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Subject: Kitchen Cabinets

My husband set up an appointment with Pacesetter (through a telemarketing call) to discuss our kitchen cabinets. First they tried to discuss windows - but all of our windows are brand new. They arrived at our house around 6 PM and left around 9 PM. This was dificult with 4 1/2 and 1 1/2 year old children running around during our discussions - they stayed through our dinner (although they had not eaten themselves and continued to starve until they left), a children's movie, diaper changes, teeth brushing, playing with our pet rabbit, changing into pajamas, saying good night to our children, and even through watching me clean our rabbit's cage! We were very interested -however unsure of the finance of a job that would cost about $5,700. We signed cancellation paperwork within the alotted 3 days. I find this web-site to be very insightful and hope that others beware. The salesperson was so nice and I felt bad for him that we cancelled after they spent so much time with us. No matter what guilt may have resulted from these sales tactics, our finances are most important to our family and we needed to step back without sales pressure in our home in order to make clear headed decisions. When they come to your home - everything becomes so personal!

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