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More Visitor Feedback #145

Sunday, July 9th 2006 - 05:19:49 PM

From: ex-employee
E-Mail: Private
Subject: response to #131

I want the info contact me at my e-mail address. We can have coffee and shoot the breeze about the 4 fuck-heads/-

More Visitor Feedback #144

Tuesday, July 4th 2006 - 06:57:32 AM

From: Private
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Mike Mitchell

If that is Mike Michell, then why is that person taking in the 3d person. By the way, last I saw of Mike, he was selling manufactured homes in Redding. Apparrently, Mike wasn't the only one that sued Pacesetter over mileage, hence class action suit by several ex-employees that was won.

In another note: One writer asked Steve why that he would keep his trophies from Pacesetter when it was such a bad experience. I asked him and he said that the job was fun, but the managers sucked as well as the ones that kept getting hired to flood the floor with sales staff that sat there like a lump at a sales presentation and got half the commission and with a 1 % retention rate, you knew they were going to be gone in a matter of time. Overall, he said that working there was a possitive experience, but a particular manager got under his skin so much that he had to quit and take a whole year off and regroup.

Gary Kluck met him at a spot half way between Sacramento and Trinity County to have dinner in Williams at Gonzelas. At that time he offered him 2 options, one being a floater and work from home like an independent contractor or take a position as the Manager of the Tacoma, WA office. He says that he slept on it and decided that he had had enough and was "burned out". Shortly after that Pacesetter started to impload. That's when he was called and told about this site. It all started when a friend of his was mentioned as the rep that sold the product in Redding, CA, which is where this all began. He was mentioned and asked the administrator of this site to not mention his name.

Well to sum everything up, Steve wants to remember the good times and forget the bad, so he will never use this site under his real name again, because of the obvious.

More Visitor Feedback #143

Monday, July 3rd 2006 - 11:45:38 PM

From: mike mitchell
E-Mail: Private
Subject: mileage lawsiut

you know mike mitchell you go way back to the old days. of coarse you know mike sued gary over mileage and won i liked mikehe was a good guy. of coarse time has passed and as for steve well you know if you knew steve then nuff said.

More Visitor Feedback #142

Monday, July 3rd 2006 - 09:29:27 PM

From: Ex-Pacesetter Employee
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Happy-Ex Pacesetter Employee and Tamara



More Visitor Feedback #141

Monday, July 3rd 2006 - 07:25:15 PM

From: Happy Ex-Employee
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Response 139

After re-reading the previous posts and #139 it is obvious that Steve wrote this one himself. Who's coming to your defense Steve, is it Mrs. Hammons or you? Maybe someone should start the domain!! It would probably blow up like does!!

More Visitor Feedback #140

Monday, July 3rd 2006 - 07:25:03 PM

From: tamera kluck
E-Mail: Private
Subject: i left gary because he got no money

ok he is broke so i had to leave him. its no secret that Gary had alot of money when i met him but now he is broke and wanted and still with that gary iskra creep. so i am taking my boobs and leaving him. thats all oh yea so what if i like money i did not marry gary for his looks

More Visitor Feedback #139

Monday, July 3rd 2006 - 05:39:24 PM

From: Ex-Redding Employee
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Steve Hammons

Leave Steve Alone!

I knew Steve as well and found him to be quite a salesperson. I knew the others that are trying to get his goat and they were typical Pacesetter Clones - money hungry and full of themselves.

I've read all the comments and agree with him about those mentioned. He would always defend himself if backed into a corner. You would mean nothing to him, but even so, he would not just let it go. More of us should be that way. I give him (Steve) credit for standing up to you. He is a honest hard working man and his expectations are nothing more than what he would do himself - Your small little faction is just a grain of sand on the beech. Realize that will you and you should grow up and take your own advice.

