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From:    Private
E-Mail:  Private
Subject: PaceSetter Corp.

Thank you for your information on Pacesetter. I had been looking for a phone number for them on the internet when I came across your website. I just now cancelled my contract and thank goodness I'm within the three days allowed. I'm much luckier than some people who got sucked into purchasing from Pacesetter.

They came to our house (my house). My ex-husband who has been staying there agreed to let them come over to give an estimate on replacing windows and also informed them that we could not afford to purchase windows at the present time. When they showed up I let him listen to the spill, but when it came time to close the deal they wanted to speak with me, at which time I informed them again that I could not afford windows at this time. Well, that wouldn't do. They lowered their price (from 6019 to somewhere around 4000) which I thought was still extremely high for four windows, two of which were the size of kitchen windows. And, they were throwing in a storm door. I agreed and signed the contract. They were very set on making a sell and probably wouldn't leave until they made the sell. Seemed like an OK deal at $91 a month and payments didn't start until Feb 03. After they left my ex-husband was figuring that it cost about $75 per window. (I don't know how he graduated.) He thought instead of 4000 that it was 400. After he found out what they were actually charging for the windows, he said he would replace them himself and for me to cancel the contract. Now that I know how the really are, I will never do business with them again. You have been a life saver. Thanks.

Follow-up message:

Some days after I cancelled my contract, not sure how many days it actually was, one of the men from Pacesetter came by again, uninvited. I suppose to try to sell me the windows again. I was in bed with a horrible headache and in no mood for any salesman to be hounding me. My daughter told me some man was here to see me. I yelled from my bedroom "who is it?" When I heard his voice announcing he was from Pacesetter, I screamed "go away and don't ever come back again." I haven't heard from anyone from Pacesetter again.

And yes, Pacesetter sucks. Keep up the good work and good luck in the legal battle. If you want to send me your fax number or mailing address, I will try to find time to send a letter.

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