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From:    Private
E-Mail:  Private
Subject: Job Advertisement

I wanted to share the following advertisement that ran in our local newspaper this past Sunday, November 17, 2002. Sounds a bit desperate to me and why would anyone respond to an ad like this? Seems pressurizing just by way of the advertisement:


"This is ridiculous. Every time I run ads for different departments in my organization I get limited response. There are no gimmicks, no surprises and no hidden factors. Pacesetters Corporation is the largest in America in its field. We have all the benefits that large corporations could offer. In other words, not only great income but you get all the goodies too! Vacations, trips, awards, insurance and retirement opportunities. Starting income is $40k-$60k per year. Sounds good so far, doesnt it? That's why I can't understand why in the world you wouldn't investigate this opportunity."

Then they offer the standard, experience preferred but not necessary speel, and a name an number to contact.

I for one was offended that this person assumes I am too stupid not to respond to his ad. Anyone else think so too?

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