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More Visitor Feedback #148

Wednesday, February 11th 2009 - 01:14:48 PM

From: nitti131
E-Mail: Private
Subject: closing

I am a previous employee of, which was located in greensburg, pa. I worked there for almost a year. When I first started there, it seemed like a legitimate business. Well, one day I happened to notice the managers there logging onto this website and reading the various posts. That is when I figured something was up. After reading the posts on here and working for mr. gary iskra myself, I can only say that everything is true. The company started laying people off in june of 2008. I got laid off in august with 4 other people. I got a phone call from one of the female managers and they told me we were done and that i could collect unemployment. There were all kinds of crazy things going on there, such as gary not supplying us with any new leads to call, canvassers calling in bunk appointments that never confirmed or were disconnected #'s,etc. Noone ever did any real work there the last 6 months. When flat screen monitors and other equipment started disappearing i knew something was up. One manager there was so secretive and "loyal" to gary that whenever we asked what was going on she just said " I don't know ,gary never tells me anything." The company is definitely going bankrupt and gary moved all operations to california. Noone is left in the greensburg office at all. At one point, we were all afraid to cash our checks at our own banks out of fear that if they did not clear we would be held responsible. I mean gary changed banks 3 times within 3 months. I think I just held on to the end instead of quitting because I would be able to collect unemployment. I did get all my vacation time and 401k money that was due to me, so I never got screwed that way. Gary is definitely a very very bad man, he does not care about anyone but himself . Why should he? He lives in an enormous home in ligonier and is a millionaire. People like that let success( or what they believe to be success )go to their heads and every inch of personality that was inside them before just disappears. I am over the whole my contractor thing. They are closed now and moved to california. Gary iskra will get what he deserves. After all, karma is a bitch.

More Visitor Feedback #147

Wednesday, February 11th 2009 - 01:13:58 PM

From: nitti131
E-Mail: Private
Subject: closing

I am a previous employee of, which was located in greensburg, pa. I worked there for almost a year. When I first started there, it seemed like a legitimate business. Well, one day I happened to notice the managers there logging onto this website and reading the various posts. That is when I figured something was up. After reading the posts on here and working for mr. gary iskra myself, I can only say that everything is true. The company started laying people off in june of 2008. I got laid off in august with 4 other people. I got a phone call from one of the female managers and they told me we were done and that i could collect unemployment. There were all kinds of crazy things going on there, such as gary not supplying us with any new leads to call, canvassers calling in bunk appointments that never confirmed or were disconnected #'s,etc. Noone ever did any real work there the last 6 months. When flat screen monitors and other equipment started disappearing i knew something was up. One manager there was so secretive and "loyal" to gary that whenever we asked what was going on she just said " I don't know ,gary never tells me anything." The company is definitely going bankrupt and gary moved all operations to california. Noone is left in the greensburg office at all. At one point, we were all afraid to cash our checks at our own banks out of fear that if they did not clear we would be held responsible. I mean gary changed banks 3 times within 3 months. I think I just held on to the end instead of quitting because I would be able to collect unemployment. I did get all my vacation time and 401k money that was due to me, so I never got screwed that way. Gary is definitely a very very bad man, he does not care about anyone but himself . Why should he? He lives in an enormous home in ligonier and is a millionaire. People like that let success( or what they believe to be success )go to their heads and every inch of personality that was inside them before just disappears. I am over the whole my contractor thing. They are closed now and moved to california. Gary iskra will get what he deserves. After all, karma is a bitch.

More Visitor Feedback #146

Saturday, January 24th 2009 - 08:05:04 PM

From: ronald fisher
E-Mail: Private

keep up the good work, i know for a fact gary iskra is affiliated with my, and also believe it to be afact he is the owner, in pittsburgh,his office is in greensburgh pa, i am in the process of a personal lawsuit against him now, you can look it up at the westmoreland county courthouse,

More Visitor Feedback #145

Tuesday, January 13th 2009 - 07:56:40 AM

From: Ellie Nemeth
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Problems and Need!!

Pacesetter Corp. seems to have disappeared?? Reading the info on the internet verifies my suspicion. Overcharged and unsatifactory job, just couldn't deal with them anymore. Well, seven years later, I need at least one new lock, but there is no way to trace where these windows came from...duh!! Can anyone help me with a new lock for my window? Anyone know where they might have a pile/salvage area of these windows with their locks...hope, hope? Would really appreciate! Ellie from the bay area.

More Visitor Feedback #144

Tuesday, December 30th 2008 - 03:34:01 AM

From: Bobby
E-Mail: Private
Subject: 'temporarily out of business'

Well we all knew would be finito as soon as Iskra made a few (hundred) thousand (low-balling). They died in PA despite great workers, great canvassers, great managenment (for the most part) and great office people. The sales team SUCKED worse than I EVER seen at ANY company in PA's final months. Pappy basically by himself - but so many good lead potential was obtained. Unfortunately they were still stealing of unsuspecting Californians for a bit after PA went under, but now Myco is now done (or are they?) Gary Iskra still wants to try some new things with MyCo in 2009 but hopefully he'll be imprisoned for the multiple-felon he is and won't get another MyCo chance. All I can say from once being in the trenches is AVOID AT ALL COSTS - REGARDLESS OF THE LIES THEY'LL TELL (changed management, owners gone, etc). Maybe they'll just be selling leads, in which case they may actually be good - but you want to make this ASSHOLE more money that he doesn't deserve? Karma is a bitch, and always catches up to you.

More Visitor Feedback #143

Saturday, December 13th 2008 - 11:06:37 PM

From: chip habeck
E-Mail: Private
Subject: looking 4 my fellow exers

Hello all,
Chuck jolly says hello to any ex-pacestter folks. dan, you out there ? Where is Dennis Mason ? Steve Mcnamee what are you doing ?
my email is
phone 804-909-3573
chip habeck
p.s.- any schragers out there ?
remember J.K.!!!!

More Visitor Feedback #142

Saturday, December 13th 2008 - 02:56:24 PM

From: Dave
E-Mail: Private
Subject: The Voice of Experience

Wow. I'm really crushed and dismayed at some of what I see on this site.

I see a lot of things.

I see some buyera??s remorse from some folks.

I see some misinformation about business in general.

I see a lot of Blame Game and fault finding and personal attacks on people.

I worked for Pacesetter for 10 years in the 90's and I think I have a pretty good perspective on the company.

I was a top ten installer nationally and won three Pacesetter convention trips for my hard work as one of their top installers nationally.

Pacesetter Windows have always been expensive. When you go to the Cadillac dealer and buy an Escalade... if you're smart you know that it's about 10 grand more than a Tahoe that looks exactly the same and is built in the same plant with all the same parts. But you buy the Cadillac because you want that name on your truck. Are windows that much different?

Pacesetter was comparable in pricing with Sears and AMRE. They we're about a grand a window. That is definitely expensive, but they built the very best window made at that time. They were among the first to do Argon Gas in their windows and they were the only way for a high quality product to make it to a rural area 60 miles from the real cities and towns.

Phil and Harley Schrager built a team of performers. People who were just average folks before they found Pacesetter, but became high income, highly motivated professionals while following the Pacesetter system.

I really wish there was a timeline difference on this site to show where Pacesetter was under the Schragers as opposed to the people who bought the company out. I can only speak to the company as it was run by Phil and Harley.

The 10 steps to a sale were brilliant and are used nationally by a lot of companies because they are true, helpful and created win-win negotiations. I'll share them here if you folks would like me to. There is no crooked scam or underhandedness in their sales and marketing system.

Leta??s talk about the money. A grand a window. It was about $400 for them to build a window. It cost them about $100 to have it hung; it cost about $100 at that time to generate a good lead (from telemarketing, Sama??s or whatever. That number is now $250 or so per lead generated according to Remodeling Magazine.) The salesman made 10 to 15% commission. He deserves to make a living and for him that money was part of the deal too. There goes $150. Now were at $750 per window, not counting shipping, administration, warranty issues, bad debts, non paying customers etc. The profit margin was about 25% if everything went well. In construction, sometimes things don't go well and you loose that money. Most companies need to operate on about 18% minimum. Did anyone get gouged? Not really. Pacesetter was for decades the only way for a poor person in the middle of Kansas, or Louisiana, or Texas to get a great product for XXX dollars per month. They met a great need for a lot of poor and middle class people in rural areas.

I'd like to remind you all that the glass of wine with your dinner is $4.00 and the wine itself only costs $1.00. Whiskey is the same. Is Chili's full of slimy money grubbers trying to take advantage of people? I don't think so you?

I knew a lot of the people mentioned on this site. Most we're immensely admirable, diligent and hard working. The old school Pacesetter crowd was inspiring. We learned to be winners or we got fired.

At 28 I pulled off a $95,000 income working 60 hours a week. I was happy to do it. It was a joy to help people with needs that just couldn't be met by other companies.

Here again back to quality. Even today the very best Thermally Broken Aluminum Window is just a knock off of the Pacesetter 5000 series. They built the very best product on the market and took it to out of the way towns for real people. Perhaps their calling was there in the country and perhaps not to the Southern California high income folks.

Are there some disgruntled ex employees weighing in? Yes apparently so....But let me ask this....

My experience is that only 2 in 10 people "get it" as far as work ethic. Is it a shock that some sub didn't get paid. Not really. I've found less than 1 in 10 people can do any job properly. Go look at Wal-Mart. Look at any job applicant in any market.

Most people feel entitled to more money no matter what they do or the quality of their work. Pacesetter awarded success and fired failure. No one in business should do differently on that front at least.

Phil and Harley made their money and sold the company because they were older gentlemen. In the late 90's I'm thinking they were about 57 and 59 or so. Who blames them for selling their life's work? I'm sure they were tired of working and wanted to retire. Do you want something different?

I saw a post on the FDS bank. Phil and Harley financed millions of dollars in home improvements for thousands of people. Interest rates were high at the time and they took their money and reinvested it into peoples homes......yes for the real estate lien, the interest and the principle, but also for the folks themselves. Was that mean?

I mostly feel for those who were unsatisfied with the work done on their homes. Many have legitimate complaints. Many have legal recourse. That is what the courts are for. Pacesetter went bankrupt. Closed down. There is no recourse for those folks unless the finance company they pay to is willing to make an allowance or credit. That is between those folks and their lender.

It's very sad to me that this site seems to be a hit job on several people who may or may not be responsible for some specific problem. Gary Kluck. Didn't know the man although I heard of him. Does this man really deserve to be held personally responsible for everything that went wrong on every job that held the Pacesetter Banner? Does anyone think about the 600 million in work wea??re talking about over a 5 year period of time? I think not. I see one person with a $12,000 case of buyers remorse ruining other peoples lives because he feels like he got taken.

Good Sir, buy a Tahoe, know when to demand a refund or when to get a lawyer and dona??t ruin some man who was trying to do his job because you got the run around from a multi-million dollar organization.

Pacesetter at its peak was doing 120 million a year in gross sales. Some projects might go bad in there. Some folks may have legitimate beefs with a company and need to take action to be compensated or reimbursed. That is not really Gary Klucka??s fault as far as I can see.

I worry that you folks are ruining a mans life to have a scapegoat for your complaint du jour.

I'd enjoy a dialogue with anyone to help them problem solve an issue with their windows or doors. Even take a few questions from those who wonder what it was really like to work at Pacesetter or in the home improvement business. Ia??ve been in the business for 25 years now and I think I bring a good, needed, valuable insight to this site.

I suppose that's all for now. I'll check back and try to address things individually for those in need of answers.

I hope you'll all learn several things from this site though.

1. Buyer Beware. Know what you're getting, time frame, contract requirements, rescission rights, warranty time frame, and how to look over a project for punch list items before you pay for the job or sign a completion certificate. Your money or your signature are the items that close out a project. Once youa??ve done it (signed a completion certificate or written the last payment check) your options for recourse are slim.

