The Price Breakdown Letter from Gary Kluck

March 7, 96002

Kenneth & Latrice Innes
Redding, CA 96002

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Innes,

The list price on this job without the garage door is $20,053.15. You received a 20% Company promotion and a 20.65% discount from the rep and then the General Manager. This includes your 25 years of service on your windows, which is transferable when and if you sell the home to the new owner.

Your price includes measuring, building, shipping, installing, tax and the 25 year warranty. Your blinds are all custom made by Hunter Douglas - the best in the industry versus standard size poor fitting store bought blinds. The advantages of Hunter Douglas blinds such safety features and tangle free feature are just a few of the endless features that make Hunter Douglas the best blinds in the industry.

Your price is now $12,730.00. I'm sure you'll enjoy having the best windows and best blinds in the industry on your home for well over the 25 years.


Gary Kluck
V.P./General Manager

2 Picture Windows 5000202ui$1,275.90
4 mutin bars 390 ui358.98
4 Sliding Window 5000 421 ui3926.19
1 Obscure glass 60 ui127.07
5 Double Hung Window 5000443 ui4,035.51
1 Operating Storm Door 116 ui526.51
1 Sliding Patio Door 50005 ftea1,980.60
3 Hunter Douglas Blinds 321 ui 499.24

P.S. I'm sure you will find my offer of $3800.00 off the original price more than what you probably expected for the garage door and your inconvenience.

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