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I am looking for anyone that has had experience with Pacesetter Windows. We had a salesperson out earlier this week and were given a very hard sell. I would like to hear experiences from other people if any are available.

Well, Tim, I can tell you these people went after my Mother-in-Law with a vengeance.

Long story but it was a pushy sell, sign the contract quick deal. She had called to tell my wife and I she was "getting new windows" from a couple of really nice guys that drove 35 miles "just to help her".......

When I arrived, they had been there 4 hours and she had signed a contract for $5,000. She was told they would "finance her" with "their own bank" and she could just pay them directly. They had her 80 acre farm listed as collateral on the UCC form without her knowledge. I explained to her that, if they did a bad or unsatisfactory job, she would still have to pay to avoid foreclosing on her. The salesmen were borderline dishonest in my opinion. They had shown her new windows but what she was going to get were storm windows over her existing windows.

I told them we wanted to talk to references the following day and we would decide. Under law she has 3 days to get out of the contract. I could tell they did not like this deal.

The following day we called the three references. Two were not pleased with the work and would not use Pacesetter again.

We sent them a certified letter canceling the contract and lo and behold, they called and wanted to meet her somewhere that I would not know about to sign another contract. They then threatened her with some type of cancellation fee of $500.00 if she did not make good on the signed contract. Chuckle my wife works for an attorney and put a stop to these threatening tactics.

Bottom line, we had all her windows totally replaced (the following year), with new vinyl-clad triple pane, low-E glass for $1000 less than they (Pacesetter) wanted, neat and clean job by a local company.

Maybe it was just the local office or salesmen..... but you can tell you touched a sore spot with me........

Sooooo... all I can say is be a bit careful. And shop around a bit.

You are right on the money about these guys and that is why I made the post. It was a very hard sell with a big reduction in price ($10,100 to $6550) if we signed right away. Plus, when the initial salesman called my mother, he said she could not call back because then she would be put in touch with another salesman that would act like a middle man and jack up the price. All she wanted to do was make sure I could make the meeting because I have worked with replacement windows before (two houses worth). The guy really did not want me there, similar to Mike's situation. The guy really pushed to sign then and there, then when I asked for a business card or a pamphlet with some information, he said they did not use them. I knew something was up, but the windows seem good. Now I know we will not go with those con artists from Pacesetter. Thanks for the warning Mike.

I would still like to hear other stories if anyone has them.

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