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Subject: Pacesetter

Thanks so much for your informative website - we just experienced the Pacesetter situation tonight. They came at 6:30pm and we couldn't get rid of them until 9:15pm. Chit chat, chit chat, but no matter how much I asked, they would not tell me the price of what I was asking for. I needed 2 windows replaced, they wanted to replace all of them. In retrospect, I can't believe I agreed to sit down and talk with people who were not willing to tell me up front how much something is going to cost. I appreciate that they are selling a good product, but you can overpay, even for a good product. I used to be in the high-end furniture business and sold 5 and 10,000 leather sofas in less time than it took them to explain every aspect of how their windows work to me. And if somebody ever wanted to know up front how much a sofa was going to cost, it was my responsibility to tell them. In fact, it took me less time to buy my house than I spent with these jerks telling me more than I ever needed to know about windows.

They operate on the same methods as Bally Fitness Centers (they are heavily criticized as well): to fatigue and confuse customers while giving them more than they want or need, and convincing them somehow that their product is worth paying 500% more than the competitors for.

I suggest that you take it up with the Attorney General in your state and bring them to small claims court. You can represent yourself, but they have to have an attorney, and it won't be worth that to them - they will most likely settle outside of court.

Don't give up and don't cave!

Good luck

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