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Subject: All this and Discrimination Too!

I came to Pacesetter because I was told a wonderfull story about a company that takes care of thier employees, only uses the highest quality materials, installs ONLY with employees who have a full criminal backround investigation done on them. I then lived to find that other companies do just as well on materials, there actually have been layoffs at the factory and sub contractors are used to install siding and other products around the country. Before I came to know these things, I was promoted through to management. Now, I have always guarded my integrity jeolously. And when I am in charge, I get the job done. So I went about doing my job as Sales Manager. When I caught someone lying, I fired them. When I had subordinates who did not want to do what I asked, I called them on it. And for excersizing my duties as they were described, I was demoted to sales rep for being too "Hard A**". Now I am not so naive as to think there is a company in the world with no problems, but one must try to solve those problems.

And for you customers who feel the telemarketers lied to you,....guess what? For every lie they tell you, they tell the reps three. For instance, just today (I haven't quit yet, I need to find another job)I was sent 80 miles through rough traffic to a "Really, Really, Good lead" that the man was about to lose his home, could not afford groceries and had family members staying with him to help with the bills! And my income was based on selling this man siding accessories! I'm sorry for your losses and I will tell you what needs to be done. A company needs to be started that actually does what Pacesetter claims. What a great place to work and do business with that would be.

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