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I spent almost 12 years as a Pacesetter Manager and I can testify to having dealt with 99.9% of the problems I have just read about. I even listened to the audio in the first story and can recall many similar conversations that I was forced to try and resolve. Pacesetter used to be a reliable company but they have lied to so many people over the years that their reputation is bad. I just want to comment to those folks out there that are dissapointed in themselves for being tricked. Don't be, these sales people and Telemarketers are trained to do this. They are taught in classrooms to deceive customers. I remember in a meeting once when my General Manager at the time showed a group of us how to trick a customer in to believing they had termites and only Pacesetter Siding could get rid of the termites. HE (the GM) would have the customer put his ear up against a wall and he(GM) would scratch the wall with his finger nail making a noise supposedly of a termite. If you signed a contract and want out of it. Refuse to let the install happen. If they install when you are not home (Pacesetter does this) refuse to pay. Make them come and remove. Call your local police. Pacesetter bullys people but they never back up their word. If anyone has any questions I can help with, please email me. I am very informed of the Pacesetter Way.

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