2. Shop around. Get a few quotes. Compare and contrast options and pricing to get the best deal from someone you trust. At this point Ia??d like to remind you that most of you who are unhappy didna??t check references, or the BBB. Ia??d also like you to know they had plenty of references from happy folks and a great record on the BBB, Chamber of Commerce etc. for most of their operating period.

3. Understand that warranties expire if the company goes under. This is basic and important. Bankruptcy is when you tell the world that you don't have enough money to do the job anymore. It's designed for people to have a way to try hard but not loose everything in their world if there's a problem too large to overcome in a business venture. It's what happens to most companies eventually when their time and place in the market is over. It's a legal concept created to duplicate a Biblical Truth. It's called forgiveness and it's inspired by God's grace.

Question or comment?

More Visitor Feedback #141

Sunday, December 7th 2008 - 08:44:44 AM

From: shadow
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Republic

They both defeated themselves, close the Pacesetter Plant and Pacesetter goes down with the genuis Iskra calling the shots, He talks Republic into being his partner and forgets to pay them 4 mil and now they have gone down, serves them both.

More Visitor Feedback #140

Saturday, December 6th 2008 - 10:44:53 AM

From: Patrick B
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Republic Window and Door

jennjerrey is right about us x-employees, We really should get counseling!
I found this article today and immediately thought of Pacesetter. When Iskra closed the factory in Omaha, he did so to go with Republic Window and Door out of Chicago. When Pacesetter went under, they nearly took Republic down with them:

Republic was able to last for a little while:

I bet they wish they had some of that $$ Pacesetter owed them now.

More Visitor Feedback #139

Wednesday, November 26th 2008 - 09:18:47 PM

From: anonymous
E-Mail: Private
Subject: merge

anybody know whats going with erie construction poss merging with my


More Visitor Feedback #138

Friday, November 21st 2008 - 11:56:46 PM

From: rt
E-Mail: Private
Subject: ???

I am doing good I was making some money as a sub contractor for erie just measuring jobs for erie which led to another secret source of income which i cannot post here. lol these companies are shady and very very very overpriced. anytime you can discount 30% and stil only have your labor materials and commission be 50% of the job someone is making a killing. A couple jobs like that will change my life forever. lol Anyhow to the secret post hoping that I was doing well, Thank you. Some people at pacesetter were good people there were few but they were there. I am doing well work full time and run an anonymous business in wisconsin which again cant be posted here for obvious reasons. I bought a house in the chicago suburbs (medinah). I really had alot of issues in the past that cost me alot but hey i guess they say live and learn.

Anyhow if anyone wants to contact me my email is

feel free Keep in touch


More Visitor Feedback #137

Friday, November 21st 2008 - 04:57:43 PM

From: rt
E-Mail: Private
Subject: swan

hope your doing good even all the hellish bs we went through.

good luck

More Visitor Feedback #136

Tuesday, November 18th 2008 - 11:20:55 PM

From: Rick
E-Mail: Private
Subject: SWAN

I was bored to tears and decided to check this site. I'm gonna leave you my email and holla back ASAP. will hook us up!

More Visitor Feedback #135

Thursday, November 13th 2008 - 05:20:57 AM

From: jack burton
E-Mail: Private
Subject: greensburg down the tubes

I see the greensburg office is shut down...they are not doing anything in PA until may next year, they said...I'm guessing they will be shut down by then..that office was full of people fake playing like they were running a business, and it looks like its finally catching up with guess is that california will soon if ur a person thinking about doing any home improvements with this company, you may want to think again. or you could end up like the pacesetter customers with no warranty or support. this company is a joke...its scary that people are allowed to run these kind of businesses. HAPPY THANKS GIVING!

More Visitor Feedback #134

Monday, November 10th 2008 - 08:39:17 PM

From: jennjerrey
E-Mail: Private
Subject: "SWAN"

It is amazing to me that after all this time we "EX-EMPLOYEES" still log on to check out the latest gossip & info and that's sad that we have all been so mind F****d by this company that we still give a S#!t. (myself included) I actually don't visit this site much anymore but I ran across "Quality First" website by accident today and just thought I would check in again. Saw what they called "employee awards" and saw some familiar faces, ML appears to still have his weasly nose up GK's behind, Coffman appears to be doing very well, and a shock to see mr Mynor, love ya mikey!! good luck to all the pacesetter vets that are members of the "new and improved", I am sure you will all do well. As long as their not in as much financial trouble as it appears. Be careful guys. Lots of love and miss you all, and if Rick F happens to read this, take care and let me know how to contact ya!! I'll check back. And to all the Old Customers that have trouble with their pacesetter products, buy locally, check references and I hope all of your home improvement ventures go well in the future...,

More Visitor Feedback #133

Saturday, October 25th 2008 - 05:17:58 PM

From: Mike
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Sub Contractor

They dont pay there sub contractors

More Visitor Feedback #132

Thursday, October 23rd 2008 - 08:17:33 AM

From: yanotanks
E-Mail: Private
Subject: awesome!

You're a fucking whiner

More Visitor Feedback #131

Wednesday, October 22nd 2008 - 06:14:01 PM

From: Fan of Mike Clements
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Mike Clements

Dear Mike,

The windows should be the least of your problems. I suggest you go back to school and learn spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Thank You.

More Visitor Feedback #130

Friday, October 17th 2008 - 03:50:32 PM

From: L Nay
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Thanks

Thanks for the info on this site. I did not know Pacesetters was out of business so I guess it will do no good to try to get them to fix any problems even though I had a "lifetime" guarantee.

More Visitor Feedback #129

Wednesday, October 15th 2008 - 07:05:03 AM

From: mike clements
E-Mail: Private
Subject: pacesetter windows

i too have had trouble with pacesetter windows first some guy comes to my door selling pacesetter windows well after his speal i ordered four custom windows for my basement, well a crew showed up and started taking the old windows out, so i decied to whatch them destroy two window casements ruin the good vinal windows that i put in 6 months earlyer, well they put the new ones and left but not befor asking what they were going to do about the window casements they said they would have to send someone else to fix them, well after a few weeks someone showed up and patched them while i was at work, when i saw this i was so pissed off that they didn't replace the casement, well the guy came back he said they can't take the window out and left not before asking him why i can see light through the joints he said he would take care of it , he sure did he put epoxy on it, i said no order a new one, he said no he couldn't. what really beats all theese weren't the windows i ordered as for the casements they sent someone to take care of it he sure did he wrapped them in alluminum. so i have two windows different from the other two. well i decided to seal the outside wall and had to remove some of the covered widows, well the first cobled up job was there all covered up. I live in wis. and ever since the basement has been colder i had removed one window and repaced it alot of difference in temp. these are worthless.

More Visitor Feedback #128

Sunday, September 28th 2008 - 10:13:58 AM

From: ***Fab 5 Freddy*****
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Iskra

When is Iskra going to get through his thick head - HIRE THE RIGHT PEOPLE. This guy always has half speed players in his EXECUTIVE CIRCLE and thus gets half ass results. WAKE UP GARY - good talent exist your just blind to it..

More Visitor Feedback #127

Monday, September 22nd 2008 - 05:38:22 AM

From: david lo-pan
E-Mail: Private
Subject: down the tubes

heard myco is going down the shitter! greensburg office down to few employees..heard they even firing brown-nosers..heard they're getting sued too..only a matter of time..incompetance, reers its head once again.

More Visitor Feedback #126

Thursday, September 18th 2008 - 07:48:54 PM

From: rod moehlmann
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Tim Davis

RE: message 109; has all the truth about this scumbag.

More Visitor Feedback #125

Monday, September 8th 2008 - 09:18:38 AM

From: @+=!$%
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Don't Care....

You really have to wake up and the sooner you do the better off you and your family will be. Many of these home improvement companies are floundering for the VERY FACT THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT PEOPLE. People meaning customer base, employees. Granted the company would not exist without the resources of the principle etc., but with that being said your only as good as your last at bat...

More Visitor Feedback #124

Friday, August 29th 2008 - 03:00:57 PM

From: KIM
E-Mail: Private


More Visitor Feedback #123

Tuesday, August 26th 2008 - 06:53:30 PM

From: Eric
E-Mail: Private
Subject: dosn't care about employees

On June 31st, 2008 I was bitten by a dog while going door to door for in Napa California. I called my supervisor, and was told to go to the hospital for shots, I was also told that the company would be paying for the care being that it happened while canvassing for them.

Its now August 28th, 2008 and I owe the hospital in Napa $177 dollars, the bill, as I have now been informed, is being sent to collections for non payment.


More Visitor Feedback #122

Friday, August 22nd 2008 - 05:44:25 AM

From: Mavis Christensen
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Guarantee transfer

We have a 40 yr. warranty on siding that needs to be transferred to
our new owners. I don't know if Pacesetter exists anymore and I can't
find a phone number to call.
Please answer this as soon as possible.
Mavis Christensen
4301 S.Dakota Place
Sioux Falls, SD 57105

Former address is: R.R. Worthing, SD

More Visitor Feedback #121

Thursday, August 21st 2008 - 11:59:52 AM

From: +++*++++
E-Mail: Private
Subject: All Them ..via Rob T post...

Hey Rob - hope all is well with you.

I think these guys do the old 50 web sites all lead back to the same server type of business....

More Visitor Feedback #120

Thursday, August 7th 2008 - 02:12:15 PM

From: rob t
E-Mail: Private
Subject: this is interesting

apparantley this guy has a monopoly all of these business are run off 1 digit different than his actually social security number which i cant reveal but what a dirt bag starting a monopoly, this info 99.9% accurate we use it to find dirtbags that run from very large balnce debts so i figured you would find it interesting

Company: AMERICAN WINDOWS & SASH, INC. Date Last Reported: 06/30/2008
Tax ID: Date Added: 07/09/1982
Address: BLDG MONROEVILLE, PA Confidence Level: High
Phone: (000) 000-0000
SSN: 000-00-0000
Record 2
Company: AMERICAN EXTERIOR COATINGS, INC. Date Last Reported: 06/17/2008
Tax ID: Date Added: 10/01/2001
Address: 9001 RICO RD MONROEVILLE, PA 15146 Confidence Level: High
Phone: (000) 000-0000

More Visitor Feedback #119

Thursday, August 7th 2008 - 02:05:15 PM

From: rob
E-Mail: Private
Subject: here is the secrets digging hard and found this


Record 1
Company: AMERICAN WINDOWS & SASH, INC. Date Last Reported: 06/30/2008
Tax ID: Date Added: 07/09/1982
Address: BLDG MONROEVILLE, PA Confidence Level: High
Phone: (000) 000-0000
SSN: 000-00-0000
Record 2
Company: AMERICAN EXTERIOR COATINGS, INC. Date Last Reported: 06/17/2008
Tax ID: Date Added: 10/01/2001
Address: 9001 RICO RD MONROEVILLE, PA 15146 Confidence Level: High
Phone: (000) 000-0000

More Visitor Feedback #118

Thursday, August 7th 2008 - 01:44:43 PM

From: rt
E-Mail: Private
Subject: also found several bad checks which i cannot post here but they are public record

Record 11
Company: MYCONTRACTOR.COM INC Date Last Reported: 04/01/2007
Tax ID: Date Added: 04/01/2007
Address: 766 E PITTSBURGH ST GREENSBURG, PA 15601 Confidence Level: High
Phone: (724) 836-6332
SSN: 000-00-0000

More Visitor Feedback #117

Thursday, August 7th 2008 - 01:42:50 PM

From: rt
E-Mail: Private
Subject: what a joke

Record 6
Company: MYCONTRACTOR.COM INC Date Last Reported: 05/01/2007
Tax ID: Date Added: 12/01/2006
Address: 766 E PITTSBURGH ST GREENSBURG, PA 15601 Confidence Level: High
Phone: (724) 836-6332
SSN: 000-00-0000

