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Subject: Pace Setter

I just wanted to thank you for this website! On Monday, January 13th, 2003 we had a Pace Setter representitive in our home. The sales pitch went EXACTLY as you described! He first came in and sat down, talking with us for about 15 minutes about "nothing" before getting to the windows. Then he brought in a demo window. Finally he showed us the heat lamp test. Of course, everything he told us and showed to us made the product look more and more impressive. He measured up 4 of our windows, one was rather large. The quote was over $6500. To our "luck" they were running a special until January 27th, 2003 that would give us 10% off. Well then he was going to give us a salesperson discount of another 10%. We were down around $5000. We said we would like to talk to the bank to see if we could get the money. He immediately pushed their financing, stating that we could sign with him and then go to the bank. If we got the loan from the bank, we could just pay off Pay Setter. I asked what their rate was at and he said that they use simple interest, and the rate was 13.5%! I almost fell out of my chair. We told him no and that we would feel more comfortable going to the bank. He slowly packed up his things and then talked with us for another 10 minutes about "nothing". Finally he left, taking quite some time to back out of our driveway.

The next day, I did some investigation and your site came up. I am really glad that this site is here and that I got to it before we signed anything with Pace Setter. After reading through your site, I am upset and angry that you were treated the way you were. A LOT of money was paid out, yet they lack the slightest bit of customer service. We will get our windows from Anderson or Pella.

Please do not let Pace Setter bully you into taking this site down. People deserve to know the truth! And Pace Setter - how can you be so deceptive?! For a company that "does not advertise" you sure are flushing yourself down the toilet quickly!

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I had completely forgotten about the demonstration window. Scott brought out a blow torch and everything, making it look very impressive. Well, we've been through both a summer and a winter now, and haven't noticed any improvement over our old windows.

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