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Subject: My Pacesetter Nightmare

I too have a nightmare experience to share with everyone regarding my career with the Pacesetter Corporation spanning almost 2 decades.

The list is so long I won't elaborate on EVERY nightmare, this message would be longer than Gone With The Wind, but just a few key points that will inform prospective employees as well as the unfortunate customers that feel they've been taken advantage of.

As a dedicated and productive employee for so many years I felt that I would retire from Pacesetter. They always preached "Wrap your arms around your people" as employers. To be honest, I think that was just a ploy to see just how far they could stretch the life out of their employees.

Extreme conditions and pressure, much like the sales pitch, were present on a minute to minute basis. Their scare tactics and gorilla management techniques would make a boulder turn to dust. Shattering self-confidence and intimidating the strongest individuals. I've seen grown men in tears after staff meetings and people on the verge of nervous breakdowns when being "held accountable" for things totally out of their control.

Not to mention the so-called "Sales" that run 21 days straight with no days off (10 hours/ day plus) for anyone but the GM, a murder in the parking lot on May 11, 2001 and forced to work in a crime scene all day long with hundreds of police and media crews everywhere then pulling up on Sept. 11, 2001, the worst day in history, to a building surrounded by police due to a bomb scare in the building and expected to conduct business like nothing ever happened. Kinda makes you wonder about your safety HUH? That just tells you what these greedy people are all about. A previous response sums it all up quite accurately....SLIME!!!!

It might have been fine to do business like this in 1962 but it's not the dark ages anymore. This company has to realize that it's the new millenium and are going to have to grow with the times. They claim they have done so but have yet to display that fact.

This is just an enlightening bit of information that I felt helpful to future employees and to let the customers know that not only you've been treated badly, but Pacesetter treats it's most valuable employees like a baby treats a diaper!!

Like the beginning of the website states, this is not slander. Just fact. Good luck to all those poor souls that get sucked into the hype they define as success and realize not too many people retire as millionaires from Pacesetter.

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