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Subject: I'm a former Asst Sales Manager with Pacesetter

I could probably tell you more about Pacesetter than most , due to the fact that I used to do the training of new employees. I also set all the sales records at the office. I won trips to the Bahamas and jackets and had the walls plastered with my plaques for salesman of the month. I quit almost a year ago and they tried to keep me on as an independent contractor, but I declined. The State of California awarded me unemployment benefits, because of the reason I quit. After I quit, I found out that they were saying other things about me that were not true and the young arrogant Sales manager that was my supervisor (I'm 55 - he's 27) fabricated counseling statements on me that never took place, trying to build a case to keep me from drawing unemployement benefits.

I have been to their factory for management training and was there on Sep 11, 2001 and the day after that, they were upset because business had dropped off dramatically - um dah!

Pacesetter is a multi-level management corporation. A normal work day for an employee may start at 5:30 am and last until after midnight. If a customer doesn't buy right away, then the employee is scutinized as to whether they "qualified" the lead. Everybody has a quota. The telemarketers will lie about whether it is a good lead or not, because they are supposed to generate so many leads that are "hit" every day.

As far as the quality of the products that Pacesetter sells, they make a very fine window and doors (Sliding Patio Doors, etc). They sell a packaged deal, where it is a turn-key operation. The customer does not have to agree to do business and if they do, there is no law preventing Pacesetter from setting the prices that they list. Some people are "buyers" and will buy anything if presented in a logical progressive method where a sense of urgency is esstablished whereby they feel that it needs to get addressed immediately. It is Numbers Game, whereby the more leads you run and hit, the chances of finding a buyer are inhanced. It is as old as the hills when it comes to selling. Most people want you out of the house, because they are afraid you are going to sell them something. The trick is to stay in the house until they get the benefit of the sales pitch and if the saleperson is good,like I was, they will close the deal. I almost always gave a discount off of factory authorized list. The less you sell it for the less commision you get, so I tried to be honest with my customers and strike a happy medium with them.

You have to remember that they are a member of the Better Business Bureau and have to resolve complaints. This is Numbers Game, because they sell about $140,000,000 worth of business each year and there are going to be complaints. This is a fact of life. How you deal with these complaints is the key. Evedently, you felt they considered your since of urgency irrelivent?

I would be glad to talk to you more about this company. I am now the Sales Manager for NCSS (Northern California Security Systems) and loving their professionalism, and no high pressure.

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