More Visitor Feedback #116

Thursday, August 7th 2008 - 01:38:23 PM

From: rt
E-Mail: Private
Subject: big operation here lol

Record 22
Company: M L W HOME IMPROVEMENTS Date Last Reported:
Tax ID: Date Added:
Address: 875 NATIONAL DR STE 107 SACRAMENTO, CA 95834 Confidence Level: High
Phone: (916) 515-0171
SSN: 000-00-0000
Record 23
Tax ID: Date Added:
Address: 875 NATIONAL DR STE 105 SACRAMENTO, CA 95834 Confidence Level: High
Phone: (916) 640-1850
SSN: 000-00-0000
Record 24
Tax ID: Date Added:
Title: Address: 875 NATIONAL DR STE 105 SACRAMENTO, CA 95834 Confidence Level: High
Phone: (916) 640-1850
SSN: 000-00-0000
Record 25
Company: MYCONTRACTOR.COM Date Last Reported:
Tax ID: Date Added:
Address: 875 NATIONAL DR SACRAMENTO, CA 95834 Confidence Level: High
Phone: (916) 784-0333
SSN: 000-00-0000

More Visitor Feedback #115

Thursday, August 7th 2008 - 01:34:49 PM

From: rt
E-Mail: Private
Subject: more myco info

Record 17
Company: MY CONTRACTOR.COM Date Last Reported: 04/01/2007
Tax ID: Date Added: 04/01/2007
Title: OWNER
Address: 10330 PIONEER BLVD SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA 90670 Confidence Level: High
Phone: (562) 777-2560

More Visitor Feedback #114

Thursday, August 7th 2008 - 01:30:34 PM

From: rt
E-Mail: Private
Subject: my co info

Company: MYCONTRACTOR.COM-CA Date Last Reported: 08/01/2006
Tax ID: Date Added: 08/01/2006
Address: 1170 BURNETT AVE STE N CONCORD, CA 94520 Confidence Level: High
Phone: (925) 521-7052

More Visitor Feedback #113

Thursday, August 7th 2008 - 01:24:37 PM

From: rob terrel
E-Mail: Private
Subject: love these tools

Record 25
Company: MYCONTRACTOR.COM OF CALIFORNIA Date Last Reported: 08/01/2006
Tax ID: Date Added: 08/01/2006
Address: 1500 WYATT DR SANTA CLARA, CA 95054 Confidence Level: High
Phone: (408) 764-0224

More Visitor Feedback #112

Thursday, August 7th 2008 - 01:19:01 PM

From: rob terrel
E-Mail: Private
Subject: this maybe helpful

Record 1
Company: MYCONTRACTOR.COM OF CALIFORNIA, INC. Date Last Reported: 06/04/2008
Tax ID: Date Added: 08/22/2006
Address: 766 E PITTSBURGH ST STE 102 GREENSBURG, PA 15601 Confidence Level: High
Phone: (000) 000-0000
SSN: 000-00-0000
Record 2
Company: MYCONTRACTOR Date Last Reported: 04/01/2008
Tax ID: Date Added: 04/01/2008
Address: 766 E PITTSBURGH ST GREENSBURG, PA 15601 Confidence Level: High
Phone: (724) 836-6332
SSN: 000-00-0000
Record 3

More Visitor Feedback #111

Thursday, August 7th 2008 - 01:11:02 PM

From: rob terrel
E-Mail: Private
Subject: hey

damn there is still alot of hatred against pacesetter, i just hopped on and saw all the new and improved posts. How long ago did they go under anyway? I know its been a while. Hope you all are doing well (those i worked with in sacramento) that were actually cool. The others well i hope you are doing well too.

Try third party collections it pays about as good as the pre iskra marketing pay plan


More Visitor Feedback #110

Thursday, August 7th 2008 - 10:17:46 AM

From: The Spirit Of J.K
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Rick / Gary

Responding to #106

Let me get this straight. You worked for a guy who was lucky to have hit a home run early on & has shown company after company since - he just can't do it. Gary Iskra has a tough time HIRING THE RIGHT PEOPLE. He likes to hire those that are NEEDY and NON INNOVATIVE to be mid level managers or his executives. Notice how his BIG BRASS is sucking eggs? Notice how his BRAIN TRUST is more like a BRAIN FART? Yes Gary - the players on the field matter and so does the coaching staff - NOT JUST THE PRINCIPLE. X(s) and o (s) { you know the x and o in football diagrams.
I have watched many a football game and have yet to see the Principle run down on the field and throw a score. I have seen owners make very bad decisons, turn the other check to INNOVATION and then close doors to multiple companies. Rick; a Zebra doesn't often (if ever) change his/her stripes. Ever notice how TEAM ISKRA doesn't get INNOVATIVE in tough times?

You should have known better Rick - your greed was trumped by Iskra's.

You got screwed.

Like Rick Schrager once said, "Iskra ain't a bad hombre, he just couldn't get it to work."

Ever wonder why most of these HOME IMPROVMENT COMPANIES don't grow - but usually in the end screw employees? LACK OF INNOVATION. Instead of thinking outside of the box - they will stay in the box and continue to anger on why a square peg through a circle.

What a shame...These guys have the resources to do great things and instead they take the USED CAR route.

Never asked you to re-invent the wheel; but these home improvment companies have A WIND FALL staring them in the face and very few are taking it on....

They're spending more time on covering their own asses then being real pioneers in the industry.

Good luck to you Rick. After J.K died and Richard hurt his kneck the new school pushed me aside (I had to many bad ideas they said) and guess what? Best thing to ever happen to me. T

More Visitor Feedback #109

Monday, August 4th 2008 - 09:42:30 AM

From: # 1
E-Mail: Private
Subject: RE: Rod Moehlmann or is it Molemann

Wow you are a liar! The whole time you work for Davis Home Improvements all you could do is complain about how bad pace setters sucks and la de da ...... as for all your other false accusations of "obsession", i think its quite funny you say that! you sure seem a lil obsessive driving back and forth davis home improvements 3-4 times a day for 10 months after you were FIRED!!!!

Watch out Pacesetters it seems as though this low life drunk wants his job back!!

More Visitor Feedback #108

Friday, August 1st 2008 - 08:25:32 PM

From: Tim
E-Mail: Private
Subject: The Schragers

I hope those two crooks (Phil and Harley) are smoking turds in Hell one day for what I went through as a former employee of Pacesetter back in the summer of '97. When I have more time, I'll come back to this sitr and share a letter I wrote to their HR dept when I quit.

More Visitor Feedback #107

Friday, August 1st 2008 - 03:11:10 PM

From: Cheryl Rothering
E-Mail: Private
Subject: parts

I am in need of some window parts or how to fix them....the windows will not stay up. I also need the black 3-4" thin parts that you slide in to push the window over the glass up and down. Storm door parts also. Such a nightmare. Can't afford to replace all the windows....
Please help me if you can! Thank you!

More Visitor Feedback #106

Wednesday, July 16th 2008 - 12:52:57 PM

From: Rick Ladendorf
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Ladendorf is no longer associated with

On May 30, 2008 Rick Ladendorf was terminated as the General Manager of the Affiliate Program along with the entire staff. No notice was given, and no severence pay offered to any employee. In addition to being terminated, has refused to pay Approved Business Expenses to the tune of $6,000. Civil action has been filed in Orange County California.

In addition, refuses to pay an outstanding balance due of $15,000 for kiosks purchased in November 2007. Gary Iskra, refuses to pay claiming I stole his property, when in fact, has not made the last two payments due March and April 2008.

For many months I wanted to believe that this site was painting a picutre of and its associates that was not true. Shame on me for being so foolish as I now understand that much of what is written is factual, including everything in this note.

More Visitor Feedback #105

Tuesday, July 15th 2008 - 03:54:54 PM

From: Harley D. Schrager
E-Mail: Private
Subject: My Wonderful Career

I can't help but get depressed at the outright lies and half truths on this site.

It's true we sold much of our product to the blind, deaf, infirmed, and deranged senior citizens, but give me a break. We made money!

I had a great career as Phil's little brother. Some people wonder why I'm so arrogant. Come on people, I'm Phil's little brother!

More Visitor Feedback #104

Wednesday, July 9th 2008 - 10:03:16 PM

From: philbert
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Quality First Home Improvements - NOT

I am not one to post and update many Blogs but I have to let the community know about how bad this contractor really is.
They took a contract from me to paint the exterior of my house. I even went for the most expensive of special coatings (texcote coolwall) as they are a recommended contractor and all investigations point to their great abilities and service.
Well, it's all a lie. They are a state licensed contractor but they use unlicensed contractors to do their work.
Texcote is a specialized product only to be applied by trained professionals. Hah!. None of those applying the product knew anything about it. Needless to say it was not done right. In fact it was an extremely poor representation of a standard paint job using very expensive paint. If I had paid a standard $5K to paint my house with standard exterior paint this would still have been a bodge job.
Anyway, very long and arduous story cut short, I made them leave my property and put it in the hands of my lawyer. They actually agreed that the job was so poor they gave me my money back. But that cost me money.
Quality First Home Improvement user - Beware!

More Visitor Feedback #103

Tuesday, July 1st 2008 - 04:26:10 PM

From: Rod Moehlmann
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Really Suckie Contractors

Having worked for Pacesetter for a number of years, I have never felt they had deserved a site. I know they weren't perfect, but neither is the military. They taught me more about the home improvement industry in the three or four years I worked for them, then I had learned in the prior 20 years of my sales life.
That being said, I am sure they had some rascals working for them and that their services were less than perfect.
Last October I ended my employment with the worst contractor I have ever done business with. He is obsessed with my wife and I (also a former employee) to the point of spreading rumors about my
sexual fidelity,
supposed out of wedlock babies,
Female telemarketing managers under my desks,
all night rendezvous in my hot tub with my wife's girlfriends,
called my employer to tell his slander,
called my wife's employment repeatedly,
called my wife's ex husbands,
called my step daughter,
involved himself in my minor stepsons legal issues,
spread slander to any potential employer, business associates, suppliers etc.
The list can go on and on. He is the worst contractor I have ever experienced or worked for. He could care less about customer service.
We will have our day in court with this joker but in the meantime, our only line of defense is

More Visitor Feedback #102

Thursday, June 19th 2008 - 02:53:34 PM

From: gus
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Lien Question and Answer

If Pacesetter held the paper on your note you may be in luck - but if another co. is holding the paper - you will still have to pay. Whenever you have work done to your home a LIEN is put on the home if your not paying cash.

More Visitor Feedback #101

Wednesday, June 11th 2008 - 01:41:57 PM

From: Lana Howard
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Pacsetter put a lien on my home 9 years ago!! I Just found out Today!

Just found out today that PaceSetter has a lien on my home!!! I was refinancing and the Title Ins. company discovered this. Does anyone know how I can resolve this? I can't lock in an interest rate because of this. Someone please give me some advise on who to contact to clear this up. Thank You, Michelle in Texas. Please post replys on Message board.

More Visitor Feedback #100

Tuesday, June 10th 2008 - 09:26:26 AM

From: jimmy hopkins
E-Mail: Private
Subject: hmmm.

that's interesting.

More Visitor Feedback #99

Saturday, May 10th 2008 - 01:44:42 AM

From: George
E-Mail: Private
Subject: MyCo has a new VP

I recently heard from an employee of My that they have a new Vice President. I don't know for sure, but I have heard that this person has worked with Mr. Iskra in the past.. an old Pacesetter big wig perhaps?

More Visitor Feedback #98

Friday, May 9th 2008 - 01:35:55 PM

From: BJ
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Pacesetter

I had Pacesetter storm windows installed 10 years ago and am surprised to see so many unsatisfied customers on this site. I am sorry to hear all the horror stories listed here but have to admit that I had nothing more than pleasant experiences with the company and their service. I have had to call for replacement items and never had a problem getting what I needed and I was totally satisfied with the service technician that did my installation.