I'm going to contact others that new Steve and Roomed with him on the road. We always had a good time selling and having fun as well. He taught me how to close and overcome objections and look and act professional and plan my day wisely and work smart. There should have been more Steves. You on the other hand are spitefull and vindictive and more over - downright uncivilized with your cussing and horible language. What did he do to you to hold such hate? He didn't live up to your expectations? You owe him an appology. That man gave 26 years in defense of this country and this is what he gets for a thanks? I'd better see some thanking and appologies or I will round up several others to prove to you that you are wrong!

More Visitor Feedback #138

Monday, July 3rd 2006 - 05:01:20 PM

From: Happy Ex-Employee
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Steve Hammons

I too remember working with you in the Redding office. Everything the others are writing about you is true. You weren't friends with ANYONE and no one found you appable, friendly, kind, generous and felt you were FAR from normal. To quote you, "NOBODY CARES WHAT YOU DID AT PACESETTER, DON'T YOU GET IT". And if your experience at Pacesetter was so bad why do you still have those crusty old awards adorning the walls of your executive office? You also state you "have moved on" so why don't you!!! Quit sniping (which you spelled incorrectly by the way) at the world and "Be an adult for once"

More Visitor Feedback #137

Monday, July 3rd 2006 - 04:23:12 PM

From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
E-Mail: Private
Subject: GO GAIL GO !!

seems like gail has hit the redding guys playing patty cake straight between the eyes.

More Visitor Feedback #136

Monday, July 3rd 2006 - 02:03:17 PM

From: Taken in Nevada
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Not once but twice! - Additional info

We did get the lien removed from our property and closed our escrow on our re-fi, but it took extra time and effort and I was very upset that Pacesetter had put the lien on our home without our consent or knowledge. Johnny Shy tried to make it seem as though it was all a mistake but I knew it wasn't and often wondered if the delay in getting the flooring installed was to allow them time to lien our home. Shame on them and much empathy to all of you have also been taken by Pacesetter. Just recently a local company told me that Pacesetter went out of business and now after reading all these stories, I think the management should be held liable for the grief they have caused their customers and former employees.

More Visitor Feedback #135

Monday, July 3rd 2006 - 01:37:56 PM

From: Taken in Nevada
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Not once but twice!

We bought replacement windows from Pacesetter in Northern Nevada from a shyster named Johnny Shy. He had a nice enough partner, Gus, who was just learning the business. We had all windows replaced. They were done on time and have been somewhat good, although the savings from utility costs haven't been what they claimed. We paid cash and the costs may have been higher than local contractors would have done the job for, I haven't compared. (I wish we had found this website sooner or we would not have bought from them.) We were given a new storm door for free. The man who measured the windows did come back and give us some extra rollers when one of the windows was hard to slide because of the dust that blew in the drain rail. Later we had our kitchen and utility room floors re-done in Wilsonart flooring. It took almost 3 months for that to be done, Johnny said the flooring was back-ordered.) We had to get someone back about a month later because the flooring separated about 1/8th inch in the utility room. The man who fixed it apologized and even left his name and phone # if we had any additional problems, which we didn't. Shortly after the install, we did a re-fi on our home for a lower interest rate and the day before we were to close we learned Pacesetter had a lien on our property without our knowledge and before we had been notified of the place to pay-off the loan. We had to take money from our savings to pay Pacesetter off because the title company said in the process of doing the re-fi when the first mortgage was paid off Pacesetter would become the First mortgage holder and the new finance for the home would be second, which the bank would not do. I had a hard time getting in touch with Johnny Shy, finally locating him in Las Vegas. He assured me it was all a mistake, etc but what a mess. I wish someone would sue them and get a huge money judgment against all of them. I told the Omaha office to never send anyone from their company here again, especially Johnny Shy!!!

