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Subject: Pacesetter Telemarketers lie too,

I usually hang up on telemarketers but was called on by a paticularly nice guy from Pacesetter. I agreed to have a rep come over for a "quick estimate" that lasted almost two hours. When we told the rep that we would never sign a contract on the spot and that we need time to research other products, the rep refused to give us a quote until we were prepared to sign. How can I agree to buy something if I don't know the price? The rep ended up leaving and never called back. About 9 months later, I was telemarketed again by the same telemarketer who called me the first time. I told him I did not like the high-pressure sales tactics of the first guy and did not want to do business with Pacesetter. The telemarketer assured me over and over again that "the last rep we sent was fired for being too high-pressure." He repeated several times that the rep was first demoted and then fired. I finally agreed to have a new rep sent over as long as it was just to take measurements and leave a quote. I insisted that the rep would only be allowed to stay for as long as it takes to measure the windows. Guess who showed up at my door? The orginal rep showed up (he remembered everything about me from nine months ago) and camped out on my couch for over an hour while I was making fun of him on the phone in another room. I still don't have a quote from Pacesetter and I don't want one but I think I will keep having them over when I am bored and need a good laugh. I have another appointment set for Friday :)

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