More Visitor Feedback #97

Monday, May 5th 2008 - 03:00:44 PM

From: tim clark
E-Mail: Private
Subject: windows

i was a victim of the exact sales tactics described by the ex employee of the company.all the methods are exact to the point,make friends,pull out the papers,and close the deal is my error not to shop around,these methods are very good,and a good salesman will get the job done...i did end up paying 6000.00 for six windows,and when i went to call and complain about the locks not working ,,,the old phone numbers are gone,,hey pacesetter,if you want to stop the complaints,,give all your old customers a good phone number,and fix the crap you sell....

More Visitor Feedback #96

Monday, April 28th 2008 - 02:01:23 PM

From: OPS
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Public Information

Here is why the BBB had a challenge with issues this company was involved in from time to time. If your COO is also a big wig for the BBB..well, you can connect the dots...

More Visitor Feedback #95

Saturday, April 19th 2008 - 08:07:57 AM

From: Madge
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Another Ripoffed Client

I paid top price for inferior storm doors, installed by inexperienced people. Like many others, the office I order from was no longer in operation and a report to the Better Business Bureau did nothing to help me with my broken hinges and inferior door closures(both of which are not the proper weight for the doors)...expensive lesson learned. Forget about the guarantees. They are not worth the paper they're printed on. How do these people sleep at night!

More Visitor Feedback #94

Friday, April 18th 2008 - 11:11:04 AM

From: ordell robbie
E-Mail: Private
Subject: ok


More Visitor Feedback #93

Wednesday, April 16th 2008 - 11:51:20 AM

From: Charming Charmin
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Its a Push Weekend..LOL

Anyone ever hear the outcome of the BK trial of Iskra's Pacestter?

More Visitor Feedback #92

Monday, March 24th 2008 - 01:33:13 PM

From: Esther Tashiro
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Complaint

Pacesetter install our baywindow and we have a frame window and had them put glass on them to keep the rooms warm. Then they came and did the job.they completed one side and did not come back to finish the other side and when I called they said that they made the same side so that as soon as they finish that part there will send the person to install it.If you come to the house we have 2 rooms side to side well the room on the left is done but the one on the right side never got done. Is there anyway we can get someone to finish the job????Thanks The Tashiro

More Visitor Feedback #91

Monday, March 24th 2008 - 03:53:34 AM

From: greg
E-Mail: Private
Subject: ..!

More Visitor Feedback #90

Friday, March 14th 2008 - 09:31:43 PM

From: jimbo
E-Mail: Private
Subject: "I was ba horrrrrn to..."

just wonderin...did anyone in the greensburg office get the stuff they ordered from angie for her daughters fundraiser last summer??...ha ha. just bein sarcastic. yall dun got ripped off by the manager. she prob. thought yall forgot about it. wonder if its still a madhouse up there?

More Visitor Feedback #89

Friday, March 14th 2008 - 09:22:32 PM

From: jimbo
E-Mail: Private
Subject: i was ba horrrrrn to......

just wonderin...did anyone in greensburg office get the stuff they ordered from angie yet from her daughters fundraiser last summmer?? ha ha...just bein sarcastic..she kept yall money...dun got ripped off by your boss.. wonder if its still a madhouse up there.

More Visitor Feedback #88

Friday, March 14th 2008 - 04:24:25 PM

From: Gus
E-Mail: Private
Subject: 5000 series

The 5000 series window Pacesetter made and sold in the 80's and 90's was and still stands as one the best I've seen. Anyone know anything similiar on the market today?
I'm actively looking...

More Visitor Feedback #87

Wednesday, February 20th 2008 - 08:52:09 PM

From: Jared
E-Mail: Private
Subject: pacesetter window locks and closers

If anyone is interested in looking for lock/latch adaptors or spacers for pacesetter 2000+ windows or any pacestter single or double hung window with recessed closers and flush glass to use standardized equipment contact me at

tooling and cnc availible, information I will need in all cases is model of window, picture of locking mechanisim with closure mounted on window.

I am gauging interest on a retro fit system to allow a refit of most pacesetter window locks not only double or single hung windows but most propritary pacesetter lock patents.

More Visitor Feedback #86

Tuesday, February 19th 2008 - 07:49:12 PM

From: Friend of Robert Douthit
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Robert Douthit

Robert Jefferson Douthit passed away on February 4, 2008. He died after a courageous battle with cancer at the age of 49. Enough said. Please let him rest in peace!

More Visitor Feedback #85

Tuesday, February 19th 2008 - 01:26:11 PM

From: Friend of Robert Douthit
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Robert Douthit

Robert Jefferson Douthit passed away on February 4, 2008. He died after a courageous battle with cancer. Enough said. Please let him rest in peace!

More Visitor Feedback #84

Saturday, February 16th 2008 - 06:19:49 PM

From: an ex'er
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Robert D

Anybody know what RD died of?

More Visitor Feedback #83

Wednesday, February 13th 2008 - 04:45:01 PM

From: rob terrel
E-Mail: Private
Subject: robert douthit

yes indeed me and robert had some misunderstandings but all in all he stood up for his employees and helped me out in alot of situations when i needed it.



More Visitor Feedback #82

Friday, February 8th 2008 - 06:18:48 PM

From: john gosa
E-Mail: Private
Subject: repairing window and door products

I worked for Pacesetter for 9 years in the service depatment. I lost my job in 2004. I will say they did have a great product and it is worth fixing. I have a limited amount of parts and would be interested in helping those who need repairs. I reside in the Quad Cities area of Il and Ia. 309-737-2025

More Visitor Feedback #81

Wednesday, February 6th 2008 - 10:54:12 AM

From: Longtime former employee
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Robert Douthit

Is my understanding that Robert passed away after battling a significant illness. For those of us who had the pleasure of working with Robert, we will always remember his optimistic attitude and never say die work ethic. Like all of us, Robert had his ups and downs and his pluses and minuses.

Rest in peace my friend.

More Visitor Feedback #80

Tuesday, February 5th 2008 - 10:42:02 AM

From: Jeff
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Gary Kluck is back at it again

Gary Kluck has a company called Quality First. They supply the same type of products like Pacesetter. Here is the hook. You go in, pick out your windows or other home improvements, then they suggest using Solutions Lending (also owned by Gary Kluck) to finance the work. Based on the feedback I have found on this website, the last person I want providing me home improvements, and then taking a second loan on my house is anybody but Gary Kluck.

Admin's Response: I couldn't agree with you more.

More Visitor Feedback #79

Thursday, January 31st 2008 - 12:28:42 PM

From: Kris
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Cracked Window

Have a problem, we weren't aware of all the problems with Pacesetter Corp. and now we have a damaged window that is warrantied. However, we have the impression from this site that we're screwed and on our own. We're right aren't we...

Admin's Response: I'm afraid so.

More Visitor Feedback #78

Wednesday, January 30th 2008 - 03:15:53 PM

From: Gus
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Look What Was On Craigsllist

Trade Show Brand Ambassadors

Reply to:
Date: 2008-01-29, 2:44PM PST

MyContractor is looking for a team of local female Brand Ambassadors to work our trade shows in the Sacramento area. You will be attending shows such as boat shows, home shows, fairs, festivals, and car shows. We are looking for professional, creative, outgoing, and responsible Ambassadors to be a part of our new wave marketing.

Please send your resume with (2) two photographs to Jenn at MyContractor.

Managerial Opportunities upon performance!
The first show start on February 8th, 9th and 10th.

Lodi Grape Festival & Harvest Fair
February 8th-10th

Friday is 1pm to 8pm
Saturday and Sunday is 10am to 6pm

Location: Sacramento
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
Compensation: 12.00

PostingID: 556060019

More Visitor Feedback #77

Wednesday, January 30th 2008 - 10:42:33 AM

From: makis deming
E-Mail: Private
Subject: release date

When dose the sixth book come out.

More Visitor Feedback #76

Sunday, January 20th 2008 - 07:09:39 AM

From: Elsie Spires
E-Mail: Private
Subject: pacesetter windows

Just a brief message about our problems with Pacesetter Windows.
Installer didn't insulate around the windows A second person came and stuffed some insulation in around them. Living in MN and with tempatures getting below zero,you can about image the cold air that comes through.

The seals in the windows are cracking. Some of the rubber inside and outside of the windows don't match up.

The ice build up on the inside of the windows (which is NOT covered by waratee) is doing wonders to my window sills.

We had Anderson windows in our home before Pacesetter, we were just updating. We are very sorry we choose Pacesetter. We will have to replace all the windows again, probablly with Anderson. What an expensive update

More Visitor Feedback #75

Saturday, January 19th 2008 - 07:20:03 AM

From: jerry dandritch
E-Mail: Private
Subject: slaves & bulldozers

bruce...u sound like one of them class A jackboxes...i'm surprised you're not working for

More Visitor Feedback #74

Friday, January 18th 2008 - 12:50:13 PM

From: bruce
E-Mail: Private
Subject: your website sucks

i think your website sends false info and a wrong image to adults and kids alike,i think you have too much time on your hands,if you had a real job you would not have had time to do this website,also you must be very boring and not have any hobbies besides stuffing your face,,if you do not have anything good to say why say it,you are a disgrace to the human race,,by the way i worked for pacestter 6 years and i know first hand that phil and harley was top class people before it ever got sold,futhermore pacesetter lost a vaulabe assett in 1996 with the death of John Knoblach if you knew evey detail about this company and had any class about yourself you would have never started this low rent website,also note you are very lucky that John Konblach is no longer alive because i can rest assure that he see to it this website is shut down,also note this if you want to talk about other people doing bad take a good look in the mirror

More Visitor Feedback #73

Wednesday, January 16th 2008 - 12:38:29 PM

From: Jeff
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Gary Kluck Information

We unknowingly did business with Gary Kluck. We provided him
products and services, and have never been paid. We would encourge everyone to avoid doing business with this person.

If anyone is interested, Gary Kluck is doing business in the Roseville, Ca. area:

Solutions Lending
660 Commerece Dr.
Roseville, Ca.
ph. (916) 788-2921

I have additional contact information if anyone is interested.


More Visitor Feedback #72

Wednesday, January 9th 2008 - 07:01:47 PM

From: Sandra Sagerian
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Pacesetter screwed us too!

We contracted with Pacesetter corp on 12/4/04 to get new windows (13 in all) installed in our home. We were made aware of the company when we were presented a brochure while shopping at Sam's Club.

There were a few problems like smeared chalk etc. A minor problem, but we didn't think we would need to contact them about warranty problems until one of the double hung windows fell off the sash while cleaning. We could not get the window back in place properly. This was in September 2006.

I got my paper work & tried to contact every phone number listed on the paperwork. Every office number was disconnected, the 800 number switched me to a phone sex line, and even the personal cell phone numbers of our sales reps had been taken off line.

In desparation, I called several window installers, and fortunately one was able to give me the instructions to reinstall the window correctly. He also let me know that my husband & I had been had.

I now have a break in the seal on my picture window, condensation is totally blocking the view of our gardens, the chalk is separating from the edges of the sliding windows, and mold is growing in the west window because there is no drainage for rain water that comes in via the screen.

The warranty paper is only worthy of starting a fire in our fireplace.

Now I'm going to have to find another contractor to replace the picture window (of course, the most expensive of the 13 windows) $13,268.00 out the window.

The only saving grace is that we got a home improvement loan & paid them off instead of using their usary financing.

More Visitor Feedback #71

Saturday, December 29th 2007 - 11:29:20 AM

From: kenneth keith kalenbach
E-Mail: Private
Subject: ?


More Visitor Feedback #70

Wednesday, December 19th 2007 - 09:35:20 PM

From: moved on with my life
E-Mail: Private
Subject: i got money from pacesetter

Thats right I got a check for 937 from the 401k account. Do not know where it came from but because I had trouble getting my 401k out whatever money was left over was split between like 25 people. And on another note thank god pacesetter closed down they were killing me I had no life except work. An we all know how carring Gary K was about our family time. Like work 35 days straight no time off you get xmas and thats it. Loved that man. Or how about sun thru sun. and you have to go to the office bite me. But wait send guys out of townfor two weeks and no check.Naw good thing the ship went down I got my life back.

