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From:    Private
E-Mail:  Private
Subject: Pacesetter Corporation

Dear Ken and Latrice,

Thank you very much for publishing your experience with this company on the Web. We have just been visited by two of their salesmen ( my wife's fault, she let them in !). Talk about roaches, they promised they would take no more than 15 minutes, they took 3 hours. The only thing that saved us was the stew in the pressure cooker and the hungry children. Oh, and the fact that I'd had a few glasses of wine, gave me the courage to tell them that I'd learned a very important lesson many years ago. If there's anything that HAS to be signed today, or tomorrow , then walk away from it! I've imparted this knowledge to my kids over and over again, it's a simple rule, and one that I hope will keep them from making the same mistakes I've made. Keep up the good work, I've cc'd the family on the email.

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