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From:    Private
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Subject: Stupidity

In response to the last 2 entries on your site, I must say that there are definately stupid people out there!!

First of all, the person writing "Pacesetter Pride" should sit down and look at their story on this site and see how really ridiculous it looks. WOW...Impressive career. Less than a year with the company. Two years in the business. What makes this person an expert? Obviously something made them leave. Maybe couldn't handle the work and are bitter?

I too remained in the home improvement business after I left the "Bucket of P***" and realized that other manufacturers have quality products at REASONABLE prices with less overhead. But I also realized where all the profit was going. In the General Managers pocket!

Also if this person is so wrapped up in email addresses, where's his/her's?

With no intention of turning your site into a chat room, which probably wouldn't be a bad idea by the way, the second story I read by "Employee Rebuttal" also drips of Pacesetter brainwashing made me want to puke.

I did basic training with new employees for years at Pacesetter and I know the mindset of what they preach. The author of that entry failed to mention that basic training teaches new employees to "sidestep" or IGNORE what the prospect is saying to them on the phone. Basically, set an appointment with anyone you can.

Of course they would title their entry "Employee Rebuttal" because that's what they pride themselves on; their remarkable rebuttal process. Basic training telemarketers is all about rebuttals and how to use them. That's fine and dandy but in order to get a bang for your buck you're not looking for someone that was manhandled into an appointment in order to make a sale as opposed to someone who is truly interested in your product.

In closing, I would like to say, my career with Pacesetter allowed me to be financially comfortable, own my own home, etc. but I'm totally disgusted with myself for waisting as much time with them as I did. I just wish I'd been smart enough to let my career last "almost a year" instead of 20 years!

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