More Visitor Feedback #69

Saturday, December 15th 2007 - 03:52:11 PM

From: Dale Meador
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Window Replacement Part

Although I am not totally dis-satisfied with the quality of work that was done, I do have one issue,-- parts that have been broken can not be found on the open window market. I guess the old addage--Let the buy beware still holds true.

More Visitor Feedback #68

Wednesday, December 12th 2007 - 03:32:17 PM

From: xyz
E-Mail: Private
Subject: just a little f.y.i to site publisher

I speak with a person I know on a regaular basis and he does work for MyContractor (as an employee);some sort of sales trainer. He tells me Gary I. does own the company or runs the company and that the other company is under a Gerry Anderson but is run by Gary K. He knows this to be fact becasue he trains the sales people....

More Visitor Feedback #67

Wednesday, December 12th 2007 - 03:27:38 PM

From: Curious
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Money

Did anyone get any money owed from defunked Pacesetter Corp. I speaking about the vacation time etc..? Or did everyone not get monies(s) owed? Outside of the usual suspects - did anyone get paid from the BK hearings?

More Visitor Feedback #66

Friday, December 7th 2007 - 06:43:45 AM

From: Private
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Larry K adress

look up shows this adress

Krempasky, Lawrence
Job title:

Alarm Promotions Of Pa Inc

51 Hobbitt Ln
Finleyville, PA 15332-1062
(724) 348-6780

on check the satelite view and you can see it is a big house not apt

More Visitor Feedback #65

Thursday, November 29th 2007 - 10:45:03 AM

From: Lynn Dee Nielson
E-Mail: Private
Subject: On the hunt

I've read for days all the disturbing info about Pacesetter. The search is prompted by the need to buy some matching aluminum vertical siding.
The only good news I've read was that Pacesetter lied about producing their own siding-that it was made by another company.
Can anyone tell me some contact information for the manufacturing company so I could purchase from them?
Any help would be much appreciated!

More Visitor Feedback #64

Thursday, November 29th 2007 - 08:46:15 AM

From: g
E-Mail: Private
Subject: rad


More Visitor Feedback #63

Saturday, November 24th 2007 - 03:09:16 PM

From: dave
E-Mail: Private
Subject: ??

for real.

More Visitor Feedback #62

Friday, November 23rd 2007 - 07:19:46 PM

From: mike sullivan
E-Mail: Private
Subject: ask.

If you are lucky (joke) enough to have a sales rep. to your home to give you some form of a high pressure pitch, and you're getting sick of it. just ask the rep to see his contractors liscence. pretty good chance he don't have one..which I think is illegal. i've heard of it happening more than once..they train these monkeys real quick,(high turnover rate) then they send em out to family homes to try and get them to sign a contract that day (why do you think they want husband and wife home at same time? to get you to sign that day) for thousands or tens of thousands of dollars worth of product. it seems like 20 people have to get paid in order for a person to have windows put in..why not just pay one contractor a quarter of the money for the same or better product....seen it many times...more expensive doesn't always mean better product or service. anyone who's thinking of getting product from one of these outfits should not let them talk you into signing something that your research first! Look them up on the internet, better business bureau and such. I myself would take the chance on jim, the contractor down the street that did your neighbors for 500$, rather than an outfit like mycontractor for 5000$ (hell even Lowes and Home Depot are cheaper, and you KNOW they are going to be around for a while) least you won't be as dissapointed when 3 years later u can't get company to repair because they went bankrupt. you also won't get called 3 times a day until you sign. Learn from the past. and do your research. I'm tired of reading about people crying because they been had from one of these outfits. If they did a little research, there is no way they would have went with one of these companies. maybe internet wasn't as accessable back then. but it is now. so, good luck!

More Visitor Feedback #61

Friday, November 23rd 2007 - 06:43:54 PM

From: ted bundy
E-Mail: Private
Subject: scoop

happy thanksgiving....wonder how many people myco burned this would be interesting to see the local news do a piece on that outfit. (hint).

More Visitor Feedback #60

Thursday, November 15th 2007 - 12:40:35 PM

From: Junior Johnston
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Gerald Anderson

Gerald Anderson is now doing business under another DBA, and his email address is, and his phone is
(916) 788-2921
He is in the process of cheating someone I know; he wrote an illegal contract.

More Visitor Feedback #59

Tuesday, November 13th 2007 - 10:38:56 AM

From: mary jo greynolds
E-Mail: Private
Subject: amerifirst

I am trying to find out amerifirst's affillation with pacesetters. any information could be helpful

thank you

More Visitor Feedback #58

Tuesday, November 13th 2007 - 09:37:47 AM

From: Gus
E-Mail: Private
Subject: I don't get it..

I have read some of this site and it appears others are not. Its obvious Pacesetter is history but people are still writing in saying they're seeking legal action if they don't get service?

More Visitor Feedback #57

Monday, November 12th 2007 - 10:24:49 PM

From: Tina
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Pacesetter owes me ..I would like reliable where about info on them.

I bought 2 doors from them/custom made at that for $1400.00 and I need some parts for them which I wouldnt need if they had been good doors like they said they were. I cannot locate them anywhere. If anyone knows where to find them please email me at either they fix my doors or they go to court and pay back for them. thanks

More Visitor Feedback #56

Monday, November 12th 2007 - 09:25:56 PM

From: rob terrel
E-Mail: Private
Subject: re contact info

if anyone needs any info on the three stooges, i work for a colection agency collecting very very large balance commercial credit card debt, and i have access to info and any info that you want it is what we use to track down scumbags that do what they did. I know that larry k doesnt even own a house, his address is all apt's any how if you guys need my help finding other employees from the past i can help you get in touch with them, LET ME KNOW and i will run lwc holdings comprehensive report by lexis nexis a very reputable data base in which lawyers and banks use to find info on people that ripped them off


More Visitor Feedback #55

Sunday, November 11th 2007 - 09:17:36 PM

From: Private
E-Mail: Private

I forgot to mention that I was a call center manager -- until they hired a racist and a bigot to be my boss. I had meetings with all of the people you mentioned..I was directly under Larry Krempasky and had reoutine personal or phone meetings with the likes of Larry, "Mickey", Gary and the Pittsburgh sales manager Rich - who routinely stole leads and cussed out other workers.

More Visitor Feedback #54

Sunday, November 11th 2007 - 08:56:24 PM

From: Private
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Former Employee

I worked for from May 2006-July 2006. I can verify everyone one who worked there. I was hired by Larry Krempasky who I beleive is no longer there. If you need any verification...I was there when they're Greensburg office was new. I can verify if you want to email me. They are a bunch of scumbags and their lawyer is obviously a liar.

More Visitor Feedback #53

Sunday, November 11th 2007 - 01:59:47 PM

From: April April
E-Mail: Private
Subject: I have a surprise

Gary Iskra is an evil man and this story is a very good example of just how evil he is.

Everyone knows the pa office of myco didnt do very well this summer as far as sales etc.... The canvassing crew however out on a day it was pouring down rain and cold outside was told by their supervisor how Gary had told her that he had a surprise for us if we did really well that day. To work extra hard and that we were about to get some sort of bonus increase and it was a guarantee. We walked in the pouring rain and cold, got as many leads as we could.

The next day we were to meet with Gary and he was going to personally tell us what our new bonus was. We all waited, and waited finally Judy from pay roll comes down with the new Computer Tech guy by her side not saying a word to any of us and continued to pass around a paper explain how our position had been eliminated and how to collect unemployment.

What a great guy. Not to mention he doesnt even have enough BALLS or courage to be a REAL MAN and fire us himself. He is a coward, and I really dont know how he sleeps at night. How hes treated his employees, and how many lives he has ruined in the home improvement industry. He needs help.

More Visitor Feedback #52

Friday, November 9th 2007 - 01:43:15 PM

From: Danny Scolaro
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Hagen Glass in Rapid City SD

I was hired At Hagen Glass in Rapid City SD in there sales dept. and started my training using Pacesetter training materials given to me by the sales manager(TRG Sr) there. When I went home to review the materials. I wanted to see what the Pacesetter company was about. I found out that they are high pressure sales and that the company I was working {Hagen glass} for used the exact same tactics plus a couple more. I didn't last very long there as I don't like high pressure sales and deceptive practices. The main reason I wrote in is to say that the Pacesetter training works for them and it works for other companies or they would not be using the system. I was taken back when I read some of the stories on your site because it was the exact method being tought to me. I am very happy that I didn't fit the mold of a Pacesetter / Hagen Glass sales person.

More Visitor Feedback #51

Tuesday, October 30th 2007 - 01:51:37 PM

From: rob terrel
E-Mail: Private
Subject: hey everyone

just had a couple root canals done and have the day off, wow never of that before from pacesetter. It did not matter how much pain you were in they wanted you to show all the time. I figured I would tell everyone about the teeth so they could say yeah all that meth smoking in sacramento. lol you guys know it all to well. I just wanted to tell everyone that the people were crooked and the system was great. I worked for a guy by the name of BILL GOLDMAN in Grand Rapids, MI where i started my career i went to sales then back to telemarketing where i worked into upper management "i mean i must have been pretty good after all i was the only training manager left making 1400.00 per week out of the entire company. One thing that goldman was so good at was WORRY ABOUT YOUR DEPARTMENT. I hear so many people say the leads were junk, yours were not better that is all i have to say. I moved to the west coast seattle to be exact and the mentality of blame everyone else was disgusting, if you actually knew what your problem was and knew how to fix it upper management did not like you because they would then look stupid yelling at you. I want to pay thanks to GOLDMAN< TONY DENTICE< MIKE CHACHULSKI< JOE BLESSINGER< JOE SHUETTE these peole here had a passion of getting things done and were great to work with.

By the way i am doing good in the chicago subrbs, i collect VERY LARGE CORPORATE CREDIT CARD DEBT from business owners FOR CHASE BANK I work for an agency and the pay is based on the old pacesetter bonus plans where you cover your wage and the rest is yours kinda deal Any one with great talent in the marketing room should check out 3rd party collections, I started january 8th i make 11 dollars an hour and on the 23rd of every month i get a check rangin from 3200 to 8300 dollars, yes i have a car now that i paid for not amking payments here

I just wanted to say this because alot people downed me for leaving but i did cash my last check the last check that ever cashed fromt hat company. WE HIT BOTTOM IN OUR LIFE SOMETIMES good thing i only had myself when i hit bottom More than i can say for the people that had families. I am good now no drugs, alchohol, or tobacco in my life anymore

I cant say it was a waste of time because it gave me the skill to close and talk myself into a management position like no tomorrw!! and there were good times at pacesetter before GI got involved.




More Visitor Feedback #50

Monday, October 29th 2007 - 05:26:18 PM

From: an ex'er
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Chris Post # 49

Dude, you were in the wrong business. Yes, the products were pricey, but, there whole gig was overcoming objections, boiling it down to price only and then doing the magic drops, payments, etc. I do think you learned a valuable lesson, but the direct in home business is not for the faint of heart or testicles.

More Visitor Feedback #49

Saturday, October 27th 2007 - 05:15:56 PM

From: Chris Funckes
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Pacesetter experiance

I used to work for Pacesetter. I was a Sales person. Here was my experience; as quick as I can put it. They paid me commission only. I was working over 65 hours a week. I had to drive over 300 miles a day on my personal vehicle. I worked from 8am until 11:30pm every night. Sat. we worked until 2PM. I was a single parent and never got to see my daughter. While, the whole time, I could NOT sell there over priced windows. When I did make a sale, I felt kind of guilty over the price. One month, I worked the whole month without making a single dollar. The next month I quit, and they stiffed me a $1500 bonus from a sale because of a car insurance technicality. The night I decided to quit was when I went to a prospect's house and they needed 4 sliding doors. After making appropriate measurements and looking up the price in the book, the 4 sliders came to a total of over $14,000! I knew that this was a rip off. I even told the customers this, and advised them not to purchase. The next day, I QUIT! And I am glad I did. Glad to see they are bankrupt. I went bankrupt working for them. I had NOTHING. I spent it all on them, trying to build THEIR business. I hope that they have to live on nothing for a while and see what it is like. I have never gotten so low in my life as working for PACESETTER!


