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Hi Ken, I worked formerly for Pacesetter 2 years ago, I know someone working there now. As a former telemarketer, I was fired because I wouldnt convince the elderly and also argue my way into having a rep come to their home. I worked their 8 ms and at first, didnt think anything about it then realized the more and more I talked to these people on the line, some of them already were pressured into a 4 hour conversation with reps,. some have had said take me off your list because they had to call the cops on sales reps for harrassing them, some bought windows and they needed repairing and the installers never came back to redo the work they said was guarenteed. The moment I started not doing good, Pacesetter fired me because thats how they do it, if your questioning the products, even if your slipping in your # of appt.s , you are FIRED, no matter how long youve been there. These guys even worked on September 11, no one was able to go home, they were still required to call and harrass people. More stories to follow.,

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