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From:    Private
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Subject: Love Your Website!

I'm a former Pacesetter employee who has eagerly read every word on your website. Kudos to you folks for showing the courage to fight back against these arrogant, underhanded, unethical people. Your initiative will help thousands of people avoid the heartache of dealing with these blood-sucking leeches.

Not only does the company mistreat it's customers but their employees as well. Many people in their telemarketing department have suffered thru hazings, verbal tongue lashings and undelivered promises, not to mention having to deal with a hostile environment on a daily basis. It wasn't always that way. I used to really enjoy working for Pacesetter. But, in hindsight, my experience there was anything but delightful. However, some have gained justice from Pacesetter's indiscretions as evidenced by the attached documentation from the state of Kansas Judiciary.

Please add this to your website if you feel it's appropriate.

Your discretion of not publishing my identity or email address is appreciated.

P.S. I still have contacts within the corporate hierchy at Pacesetter and know for a fact that their business has diminished greatly the past few years....could it be the best advertising is still word of mouth? Or, is it the expense of legal representation? Perhaps a combination of both.

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The attached document detailed the sexual harrasment case Cadena v. Pacesetter Corporation.

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