Chris Funckes

More Visitor Feedback #48

Wednesday, October 24th 2007 - 12:10:31 AM

From: Chris
E-Mail: Private
Subject: where is pacesetters?

I bought some custom made doors from pacesetters few years back. I was given a 25 year warranty on everything but the glass in the doors. Hmmmmmm cant seem to reach them anymore. The doors are junk, falling apart and Im not happy. does anyone have a phone number or anything????HELP

More Visitor Feedback #47

Sunday, October 21st 2007 - 12:32:29 AM

From: ed 209
E-Mail: Private
Subject: unbelievable

lol. i forgot about this website....while i'm here, i might as well post up...i used to work in mycontractor call center. first off, if you are a potential customer. you best HOPE they don't get a hold of your telephone number. you'll prob. be called 1000 times. i know because i used to make these calls. pretty much the call center atmosphere was (and prob. still is) a free-for-all, with the exeption of 2 or 3 people. the assist. manager and one other dude actually did work when they were there. that leaves about 6 or 7 other heads just about doing nothing (making about 50 calls in an 8hr shift, ignoring inbound calls,, smokin cigs every 10 min. and shopping on ebay all night instead of working, taking hrs off the phones to cook on the grill.). the words "fuck it" about sums it up. i saw some wild stuff in my time there. manager leaving for hrs at a time on a reg. basis with nobody there to run the joint. everyone would just clown around till she came back. people bringin their kids in to play on the internet all night, when we were not supposed to be on the internet because it used up bandwith. but "fuck it", right? an all this stuff would happen while are daily appt. goals were way under. i don't know what to say, i worked some wild jobs before. but i couldn't hang with this i said. "un-believable".

More Visitor Feedback #46

Saturday, October 20th 2007 - 11:39:03 PM

From: btk
E-Mail: Private
Subject: ha ha ha!!!

that was pretty funny....scandalus man!!

More Visitor Feedback #45

Friday, October 19th 2007 - 05:52:43 PM

From: buddy revell
E-Mail: Private
Subject: sh$ts & giggles

funny...go to this page and listen to the podcast from the man himself. G.I. . , now even funnier. call myco and ask them for an estimate on half the stuff he said we do, and they'll tell you that they don't do them products.

More Visitor Feedback #44

Friday, October 19th 2007 - 05:21:52 PM

From: buck satchel
E-Mail: Private
Subject: ??

are you guys still updating this at all? its been about a month since any posts. i am an ex myco employee...i got some stories for you if this ste is still being updated.

Admin's Response: Life keeps us busy, but yep, we're still updating. In fact, we just posted a new letter we recently received from a different laywer.

More Visitor Feedback #43

Tuesday, October 9th 2007 - 08:28:13 PM

From: Shade Dawson, Jr.
E-Mail: Private
Subject: former employee of Pacesetter

This is not a complaint, but i was a member of th sales team in 1987 when the company was just expanding into total home improvement products. I was a recently college grad and my brother-in-law was the sales manager in Charlotte, NC
the sales staff were of older men that by all accounts were given a second chance at a new career. Remember that a person never buys the product but the rep who sold the product to him. But what I learned for pacesetters was a value lesson on what to look for in you home and how to improve it. I required a lot o hard work but there system was not that much of a pressure sells tactic, but the same thing is applied when you purchase a car. Remember you windows cost up to $9000.00 and the average car is $25,000.00. Now the commission scales changed for 1987 to when the ex employ was there. Full sale of a replacement window for eleven was about 5000.00 and you commission was25% of the total. They allowed for a 18% drop to allow the sales rep to make some money on the sale. But it was a good experience for me. and the #1 sales kid was a 19 year college freshmen that decide to do it because he did not make enough as a lifeguard. His average was about $6-8,000.00 a week and the companies top performer. I don't think all the employees had a bad experience.

More Visitor Feedback #42

Friday, September 21st 2007 - 05:49:44 PM

From: an ex'er
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Gotta Love It

To all those who read the posting from the ex-employees, I know it sounds weird, but, unless you worked(slaved) for the "good ol boys" and experienced all the amazing crap that went on, it doesn't make sense. It was really war, telemarketing vs sales, install vs sales, sales vs sales. Lots of big money to be made if you new how to manipulate and juggle the numbers at a certain time of the month(prod 7) sound familiar. The telemarketing management team was really good at making themselves look great, despite putting out for the most part, pure trash. As long as the sales rep just opened up his mouth for one second, the TM's got credit for a "demo" and made money off of that. Amazing, but, it was created and lots of "smart people" knew how to manipulate the system to steal, oops, earn big bucks. All of us sales guys could probably tell hours and hours of stories about the houses we were in and what happened , etc., etc. Lots of laughs I am sure.

More Visitor Feedback #41

Thursday, September 20th 2007 - 09:03:20 AM

From: gus sorrenson
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Nice Dialogue

I hadn't read much of the material (the link above Vistor Feedback:Book8) but I just did - wow. Must be a pretty productive environment with all that positive, motivational, uplifting, activity being displayed by the overall operation. Having spent a good 20 years for the previous company PACESETTER I can say without hesitiation - many good people worked for them that wanted and did good for others (co workers and customers) while a some also did very bad for others. Having spent many years in many differant states for Pacesetter I can say many of those years were filled with good postive times - then again the operations I was part of did outstanding business and a lot of repeat customer business. It really is sad when new ownership performed in lack luster fashion when it was their time to step up to the plate. You can run a large company and have good customer and employee relations, most don;t bother becasue they can't see the direct impact to the bottom line. When I worked for the bunch mentioned I worked many more hours, made less money and had no future. Today I use many of the same process and procedures I helped develope over my 20 years and guess what - they produce business and good business that nets and provides refferals - funny I think of my present client base as a referal network - "I wouldn;t give my business to anyone else," "I don't mind you charge a bit more but your service and caring is just grand," are comments I hear all the time - and remember..Positive Tings Happen To Positive People....

More Visitor Feedback #40

Thursday, September 20th 2007 - 08:39:03 AM

From: Lars Richardson Sr.
E-Mail: Private
Subject: What Ever Happen?

The class action suit to get employess paid - what ever became of that? If anyone knows please let me know. I was getting letters from the court on a regualr basis to keep updated (I'm owed a small chunk of change) then the updates just stopped.

More Visitor Feedback #39

Tuesday, September 18th 2007 - 03:47:54 PM

From: gus sorrenson
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Let Me Shed Some Truth To The matter..

One of the headings said the turn over rate for sale reps was 99.1 % The truth of the matter is the turn over was closer to 365% - and thats no inflated number. I can recall meetings as if it was last week. The turn over in the call centers varied by location.

More Visitor Feedback #38

Wednesday, September 12th 2007 - 11:01:59 AM

From: ex employee
E-Mail: Private
Subject: ex-employee telling it like it was

in grandrapids,mi they made us say whatever it took to get a rep out to peoples homes.they pressured us non stop to get the job done,i felt like i was in a liers bootcamp,constantly threating our jobs if we didnt put out appointments.i quit because it was unethlicial and the wrong thing to do so i left after they fired my wife because she wouldnt lie to get out appointments for the reps. and then the reps would complain so my manager suggested i put out fake ones as well and send reps to peoples homes wheather they said yes or not.i think this company is ran by evil rich is truly the root of all evil for they have proven that..

More Visitor Feedback #37

Wednesday, September 5th 2007 - 01:23:47 PM

From: Pamela Hicks
E-Mail: Private
Subject: pacesetter windows-PLEASE HELP

I just found your website after calling all of the numbers that I had finding out that they are either disconnected or have been assigned to someone else. Please by no means am I sticking up for pacessetter i think that they are overpriced after looking back (hindsite is 20/20). I have one window that is broken and no one to contact, am I just screwed? I am not really sure what to do or where to go with this. All i really want is my window fixed, i live in the mid west ( nebraska) and am nsure what to do. If someone could reply to me at and give me some advice I would appreciate it. Thanks!

More Visitor Feedback #36

Monday, August 27th 2007 - 04:53:25 PM

From: Carolyn Frady
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Another Nightmare Story

We called Pacesetter in the fall of 1999 because we needed to replace some of our windows and doors, and my parents had purchased some through them. I really liked the product my parents received so decided to go through them.

They came to our home and gave their sales pitch, and we place an order from them for over $10,000 for two complete door sets and six windows. We realized that was kind of expensive, but we "knew" it was a good product. We paid the total off within six months. The windows and doors came with a 10-year warranty. They were supposed to get everything installed within the month, but it turned out longer than that.

Two weeks after the installation, I couldn't get the windows in our bedroom to close so I could lock them. I called, and it took them three months to get a repairman out to us. By that time, we also had the handles on both of our storm doors broken and the dead-bolt would not lock. The repairman had to reverse the windows because they had been put in wrong (not sure how), and he got the doors repaired. However, within a month the windows were back in the same shape and the dead-bolt wouldn't work again. I called again, and this time it took about two months to get the repairman out.

To make a long story short, we finally replaced the handles on both our storm doors again on our own because getting a repairman out was such a hastle. The handles are not the right ones, but at least we could open our doors. About three years ago (still withtin our warranty time) I tried to lock one of the windows and found the latches were broken on at least two of them, making it impossible to get the windows closed completely, and the winter wind would whistle through them pretty good. I got on the internet to find the phone number for them and called. I got a message saying they would return my call, but we never heard from them. I sent emails, but never heard from them. As I know a lot of people are, we are out over $10,000 and have nothing but defective windows and doors to show for it. We are not in a position to do it, but I think that there should be a class action suit brought against the company so that they are made to pay all the people they have dupped with their scam. I think it is time that these big corporations are brought under control and made to pay some of the money they cheated the regular citizens back.

More Visitor Feedback #35

Sunday, August 26th 2007 - 10:39:05 AM

From: Rick
E-Mail: Private

Ok here's the deal. As all the previously mentioned people go (Larry, Mick, Fred, etc), NONE of these guys are currently associated with Gary Iskra IS indeed running the company as a "consultant". Basically due to past legal issues from my understanding Gary Iskra is not "allowed" by law from past illegal activities of his, to own or operate a business in Westmoreland County (Maybe even PA). This is all public information and was on PA's channel 2 news a few years ago. So Gary basically got some good guys with money that he calls "investors" (I know them and their names but will not post them as I don't want their images tarnished) to "officially" be called the owners. But they actually have nothing to do with the company nor ever even go there. Gary runs everything and takes his 80% of every sale. So he found a loophole. But is this legal? Considering he runs everything at and everyone who works there openly calls him the owner. Not legally being able to own OR OPERATE a business in Westmoreland County and's corporate headquarters office is in Greensburg - the county seat of Westmoreland county.

More Visitor Feedback #34

Sunday, August 26th 2007 - 10:18:56 AM

From: Joe R.
E-Mail: Private

Paul S. is a fat ugly fag who likes to think of himself as a 'somebody' but you're nobody. People only talk down to others and talk themselves up whenever they know they're a loser and they have no self worth, it's all about confidence and you have none. P.S. After mycontractor goes out of business either in the 4th quarter of 2006 or the 1st quarter of 2007 I hope you don't get evicted for not paying you're rent like happened before to you in Blairmore Apartments.

More Visitor Feedback #33

Sunday, August 26th 2007 - 10:18:49 AM

From: Joe R.
E-Mail: Private

Paul S. is a fat ugly fag who likes to think of himself as a 'somebody' but you're nobody. People only talk down to others and talk themselves up whenever they know they're a loser and they have no self worth, it's all about confidence and you have none. P.S. After mycontractor goes out of business either in the 4th quarter of 2006 or the 1st quarter of 2007 I hope you don't get evicted for not paying you're rent like happened before to you in Blairmore Apartments.

