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From:    Private
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Subject: reply to letters

I would like to say a few things about the your website that I was forwarded today. First things first is that I left Pacesetter because of the long hours and all the traveling that I had to do. It was on my own accord and was not fired as Gerry Anderson put it. I showed up to the office with samples in hand the last week in March because I could not go out and justify the price of products they were wanting us to sell. There were a few different people that stated paperwork and false letters being put into personal files.

Some of the people that went to training in Omaha were told how much the products cost to manufacture, it was pretty absurd. They are a huge MLM organization which has called me to try to get me to return under new management. We were all sent to training to learn the Pacesetter story and the 10 steps to selling Pacesetter products which had to be followed. The main on was stalling techniques (talking about stuff in your home for conversation, not looking over your goods). After all the running around trying to resolve your complaints and other similar complaints it was not worth trying to stay around and sell something you don't believe in.

I just wanted to say that I was doing my job at Pacesetter and that was it, the price breakdown on the extra blinds was dropped as low as I could go. We only had set amounts of margin in products and every sales rep has all the paperwork in his book to go off of. A lot of the facts are never shared with there employees. They try to motivate you to sell with there 21 day sales and feed a bunch of mistruths and broken promises.

This email is to try to put some light on the subject and I will be willing to write a letter for the website stating there tactics. I personally am shameful and wish that I would have had a little knowledge about Pacesetter before I hired on. It would have saved myself and others great heartache.

Their are some satisfied customers out there. There are also a lot of dissatisfied customers like you also.

Thank you for the time and I am going to ask that me last name be taken off of the website.

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This was written by Scott, our Pacesetter Sales Representative. MLM means Multi-Level Marketing.

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