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Hi, I'm about to spend a LOT of money on replacement windows for my house and wondered if anybody had info about The Pacesetter Corp. From what I've seen it does seem like a very good quality window, but then I don't know much about windows! Here's the stats: Argon fill, double pane, Low-E glass, 7/8 inch insulating glass. Frame extrusions constructed of 6030 T5 aluminum alloy. Interior frame isolated from exterior frame a poured and debridged polyurethane thermal break. Nylon pyle weather stripping. Thirteen mil fiberglass screen.

These are double hung windows and one picture window. The cost per window comes out to $650 or a total of $8475 for 13 windows. Any thoughts on this would be welcome!! As I said, it's a lot of money, and I want to know I've spent it well should I buy from them. (These are made to order, so they fit my windows exactly. And they have a 10 year warranty.)

Thanks, Liz

While I cannot comment on the quality of their product nor the reputation of the company, I do know their prices are very high, typical of the "suede-shoe" type of operation. Get 2-3 more prices from walk-in showrooms, and see if you're getting hosed here. Note that window businesses that use the high-pressure tactics are usually priced at double or more compared to a normal quality window installation.

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