More Visitor Feedback #32

Saturday, August 25th 2007 - 01:56:12 PM

From: Brian
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Info about

I worked for for over 1 year. There were Pacesetter manuals and Pacesetter sales guides everywhere. It IS the same company. If anyone has any questions about this business feel free to ask. I know everything about the shithole.

More Visitor Feedback #31

Wednesday, August 22nd 2007 - 01:16:33 AM

From: Andrea J.
E-Mail: Private

Wow, there are already reports on signed to do a job and either didn't finish, broke stuff, etc. but they took the money and ran. Sounds like Pacesetter to me, I got great advice from my neighbor here in Vandergrift, PA - DO NOT BUY FROM MYCONTRACTOR.COM they'll make you sign a contract, take your money and probably not do any work. If the do, chances are they won't finish the work. And the owner is indeed Gary Iskra, which the news said he was not allowed to own or operate a company, but somehow he does by listing himself as a consultant. Very strange. Good luck to all of you with bad experiences, and hopefully the IRS looks into this company soon.

More Visitor Feedback #30

Sunday, August 19th 2007 - 03:22:57 PM

From: LR
E-Mail: Private
Subject: laughed until i cried

The story about crusty the evil clown.I had to read out loud to my wife.I worked for Pacesetter in about 6 different offices,believe me there was at least one of those on every proffit center.Thanks for the laugh.

More Visitor Feedback #29

Monday, August 6th 2007 - 10:50:32 AM

From: Rob
E-Mail: Private
Subject: "Sell the sizzle not the steak"

As an ex-salesman this line was hammered in our heads every morning at sales meetings. This was my first job out of college. Before I realized how bad this company was I had already sold thousands of dollars of overpriced home improvements. The salesman's commission is based on how high the sales price is to the list price. We were allowed 3 price drops (10-20-35% off). Average sale was $5,000 with commission ranges from 10-25%. Then we financed the job at what ever the state maximum allowed was at that time (24% in NC). Being right out of college making $2000-3000 a week was great. If you did real good, then they made you take a trainee along to show him the ropes and split your commission with him. Then we sold a payment insurance protection plan on top of that as well. We ran day leads and night leads. Day leads preyed on retired or non-working families only receiving social security. Night leads were normal working families. At the time I had no idea what these products cost until I went to Lowe's and saw what you could pay for similar windows, cabinets, doors, siding, etc. I remember selling a storm door for $1,600 to a poor old woman for $35 a month for 5 years!! What made me really realize how corrupt they were was one time I made a mistake on the finance contract and they did not want me to go back and risk the customer canceling the job, so the sales manager told me to forge the customer's name on the revised contract. I later found out that this was normal procedure. Some customers were never given a finance contract. The salesman would just write a sales price and payment numbers on a estimate sheet. Then go back and write the whole contract with forged signatures. The sales pitch was very high pressure. The customer had no way out unless they were tough enough to say "NO" for a sometimes 5-hour sales pitch. Everything boiled down to the monthly payment and there where so many ways we could play with the numbers. After I quit the company and found a legit company I received a letter from the main office in Nebraska with a questionnaire about why I quit. I blew the whistle on the sales managers, and all the other corruption that was going on. I even mentioned that I may let the local media know as well. He was very surprised at what I told him. He asked that if they fired the managers and made things right with customers would I keep quiet. I received a call from my friend still working for the company the next day and he said all the big wigs flew in on their private jet that morning and where shredding files all day. I could write a book on this company with a ton of similar stories and experiences. Glad to see they are not ruining anymore lives.

More Visitor Feedback #28

Thursday, August 2nd 2007 - 06:11:30 AM

From: Sacha
E-Mail: Private
Subject: If it's true, more heartache will come

I was sitting in my home this past week here in Southern CA, enjoying my vacation from my wife (don't tell her I said that). She was at work all week and I took some time off as I have plenty and we already went to Europe for two weeks earlier this year. This time off was to simply relax and rid my self of the stress of every day life. I was reading on my rear deck when I heard my bell. I went to the front door to find a younger male waiting for me with some information about Mycontractor. He proceeded to let me know of some work they were doing down the street and said they were offering free estimates of the project of my choice. As most of us know we can get free estimates anywhere, just about anytime. However the young gentleman was very kind even though I could tell he was under some pressure to get me to agree to an appointment. I thought for a bit and figured I'd help the nervous young guy out by getting a roof quote. And though my roof isn't too old, I figured with today's technologies I may be able to beutify my house a bit with some newer technology. Even though we had no intention on buying anytime within the next 5-10 years the boy seemed kind and innocent enough so I set up a time when we'd be available (my wife was required to be present to which I thought was interesting). As I said I was interested in a free quote but never had any intention on buying whatsoever. A few days later an energetic, talkative guy showed up with some brochures, samples, and other info on roofing and a new window line. The man was so convincing and had so many good points that my wife and I were almost convinced in having all new windows installed in our home, even though that wasn't the original idea. After a little pressure I convinced the man to give us some time to think and research. Low and behold I run into this site. What's true or not on here is not my point, but the fact that if you have a good salesman in your home you may be persuaded into something you've never even considered, even 10 years away. But thanks to this information I'm more than convinced to wait as I don't need windows. The salesman had so many good points he nearly had my spouse and I signing a contract for something that was the last thing we considered for our home. Some salesman today have such convincibility it's scary to think that a few months down the road, and many of thousands of dollars later, I could have been scammed. And the part that made me feel somewhat awful is the innocent young kid who originally showed up just to give us more information about the company. Does he have any idea what he's part of?

More Visitor Feedback #27

Monday, July 23rd 2007 - 12:58:11 PM

E-Mail: Private
Subject: is for sale on eBay. If you're serious about buying it here is your chance.

More Visitor Feedback #26

Wednesday, July 11th 2007 - 02:01:12 PM

E-Mail: Private

To the person who has been ripped off for $4,000 (or anyone else who wants to take up the cause) check out:

More Visitor Feedback #25

Wednesday, July 11th 2007 - 08:37:42 AM

From: MyContractor
E-Mail: Private

If you've been screwed by and want to take it to the next level visit:

More Visitor Feedback #24

Tuesday, July 10th 2007 - 04:00:30 PM

E-Mail: Private
Subject: My Contractor

Gee, that last post really sounds like the old days with Pacesetter. Some things never change (except the name). Good luck getting your money back. You are'nt the first to get screwed.

More Visitor Feedback #23

Monday, July 9th 2007 - 01:34:33 PM

From: Richard
E-Mail: Private
Subject: - Amador County CA.

In October of 2006 my wife and myself contracted with to put a new sun room over our rear deck. $4,000.00 dollars and nine months later, we have yet to see the first signs of work and have only been contacted three times.

We got a call from the new regional manager two weeks ago and he appologized for someone not following up on what was happening and made an appointment to come out and see us. Never heard from him again and the appointment was for last week.

We are not rolling in money, but I love a good cause. If is monitoring your website they should get a kick out of this next part.

I'm writing to this week to get our money returned since they have breeched their agreement on several levels and will fail any "good faith effort" review. If they refuse to repay our money our next step will be to file suit in Amador County Superior Court (contract was signed and executed there). As soon as the paperwork is filed we plan on notifying the local (including Sacramento) television stations and newspapers to have them researched. We will also file a formal complaint with the BBB at the same time.

Personally, I am hoping for a peaceful resolution but will be prepared for hardball if necessary.

More Visitor Feedback #22

Saturday, July 7th 2007 - 03:06:09 PM

From: Alice
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Nightmare Windows

My husband and I made the mixtake of having storm windows installed. You have to fight the windows in order to get them apart just to clean them. Now we are going to have them replaced. We can't continue with these. I wish we had known how bad they really were before we forked over all the money we did. We love your web site name. These windows have been trouble from day one. They just kept coming up with reasons we were having problems.

More Visitor Feedback #21

Saturday, July 7th 2007 - 09:59:20 AM

From: Howey Feltersnatch
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Wow

The previous post was amazing. It barely made sense, and was a complete waste of time reading it.

Thank You.

More Visitor Feedback #20

Tuesday, July 3rd 2007 - 03:03:35 AM

From: JC
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Drugged employees arrested - HaHa

This place is NUTS man, NUTS! After finding a random flyer on my car near Concord at my high school, I looked it over and it didn't sound too bad. So I called a David guy who met with me. Shortly after I was working there going door to door handing out flyers, not bad especially for the dough these cats paid. We met at the office and packed into a sweet van to go work. I couldn't stand the companies manager David as he was a quirky, strange man who was never around unless his big boss boys came around. I mean when his big boys weren't around he was barely at work. So I guess he promoted his daughter to a supervisor for when he's out (which alot of people there were really pissed about as they said many other employees were way better that been there longer too like this E dude), but I was too new to know any of dat. I worked there a couple weeks and then split for another place to work as the mood was always very 'strange' when we met in the Concord office, there wasn't any control. Everything was so unorganized. It seemed like everyone was around to make a quick buck then scram. Anyhow getting to the DAMN funny moral of the story - I was at my Grandmamas eating curry as I was flipping through some news papers. Wasn't I the most shocked monkey around when I seen my old quirky Manager D. Souhkanoff listed in my gammies local secction of the paper as arressted for possession of a controlled substance, paraphernalia, along with some other things. This explains the floating type of person he seemed to be, an all new meaning to the word high. It also said around 3:00am the van he was driving was confiscated to the local impound. Haha sounds like the same damn work van he sped us around in to do our flyer passin out duty. Just a little humor for the day cause when I seen this I had to tell somone cause my friends didn't even believe me. Damn Mr Soukhanoff what kind of image are you giving this company, and more importantly you're daughter and other youth you work with. Good luck to anyone who deals with these clowns. So are they really selling siding or door to door substance delivery? Think about it. Speaking of clowns this poor old David addict actually looked like an evil clown. He's probably doing time in county now, unless he was bailed out to raise more havoc. So the moral is to stay away from upper 40 yr old clowns with scooby vans who place flyers under your car wipers. Crazy story but if I just help 1 little old lady get her siding put on straight then I did my part.

More Visitor Feedback #19

Friday, June 22nd 2007 - 05:52:43 PM

From: Melissa Hicks
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Angry and Upset

We purchased 2 storm doors in 2003 and had a small piece break on one door, called and got that replaced. Then in 2007 our front door hinges broke and called and found out that the company went out of business in 2005. Now we are stuck with a broken door, spent almost $1000.00 and now we are going to have to spend more money to buy another door.

More Visitor Feedback #18

Friday, June 15th 2007 - 01:32:56 PM

From: rose boyd
E-Mail: Private
Subject: exterior siding

i had pacesetters to install siding on my home in 1998. im thinking they were aware of the wind storm codes at that time. i was unaware of the windstorm inspector came out while they were installing. he told pacesetter that the siding had to be nailed 5 inches on center(5 inches apart). pacesetter nailed it 18 inches on center(18 inches apart). pacesetter refused to comply with the codes and kept working. so from 1998 til june 2007, i was unaware that my siding failed inspection. im looking for a new home ins policy to ensure my home, but before that can happen, i have to have someone come out and give me an estimate to bring it up to code. i wanted to have the pacesetter come back out and do it but their #'s are no where to be found. i called one number and they told me they out of business & bankrupt too. i felt like i was cheated out of a few nails. the last address i had was 11857 starcrest dr in san antonio, tx 78247. if anyone knows where they went please let me know. i would really appreciate the help. my email is phone 409-982-9233. (please dont remove my email&phone# thanks!!