More Visitor Feedback #134

Monday, July 3rd 2006 - 06:47:11 AM

From: Steve Hammons
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Dave Brown

Dave, don't you read the comments posted before you start running off at the mouth. When you say we - you are referring to your dual personality. And, nobody cares what you did a Pacesetter, don't you get it. People left because they weren't cut out in sales. Don't blame me. And, don't you remember, I was the Assistant manager and only got half of the commission anyway. What an idiot. As far as what you did, from what I understood from 2 of my friends, you ran everybody off, but again, nobody runs anybody off, I'll give you that credit, with a 1% retention rate generally at Pacesetter, I would say that there were a lot of people running a lot of people off besides me - right. By the way, my 20 something Factory Rep of the month awards adorn the walls of my executive office along with all my military awards and certificates, so I still feel like I accomplished something while I was having my Pacesetter experience. I never cared for you personally, or Gail, who I never met or that Mike guy at TM. I did like Tennis and Gary Kluck. I also liked Buda as well. You got in my way, so I chose to go somewhere else and I did make the right choise. When Pacesetter Filed for Bankruptcy on Nov 17, 200?, which is my birthdate, by the way, that was a great birthday present for me. People like you I expect to be critical of me, for I don't pull any punches or hide the fact that you are disliked. I don't yoke myself with people like you and unfortunately, there were a few like you at Pacesetter. I can't be friends with everybody and there are plenty of people out there that find me appable, friendly, kind, generous and perfectly normal. Again, just like sales, it's a numbers game. If you have ever followed an election campaign, most win by about 54% to 46%, and that means that about 1/2 of the people would say that one or the other suck. So, lets quit sniping at each other. I have moved on and am successful in the Publication business. I AM the publisher and my staff and I are putting out a great product without any silly little high school games like is /was done at Pacesetter. We are professional and come that way, not like Pacesetter that thought they could train a Gorilla to sell their products and then when they left, managers like you start accusing others of running them off. I was all ready a professional when I arrived at Pacesetter, just trying to get back into civilian life after the military and since I was all ready skilled Pacesetter came easy, hence all those Saleperson of the month awards, even in little Redding. Dave, you just need to face the facts - you got to be in charge for a little while, which you did not deserve and the results were predictable. You pissed off everybody and they all left because of you or just weren't cut out for that type of job. Now move on and quit sniping at me. Be an adult for once!

More Visitor Feedback #133

Monday, July 3rd 2006 - 12:04:04 AM

From: dave brown
E-Mail: Private
Subject: steve may his soul rest in peace

ok steve just to set the record straight my first yeat a as rep a was nominated for a victor and you.? Secound i set a record in redding for the most bus wrote in a month office wise with my terrible leadership, third we all know that when you went to motel town with other reps you rqn them off so you could get all the leads we are not that stupid we know what u were doing less reps more leads for u.but all that aside steve it just hurts me to see u keep all those memories u have distorted and twisted. steve get help and prozac does work

More Visitor Feedback #132

Sunday, July 2nd 2006 - 10:18:23 PM

From: private
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Bankruptcy

Does anyone know the outcome of the bankruptcy filed in Pennsylvania?

More Visitor Feedback #131

Sunday, July 2nd 2006 - 08:51:09 PM

From: david
E-Mail: Private
Subject: i worked 4

yes,i got fucked over just like all of you! well now i want to do somthing about it! i know alot of info that might be helpful and i also have some paperwork that someone might want to see. larry k i hope u read this and get chills down your spine u dirty fuck,next time i see u with that shit eating grin on your face i hope its a mugshot in the paper because you went to jail you crook. that letter that is posted from laywers says the old pacesetter guys larry, garry, and mickey dont work there well they do and i have paperwork to prove it.

More Visitor Feedback #130

Sunday, July 2nd 2006 - 03:23:55 PM

From: steve Hammons
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Previous post by Terry

Thanks Terry! I was waiting for someone to say something.

More Visitor Feedback #129

Sunday, July 2nd 2006 - 02:22:52 PM

From: Terry
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Previous Comments

Ok... you are both adults. Quit bickering back and forth. Nobody cares. Please move on with your lives, or exchange numbers and deal with it person to person, not on a message board.

Thank You.

