cycle of their employment, from the first interview until the day they quit.
Justice Prevails (added 2/15/2003)
former employee kindly submits a document detailing the successful (and apparently ground breaking) sexual harassment case against Pacesetter.
Ground Zero (added 2/15/2003)
Another ex-employee confirms that they were required to telemarket people on September 11, and tells why they ended up getting the axe.
The Best Ever (added 2/15/2003)
The greatest telemarketer that Pacesetter has ever seen lists some of the atrocities that have not been mentioned in previous stories.
Brainwashed (added 2/8/2003)
Another ex-employee, but this one has specific responses to the previous two messages from fellow Pacesetter Corp. employees.
Pacesetter Pride (added 2/8/2003)
This ex-employee takes pride in their time at Pacesetter Corp., and offers some startling information about new employees.
Employee Rebuttal (added 2/8/2003)
A current Pacesetter employee from the telemarketing department respects Pacesetter Corp., and has much to say on the content of this site.
Demo-listen (added 1/15/2003)
This potential customer reminds us of the all-powerful demonstration window shown during the sales pitch, and becomes another lost sale for Pacesetter after discovering our site.
God Save Me (added 1/15/2003)
An ex-employee of Pacesetter gives a detailed description of the 10 step process to guarantee a sale, and tells how the job affected his life.
Brain Disorder (added 1/14/2003)
A person is contacted via phone by a representative of Pacesetter who claims multiple times that he is not a telemarketer.
Sales Rep Blues (added 12/28/2002)
An ex-employee tells why Pacesetter has such a high turnover rate for sales representatives.
The Unlockables (added 12/27/2002)
The inheritor of a Pacesetter storm door describes his experience in trying to get the handle of the door repaired.
Dissin' Daycare (added 12/03/2002)
A mother is met with deception when she tries to cancel the building of a patio enclosure after the cost jumped greatly due to incorrect information from Pacesetter.
Integrity Inside (added 12/03/2002)
An ex-employee tells how his integrity got him demoted, and why the telemarketers deceive the Pacesetter sales representatives.
Windy Windows (added 11/26/2002)
An unfortunate story about a damaged installation, leaking windows, failed repair attempts, and extra fees. Oh yeah, and Pacesetter isn't responsible for damage caused while installing.
Got Work? (added 11/20/2002)
An advertisement for becoming a Pacesetter employee. "I can't understand why in the world you wouldn't investigate this opportunity."
Our Sales Rep (added 11/08/2002)
Our own sales rep, now an ex-employee of Pacesetter, speaks out on various topics, including the absurd price of Pacesetter products.
Numbers Game (added 11/05/2002)
An ex-employee gives some good inside information about how Pacesetter operates, and how they treated him when he left the company.
A New Nightmare (added 11/02/2002)
An ex-employee tells about extreme conditions present while working for Pacesetter, such as the scare tactics and gorilla management.
Starvin' for a Sale (added 11/01/2002)
A Pacesetter sales pitch that lasted through dinner, a children's movie, diaper changes, teeth brushing, playing with a pet rabbit, and so on, and so on.
"Deep Throat" (added 10/25/2002)
An ex-employee touches on subjects about Pacesetter, such as how they prey on the elderly, and how the local branches don't respond to the constant service complaints.
A Buyer's Guide (added 10/25/2002)
An ex-employee gives detailed information about Pacesetter's sales tactics, as well as great advice for making home improvements.
The Other Side (added 10/25/2002)
note from someone who digs the Pacesetter Corporation, and the work that they do. It was bound to happen sometime.
Bunch of Jerks (added 10/14/2002)
Another unsuccessful sales pitch by your friendly neighborhood Pacesetter representative, except this one wasn't so friendly.
Take 'em to Court (added 9/29/2002)
Pacesetter sues for nonpayment, so the family counters with a lawsuit saying that their home was damaged by unworkmanlike quality of labor and materials.
Pacesetter Lost (added 9/20/2002)
A lucky couple is able to cancel their Pacesetter contract within the allowed three days once they learn more about Pacesetter.
Total Breakdown (added 8/31/2002)
A horrifying story about Pacesetter products that fall apart, incompetent repair attempts, threats, and deceptions.
Fatigue & Confuse (added 5/7/2002)
Another excellent firsthand experience of the high-pressure, deceptive sales tactics of a Pacesetter representative.
Siding With Pacesetter
Simple advice to avoid the Pacesetter Corporation from someone who used to be in the business.
Gettin' High
Advice for a potential customer that Pacesetter uses high-pressure tactics and are usually cost double or more compared to a normal quality window installation.
Best Friends
A really great walkthrough of a Pacesetter representative's sales tactics from someone who experienced it firsthand.
VOID Pacesetter
Once a potential Pacesetter customer, this person now tells why Pacesetter is out and local businesses are in.
Buyin' the Farm
A really great story about Pacesetter convincing a woman to sign a $5,000 contract and put up her 80 acre farm as collateral.
Guilty Conscience
An ex-employee talks about selling Pacesetter products, and how he quit when he noticed he had to drink himself to sleep at night.
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