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From:    Private
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Subject: Hiring in Omaha

I saw this ad in the April 13, 2003 Omaha want ads:

The perfect opportunity; Pacesetter Corporation, a national manufacturing company, since 1962, is expanding into this area. We have several new positions in sales and management. Commissions and bonuses. No experience required. We provide complete training. ASSISTANT MANAGERS $70K-$90K. FACTOR REPS $45K-$60K (first year) $75K plus (top 25%). We offer all major corporate benefits including 401k, paid vacation, and insurance. Call Steve Smith Sales Manager. (402)597-4614 eoe m/f

I called this afternoon and left a message that I was interested in a management position.

I did a search and not only came across Pacesetter's site but yours also. I am a recent victim of a career development scam (in my and many others opinions...lots of BBB action and Attorney General action too). That career counseling company after 25+ complaints (Carlyle and Associates) also still has their 'Satisfactory' rating at the BBB.

You saved me from probably making a big mistake. I plan to call Steve again and tell him I am not interested after seeing this website. I can only imagine what I might have been doing to make that $70K-$90K. I have seen these type of sales people in action. I may have nearly done business with them but I also rethought my decision and cancelled in the 3-day timeframe.

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