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Subject: I should have at least got a kiss!

I was high pressured into purchasing windows from pace setter. I bought 5 replacement windows and 1 sliding door for $6,000. They were installed March of 2000. The installer ruined the inside trim, broke sheet rock and even a section of masonite siding, but if you read your contract, they are not responsible for damage while installing. Good thing I was able to repair it myself. The first winter came and gone, ( we live in Wyoming) the windows leaked worse than my old single pains. Being emberassed for getting screwed, I did not call Pace Setter. The following fall, when the weather turned cold, i called them on it, they sent out a rep., who agreed they were leaking and told me the windows were installed wrong. Pace Setter sent out an installer, who took a few pieces of trim off, threw in some new screws and said it was all good. To my surprise, three days later I got a bill for a trip fee of $60.00. I was iratte! I called Pace Setter, screaming at every one I talked too. Well, low and behold, in my contract, there it was, trip fee. Three weeks have gone by and the wind has picked up, now my curtains littery blow out to 45 degrees. They leak worse than ever. I have a call into Pace Setter now, but they are slow getting back to me. Imagine that! Has any body had any luck returning their windows for a refund? I've had it. I may be looking into a law suit. My regret is that I have paid them in full. I had a reall problem with pacesetter holding a second mortgage over my head, which they do, its in the contact. Please DO Not Do windows with PACE SETTER!! You will be sorry, not to mention your locall contractor will do it for thousands less and it will be done right.

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