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Subject: I was a PaceSetter Sales Rep...

In May of 2001 I went to an interview in Philadephia, PA for a sales rep job. The man who interviewed me Paul Rado, was impressed by ability to "think on my feet" and I was on my way to Richmond, VA for training a few weeks later.

I was one of 3 men who were going to be part of the newly formed Media based, Philadephia office. One quit before the first day, I shrugged this off and dove head first into the job. My commute was over an hour just to the office but the general manager Paul Rado was more then willing to extend me extra time to get in every morning.

The first week I was there, my sales partner who was to be the new manager and I out sold the entire Richmond Office. I was one of the top rookie sales reps and starting to feel that at 21 I may have found a great job. Reality soon set it.

The manager to be was replaced by someone who was not an ethical salesperson and I started to get the feeling that the company wasn't everything they had made themself out to be. I sold an Eleven Thousand dollar floor to someone, they made enough money to afford it but I knew they could get it cheaper. The first inklings of doubt creeped into my mind around this sale...At first things were great, the floor was measured and the customer didn't mind the price(I wouldn't either if I was a lawyer making 500k a year) but the bliss didn't last. The floor's installation was delayed and I felt like my reputation was being hurt by the company.

The months wore on and I started to get leads where people were in a lesser position. I could not sell to these people. Not because I couldn't have sold them rather, I began to realize how horrible PaceSetter really was. Around this time the other sales rep was fired for lying about his background and the fact that he wasn't the kind of person you'd want representing your company. So it was now the sales manager and myself.

My sales were suffering due to the fact that I wouldn't sell when the people couldn't afford products that were good but were so overpriced it was a joke. The PaceSetter Corp. tried to stamp out this flicker of ethics by forcing me off of Salary Plus Comm, program and on to straight Comm...

This worked for a week, I then realized I could no longer do the job. I quit on a Saturday, the company owed me almost a thousand dollars in commission. However, the sales manager who had claimed, "Tried to help me" and "Was my friend" reported that he had fired me. The reason? We sold some deals together and by saying he fired me he pocketed the commissions owed to me.

The point? The PaceSetter Corporation is terrible, they not only back out of promises they make to customers, they also hire unethical people that hurt their employees and former employees, but most of all they only care about money. It is a disgusting company, allow me to lay out the things I was taught.

"Stay in a house for at least 1-3hours"
"Make people feel bad about their house so they'll want to show you by buying and improving it. The actual phrase they teach is, Your home is woefully inadequete and in dire need of immediate attention. Sound Familar?"
"Get in the house no matter what."
I feel that I lost a year of my life to this company, but more then that I fear meeting anyone I sold to for fear that PaceSetter didn't live up to the promises I was lead to believe would be kept. I honestly believed that The PaceSetter Corporation meant what they said, I was naive. Don't be, they will say or do anything to sell you. DO NOT LET THESE PEOPLE INTO YOUR HOUSE They are either corrupt or believe what they have been told as I did.

Thank you GoodBye

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