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My sister-in-law is thinking about purchasing Pacesetter replacement windows. I've never heard of them. She said they came to the door. Sounds kind of suspicious to me. Anyways, any information is appreciated.

I would be suspect, too. They telemarket HEAVY; "window replacements, vinyl siding, etc." Very heavy-handed and rude! They lied to me when they claimed that they were local manufacturers. (It's a good idea to purchase from local businesses for a number of reasons)

BTW: One reason to purchase locally is the possibility to convert single-pane to dual-pane without frame modifications. Locally, Redding CA, the major supplier of windows to local contractors is Western Glass (and has been for years). Their alum dual-pane panels swap exactly with the earlier single pane sections. I have found a number of dual-pane panels at the dump(!) and at garage sales, etc. This is certainly a "frugal" method to upgrade your windows! Even if one had to purchase the new, dual-pane panels, there would be a big savings over cutting out and replacing the entire frames! (Of course, if you have older construction, "double hung", this option is not viable.) But, AVOID "Pacesetter", IMHO.

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