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From:    Private
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Subject: Total blue sky or should I say total BS

Sex scandals, ripping off elderly people, calling people over and over who ask to not be called, managers who provide drugs for their employees, broken windows and doors that never get fixed, racism, and many many more, I'm here to tell you from 13 years off and on with the company it's all true. So now they want to come off as a reputable company? Well this website has been a long time coming! I was until 2000, quite possibly the greatest telemarketer they have ever seen. No not possibly, THE best they've ever had as quoted by Richard Nevins Vice President in charge of telemarketing. Sorry Kal, it's true it's true!!!!!! Anyway this is starting to sound like a rant so I better get to the point. I was the only employee called by the plaintiff in a sexual harrassment suit because of what I saw and heard and the bottom line is the girl got a whole lot of money, even though everyone else kept quiet or flat out lied about what happened. No one should ever patronize this company, they have already taken enough of the public's time and money!!!! I have more and will be back again.

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