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From:    Private
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Subject: Are these guys for real?

"I swear, under perjury of law, that everything in my message is absolutely true".

Are these guys for real? I was called late last week by a telemarketer from the wonderful pacesetter corporation. He gave me the low sown on how they were a local company from just thirty miles away and how they were in my area and saw that we had windows dating from the 1950's. I bought hook line and sinker and agreed to have him come out and give me a quote. I should have known when he had to ask where I was located that he infact had not been out to my house and was never in my neighborhood but I agreed to give him directions including cross streets etc. The day before the planned sales call his "rep" calls and asks where my house is and the address I again tell him and he asks what highway to take. Not knowing where he's coming from and seeing how we have 5 highways within a forty mile radius of my home I tell him he needs to look at a map. He then tells me " duhh" totally shocked that a person wanting to sell me something is going to treat me like this I begin to tell him to cancel the appointment but before I got the words out of my mouth he utters some slurred obscenity and tells me to forget it and hangs up. I'm guessing we got off lucky after reading some of your other contributors stories. So any one want to sell me new windows?

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