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Subject: pacesetter job nightmare

My husband worked for the Pacesetter corp. And he was jipped out of pay. And he was told he was not doing his job properly when he refused to brow beat and confuse people into buying the product. They set him up with false leads and wouldn't call and tell him that the people had called and cancelled their appointments. They even set him up with leads that had said that they didn't want appointments. I just wish he had seen your website before he had taken the job. In fact, it was another sales rep who told him about this website. I just thought I would let you know that not all of the sales reps are happy with what they are doing... and that they also have an incredibly high turnover rate. The company has cancelled some of his deals to get out of paying him and unfortunately after the sale they have very little control over what happens. I don't know about where you are at but here it was that way. But the company is horrible and I would never go through them to get any work done. Thank you for making that website, I can now see a little bit more of how awful that company is to have work done from, and to work for.

Follow-up message:

When I told him I wrote you, he said "did you mention mind ******* them into submission." He is in the process of quiting, he wants to get the head of the telemarketing fired. They sent him to Aberdeen on a lead, the person the lead was set up for didn't exist, or at least live at the address they sent him to, and we live in Tacoma, WA, that is an 80 mile drive, one way. And also, they are paid only on comission. And that ups the pressure, too. I feel sorry for all of the guys that work for Pacesetter, they don't give them a chance, and they pay poorly, and once they learn about the company they feel badly about everything. It's really rather sad. My husband is quitting because he doesn't want to ruin his integrity because of any company. Thank you for letting me ramble

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