The Letter of Apology from Tim Dravatshy

April 11, 2002

Kenneth & Latrice Innes
Redding, CA 96002

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Innes,

I wish to express my regret and that of my installers as to the lack of clean-up to your satisfaction fallowing our installation at your home on January 11th. Any possible damage or incomplete work on the original insallation, as well as below-standard clean- up is not the way either Pacesetter or I work.

I assure you that the completion of your installation with the adjustment of the bathroom window, will be much moret o your satisfaction. Thank you for bringing the frosted glass problem to my attention.

I apologize for any inconvenience on your part and am sorry if any hard feelings were created by either myself or my installers. I'm sure that on completion you will be quite happy with the final work and I look forward to the opportunity of taking care of any of your future needs.


Tim Dravatshy
Installation Manager

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