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From:    Private
E-Mail:  Private
Subject: unfounded termination

My fiance worked for the company for about two years. He went in one day to find out that he was fired. They said that they had complaints about his work but no one told him any of this until they fired him. They sent him to Washington with two hundred dollars for 14 days worth of work. How was he supposed to sleep and eat off of two hundred dollars? If I hadn't of gotten my taxes back then he really would not have made it up there for that long. I still had to wire him money though. Yeah the company paid it back after he got home but still. You don't send someone up to do a job with out the right amount of money to stay alive. Now that he no longer works. I have to support all five of us on part time working pay. It is not enough to do anything on. I can't afford to pay any of my bills so now I'm going in the hole when we were just starting to get out of the hole. We were looking forward to moving out of my parents house and into one of our own some day soon. But no longer can we afford to do that.

So basically the company messed up my familys life really bad. And they don't care. One boss said that he was doing great and another said that he wasn't doing a great job so they fired him. No one talks to anyone about what they are doing wrong they just fire you at will. It is not fare. So what are we supposed to do now. If it were not for my parents we would be on the streets with three children.

And does the company care not really.

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