More Visitor Feedback #128

Sunday, July 2nd 2006 - 01:11:59 PM

From: Gail
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Steve Hammons

I won't waste any more time on you. You desperately need to seek therapy. Maybe you already have but it isn't working. You need to fire your doctor just like YOU got fired from Pacesetter. Chances are that you are posting all this BULLSHIT from your hospital bed in the insane asylum!!! Can you say 5150 Lockdown!!!

More Visitor Feedback #127

Sunday, July 2nd 2006 - 11:09:29 AM

From: Steve Hammons
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Gail

There you go again. I would like everybody who reads this site that this person trying to have a lot of fun trying to irritate me with unsubstantiated accusations. This person is neither known to me and the things that this person says are untrue. I don't know why that this person has singled me out with such attacks. I was never fired or ran off good salestaff or sexually harrassed any female employees. The individual that was mentioned had a girlfriend in her motel room almost all the time during the work week and had no committment to succeeding at such a rough form of employment. I will not be told that this person had accused me of such a thing. There was never anything brought up about it to me before or ever. The only reason that I even write on this site is to help other members who happened to work at Pacesetter rialize that there is life after it. If I hadn't ran into a couple of my old friends the other day, I wouldn't have even thought about this website. It is apparent that with such hostilities amoung co-workers and all the greed associated with commision sales, that there was apparently a lot of underlying jeolousy and resentment. I don't care how much that anybody bought into the Pacesetter hirarchy or sales accomplishment - that's history and should be left as such. Move on Gail - you are nothing to me or your thoughts, ideas, concepts, experiences, accomplishments or anything about you. You are stuck in Pacesetter. Trust me, Pacesetter is/was not the highlight of my life, experiences or accomplishments and I am not impressed with anything that anybody accomplished at Pacesttter. The place is dead - so please let the dead rest in peace!

More Visitor Feedback #126

Sunday, July 2nd 2006 - 08:57:21 AM

From: Gail
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Hammons


It seems awful funny to me that everyone responding to your posts shares the same opinion of you. You are the most arrogant piece of work I've ever seen in my life. It's obvious that you have cracked even worse than ever before.

You, single handedly, were able to run off almost every talented rep in the Redding office. No one could stand to run with you, benefitted nothing from your training and not to mention the sexual harassment toward female reps. Does the name Cory ring a bell? She told me of the disgusting things you said to her and your advances toward her. No 25 year old attractive woman would even acknowledge your existance.

If you think you are so powerful that you can cease ANYONE'S transmissions on this site then go right ahead. I too can write anything I want at anytime I choose.

We do agree on 1 thing, there were many psychotic employees at Pacesetter. Everyone but you will agree that you were at the top of the list of thousands. I don't see anyone posting to YOUR defense.

Just accept it. Go on living in your own little world with your fan club of 1 and keep believing that you are the greatest human on earth. It makes me laugh that someone has convinced themself of such garbage. I guess if you keep on lying to yourself it must make you believe your crap.

By the way, I won a Victor for running the Redding/Reno office as a TM. I don't recall you ever getting one!!!!

More Visitor Feedback #125

Saturday, July 1st 2006 - 09:16:57 PM

From: Steve Hammons
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Gail Harter