More Visitor Feedback #17

Friday, June 1st 2007 - 06:30:51 AM

E-Mail: Private

CELL: 724-953-5377

More Visitor Feedback #16

Saturday, May 19th 2007 - 06:02:03 AM

From: Shadow
E-Mail: Private
Subject: my contractor

Reading you comments on mycontractor are very insightful, you and I and everyone else who inhabits this planet with any intelligence at all knows that the Gary's are fully in charge of mycontractor and as with any leopard the spots remain the same.
It amazes me that people of this character can continue to take advantage of people right under the noses of such state run organizations like California's.
I can tell for a fact that most of people that once were loyal to the Gary's are finally catching on and leaving.
The Fred's, Mickey's and Larry's, sounds like the 3 stooges doesn't it, have finally opened their eyes and have left. Now that doesn't make them innocent by any means, it just means they were tired of not getting paid like so many other people and companies that have done business or worked for the Gary's.
It is unfortunate that the masses have to be subjected to the Gary's and is especially unfortunate that he Holy Gary doesn't even realize that we all have to stand up one day to someone and look them in the face and tell that person what they really are made of.
Maybe somehow there may be even hope that the Gary's will see the error of their ways.
WOW AM I THAT STUPID, NO, but patience is a virtue and is always rewarded.

More Visitor Feedback #15

Friday, May 18th 2007 - 09:43:47 AM

From: Carol Danaher
E-Mail: Private
Subject: More Pacesetter - My Contractor connection?

Here is an ad for a job opening posted in the Sacramento Bee this week. I wonder if the "Scott" (Scott Gabarre?) is the same Scott that was your sales rep in your ordeal? Thanks to your website I have not wasted my time applying for this position.

ADMIN ASSISTANT National Home Improv. Co. seeks strong admin support for sales & operations office in Sacramento Office. Must be organized & courteous with multitasking, problem solving, & file maintenance skills. knowl. of Word, Excel, Outlook, databases & internet req'd. Exc. Comp & Benefits. Fax resume & salary requirements to 916-640-1851; or call Scott 916-640-1850;
Published to the Web on 5/18/07

More Visitor Feedback #14

Monday, May 14th 2007 - 07:22:19 AM

From: Rick Oakes
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Screen Door Parts

To the author of Book 8 Post #13. What is your e-mail address? I may have parts for you.

More Visitor Feedback #13

Sunday, May 13th 2007 - 08:30:43 AM

From: dan frerichs
E-Mail: Private
Subject: pacesetter

I will tell you this the product of the screen doors were terrible expensive but they are constantly needing parts anybody knowing where I can get parts for these doors who actually made them for pacesetter this would help. We are in need of the screen doors replacement springs and the handles.

More Visitor Feedback #12

Saturday, May 12th 2007 - 10:18:40 AM

From: Tim Voigt
E-Mail: Private
Subject: replacements

We used Pacesetter to replace many of the windows in our house around 5 years ago. They're not a horrible window, but I don't believe they're anything like what they said they would be and definitely not worth the price.

Since the installation, we've heard from the salesman once. We have a window that's cracked; I did manage to get a quote for it in fall 2005. I signed it and sent it in, but heard nothing. Now I can't get a hold of anyone no matter what number I use, and of course I can't locate them on the web.

I know I got hosed, but I would like call someone from this lousy corporation. How do I contact them?

More Visitor Feedback #11

Saturday, April 28th 2007 - 08:55:59 PM

From: Cheri
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Contact Help

We have a Pacesetter storm door that needs to be replaced. Any idea how I contact anyone who might honor this "lifestime warrantee." My husband foolishly paid nearly $1,000 for this piece of garbage. Thanks.

More Visitor Feedback #10

Tuesday, April 24th 2007 - 02:31:54 PM

From: Terrie Tomlonovic
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Pacesetter Windows and Doors

My story is a good one. When we first moved into my in-laws home (1989) they had a front door by Pacesetter. It had been on for years and looked just as good as the day it was installed. We contacted them and ordered a new back door after having 2 taken off by wind in a short period of time. They came out and installed an excellent door that still hangs today. We have 9 windows by Pacesetter in our home and enjoy each one. Wish all of my windows were like those. We have purchased these windows a couple at a time so have had alot of sales calls from Pacesetter. Only once did we have a couple of jerks here that we had to ask them to leave. I called Pacesetter and asked them never to send them here again and they respected our wishes. We had one window that was poorly installed and we called and they sent a supervisor out to correct the problem. I guess we were lucky. We have not been contacted by them for years and need a new door handle and some new screen for the storm doors. Does anyone know how to contact them or who bought them out?

Admin's Response: They are gone. Nobody bought them out, they just shut down, so there is no way to contact them.

More Visitor Feedback #9

Wednesday, April 18th 2007 - 09:07:16 PM

From: Gayle Godoy
E-Mail: Private
Subject: finding pacesetters...

Hello, I have issues with this company!! The first is that do you have a phone number for these people?? I have a screen door that needs hinges and they seemed to have dissappeared from the earth. Would you have any way to help me contact them to see if they will honor their "life time" fix it contract?? I would appreciate any help. Thank you Gayle Godoy

More Visitor Feedback #8

Tuesday, April 17th 2007 - 10:07:38 PM

From: Hmmmm
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Quality Choice name

Pacesetter/Quality Choice means the same thing. People that need a job=trainable workforce, probably in the "10 step" and positively motivated brainwashed desperados, needing to believe that they are somebody. Remember the chant of "I think the Best, I expect the Best, and I am the Best". I imagine that Jim Jones was Gary Klucks' Mentor. Remember those stories about the Relentless Pursuit of Perfection derived from the movie "Ground Hog Day" speeches at Sacramento. Yeh, the loud mouthed Gary Kluck that got lucky and thought everybody else should as well. That place was the closest thing to the movie "Boiler Room" that I could imagine. I saw that someone wrote about his sexatary. She had a serious attitude. It was easy to tell that she was one of Gary's - well lets just let your imagination be your guide. She had plenty of attitude towards the lowly sales reps. I don't know if people know that Gary stole a young woman away from her husband from back in Michigan, I believe. She had a bunch of kids and gave all that up for him. I believe her name was Tara. It was easy to tell what type of character she had by her comments at our dinner in Redding when she said that she had to mis her tanning session to make it. Sorry we were such a drag, but what's to be thought about a person that would have done what she did and think she was all there? I got to say that group of Mafia wannabes tried to have class, but as it is written - A Leopard doesn't change their spots. My advise to anybody that needs a job - don't even consider hiring on at any place that Kluck would be associated with, for even if you do well - the place is going to go belly up in a matter of time. They are Con Artists and don't take a chance to find out, just run fast in the opposite direction. Good luck!

More Visitor Feedback #7

Friday, April 13th 2007 - 08:48:05 AM

From: Mina Anderson
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Quality First, Roseville

I'm so shocked to see this web site. I knew something was wrong when I heard about sending canvassers out to neighborhoods to scout for appointments for the company. This alone is not a bad thing, but to not do drug screening and background checks on employees prior to sending them into unsuspecting neighborhoods as a part of selling your company. The liability? Also, said canvassers have been observed smoking joints in the companies parking lot during work hours? When the owner (one Gary Kluck) heard of this, he commented that he will not fire them, he needs these kind of employees to canvass as others would not do the work he's asking them to do....hmmmm.

Also, same Gary Kluck is making a few of his employees, "salaried", so he can work them overtime? Illeagle unless these employees are supervisors for other employees. One lady that worked at Quality First (for about a week and a half), saw through this and walked out, she got her overtime, but do you think that's slowed him down on the next employee....unsuspecting new blood.

Consumers beware, do not answer your door, even if (or especailly) if someone has a shirt with "Quality First" imprinted, you don't know who's knocking!

More Visitor Feedback #6

Friday, April 13th 2007 - 06:48:28 AM

From: itsanumbersgame
E-Mail: Private

The next pacesetter is in the making. It goes by the name of Quality First Home Improvements. The owners are former big wigs of pacesetter.. One I am sure you all know well Gary Kluck, the other GERRY ANDERSON. They are in the middle of hiring past employees of pacesetter, ( John Stenz, Ryan coffman) and so on. This company is so full of BS its sick!!! They are doing everything just like pacesetter.. The long hours, chopping through employees, and the long 3hr demos that would make a car sales mens pitch look good. Having to sit and listen in the next room to all the salesmen bragging how they are tricking homeowners was very vert hard. ALSO TO SET THE STORY STRAIGHT ABOUT MYCONTRACTOR.COM. THEY ARE LINKED TO QUALITY FIRST. MYCONTRACTOR RENTS QUALITY FIRST LIC FROM THEM. LOOK AT THEIR LIC#'s THERE THE SAME AND QUALITY FIRST DOES MOST OF THEIR INSTALLS. EXPLAIN THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More Visitor Feedback #5

Wednesday, April 11th 2007 - 12:58:39 PM

From: W. David Rose
E-Mail: Private
Subject: The truth of the matter. ie Pacesetter 1978 vs new mgt 2005

Iwas a young man in Texas in 1978. Selling insurance in the rual counties in the hill country near Austin. When I happened across the Pacesetter Corp. in San Antonio. Several friends had gone to work for them and did rather well. I did too. I drove a new car, acheived by sales quotas, dressed well and felt very proud of my accomplishments. I stayed with Pacesetter in Austin, San Antonio, Kansas City, Mo and Ks, then Ft.Worth and finally Cincinnati. I managed the office in Dayton, Oh in 1981. After four years of in home sales I moved on to other endeavers. Pacesetter sold a quality, exclusive product at a high end price. With quality service and excellant installers, who by the way were paid well and earned a good living for thier families. Pacesetter's Warranty was first rate. As a Mgr. of a competitor home improvement Co. (Nu-Sash) we eagerly fought for homeowners. in the Ohio valley. I put my cases up in 1989 to live with my new wife and new son to live on an island selling entertainment. After being thrashed, finacially I deceided to return to what I did best. Selling in home and teaching young men and women to do the same. After reading a Pacesetter ad in the local paper, I was immedietly hired, as a re-hire in 2005. Still a young man of fifty I came into the Pacesetter fold exceited as if it were 1979. It was not!

During the interim, Phil and his brother Harley sold what was once a financially sound company with impeccable repute
to a group of Mgr's. with little or no bussiness or morale
ethics. As i stood in front of my new reps in the office I nearly choked on the words I spewed about Quality,integrity,value. May 2005 even my check bounced.
Commissions withheld, (delayed) Salesmen left and I was the only one left in the office. The next day the locks had been changed. Now I was outside the office. Thousands of employees nationwide felt the tremor. Pacesetter died.
To the homeowners that felt buying Pacesetter, from their
Factory Rep, was a good choice, the Factory Rep, was left in the learch as well. Many were good men and women who believed in the fairy tale of Phil Schreger and the Pacesetter way. Shame on you Mickey and Co. you killed a good thing!

More Visitor Feedback #4

Wednesday, April 4th 2007 - 08:13:19 PM

From: jeri gile
E-Mail: Private
Subject: remove dont post

remove comments 147 146

More Visitor Feedback #3

Tuesday, April 3rd 2007 - 02:10:45 PM

From: shadow
E-Mail: Private
Subject: 401 k info

For anyone who has not taken care of their 401k monies, MFS is the company that the money has been held at.
If you want to roll the money to someone else or just get your information updated contact Denis Tani at Mfs.
The last number I had for him was, 617-954-4920
This info should have been readily available on the statements you would have received from them on a quaterly basis. Now if you didn't leave a change of address then they would not have been able to send these statements to you.

More Visitor Feedback #2

Tuesday, April 3rd 2007 - 09:04:33 AM

From: jason
E-Mail: Private
Subject: parts

where can i get some pacesetter window parts?

More Visitor Feedback #1

Sunday, April 1st 2007 - 12:11:45 PM

From: Ken Innes
E-Mail: Private
Subject: No Joke! Here's yet another book for feedback!

It's no joke, people! Another book is practically filled, so here's a new one for ya... but why not try out the new message board instead? It's much more versatile!

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