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Subject: pacesetter corporation

After e-mailing for price quote at Replacement Window I received a call from a young lady stating I was approved for free price quote. I agreed and a appointment for set for the next day at 6:30pm. Two sales reps arrived and said they from the Pacesetter Corp. I told him that I wanted to replace my window with the vinyl ones. He tells me that those were no good and I would end up replacing those in a couple of years and that would be a waste of money. He offers to replace my windows with their fiberglass windows and that I would never how to replace them ever. After they put the windows in with a 25 year warranty I would get a call to see if I was satisfied and they would call again and as a matter of fact I would get tired of them calling me.

The price for replacing all of my 11 windows came to the price of $15,476.

"No, I can't afford it."

"O'kay if we can work a deal tonight the price is $10,542."

"No, I still can't afford it."

This guy did not want to take no for an answer. He then gave me a price for 7 windows, then 4 windows. Then he says well just let me do 1 window I need to give my guys some work. No! No! and No! I CAN'T AFFORD IT!!! and I am finished talking by, then he had been there almost 2 hours! After he realized I wasn't changing my mind he offers to put in storm doors for $978. I then told him I was not signing any papers or doing anything untill I did some investigation of my own and check out the company. He told me if we couldn't make a deal tonight and I later decided to do the windows with them I would have to pay the original amount of $15,476. O'kay well it will be my loss, GOODNIGHT!. So after they finally leave I go online and low and behold I find this site and read the horror stories and I am so glad I did not let this guy pressure me to the point of signing anything just to get them OUT OF MY HOUSE!!! Thank-You so much.

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