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Subject: What I know

I was an employee of the Pacesetter Corp, and imagine my face when a friend emailed me this website info....I can confirm that all the allegations I have read on this site seem to be true from my experience. The unfortunate thing is that these stories are few to the countless others that are out there. I would like to touch on a few of the subjects that to this day still upset me.

What I saw was a company that preyed on the elderly, uneducated and poor. It was unbeleiveable to me some of the houses that their overpriced merchandise was put on. Most customers I spoke with had no idea that a mortgage or lien was placed on their property, the salesman must have had a way to have customers sign papers by disguising what they were signing.

The "policy" was to contact customers between 5-10 days past due to make initial payment arrangements, I believe this is undeard of in a "normal" business environment. The service complaints were constant, the local branches were notified and seldom responded to the complaints.

The employees were not treated much better than the customers, when I finally left Pacesetter I was amazed at the way most businesses operate (respectful to customers and employees on an ongoing basis). If anyone has any direct questions regarding the company I would not mind answering them, believe me I have heard and seen it all. I will end this stating I am ashamed at my lack of integrity for working at Pacesetter as long as I did.

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