Lets get things straight first of all. I have never met you, I never got fired, I wasn't married and members of the TM crew have admitted in previous postings that they were using drugs. They also admitted to having sex on the desk of the managers after hours. Those are the facts or what people have said. I worked at Pacesetter from Jan - Dec 1997. I developed Pnuemonia which was the reason for leaving in the first place and had to quit when my father passed away shortly after that. Thanks for making me relive that :-(. I took the rest of 1998 to get my mother's place sold and get her relocated. I ran into Tennis Ingebristsen in Apr of 1999 and went back to work then and you were not in Telemarketing. You had been terminated and Mr. Hernandez was the Manager and then some guy named Mike took over when Hernandez left. I won a trip to the Bahamas in 2000 for productivity. I went to Flight School in Omaha during 911. You had nothing to do with that. I'm sorry but you must be mistaking me for someone else. I quit right after Thanksgiving in 2001 and you have nothing to do with that either. I was not fired as you state and if you persist, I am going to request that the administrator of this website block your transmissions, for you are slandering me. The only Gail Harter that I remember was a hyper waco telemarketer. She reminded me of the wicked witch in the Wizzard of Oz. If that is you, we are not in the same league and anything you say I wouldn't take anymore seriously than some of the Homeless, toothless old hags that roam the streets of Old Town Eureka. So Give it up and realize that I will write on this site anytime I want and I don't care if losers like you don't like it - OK! I will not give you the satisfaction of even responding to anymore of your nonsense, so go lick your wounds and realize that you can't phaze me. nor any disingenuos Pacesetter clones. You don't care about yourselves, so why would anybody suspect that you would care about anybody or anything else? Just go away will you! I would like to concentrate my efforts in helping those who were tramatized by their Pacesetter experience, whether by purchasing products or being an ex-employee, that's why I chose to write "Life after Pacesetter". I never pointed a finger at anybody in particular, but a steriotypical type. It's my right to do that and I plan on excercising my rights in many more ways that one. Got it!

More Visitor Feedback #124

Saturday, July 1st 2006 - 08:28:33 AM

From: Gail Harter
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Asswipe Hammons

OK Steve, you want to know who I am here you have it. The only reason I didn't reveal who I am is that I know a crazy nut like you won't be able to find me and go postal on me so now you know.

It was unbearable working with you for everyone involved. You caused so many problems that Pacesetter suffered because of you. We all rejoiced the day you got FIRED!!

If the leads generated by so called "meth heads" were SO bad, how did you get to be #1 as you put it. As far as name calling goes, did you conduct drug tests on everyone? I didn't think so, so if you're so high and mighty you might want to stop the name calling as well!!

You'll get what you deserve someday, or maybe you already have. That crazy woman you married should be payback enough!!

More Visitor Feedback #123

Saturday, July 1st 2006 - 07:56:00 AM

From: Steve Hammons
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Response to unknown cowardly comment

To the person who just left that comment about me - you know that it is people like you that verifies why that animals eat their young. If you can't identify yourself, you are just a cowardly loser, like most of the people that I ran into at Pacesetter. There were a few, of which I still have a great relationship with and we stay intouch, but their is the element that you come from of which there were many. What's to be expected of people that have to hide behind cowardly ficticious names and make childish comments like you have. It would be painfully clear to any decent citizen who happens to read comments like you have made that you are the type of person that caused the problems that Pacesetter had, so - if you have a problem with me, identify yourself, so I can place the reason for your bitterness about me, otherwise go straight to hell!

More Visitor Feedback #122

Saturday, July 1st 2006 - 07:26:59 AM

From: Unfortunate Acquaintance of Steve Hammons
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Put It To Rest

Steve, I most definately recall you posting on this site over a year ago and vowed to leave everyone alone. If you are such the wonderful person you say you are (all B.S.) why don't you.

Go play with your toys trains and let DEAD horses lie. Obviously everyone that had the misfortune of working with you can't tolerate your lack of people skills (none) and would just as soon not even hear anything from you.

Your words are taken as a grain of salt and all I have left to say is I feel sorry for the poor souls that are cursed with having to work with you now. Bet they can't wait for the day you take yourself off the work force and give EVERYONE on earth a break!!! Retire Old Man!!! CHOO CHOO!

More Visitor Feedback #121

Saturday, July 1st 2006 - 07:01:44 AM

From: Steve Hammons
E-Mail: Private
Subject: You're living in a dream world

This is for the comment left by Dave Brown in #120. You are living in a dream world. I still have the stats on hand and challenge you to prove your claim. Actually, I don't think that all the people who were taken advantage of by Pacesetter who write thei desperate comments on this website care to here about how great you were. And, with your comment about my age, that justs proves that their IS age discrimination. Why else would you make that comment. It certainly doesn't hurt me, since I am finacially well off and holding down a high position with a very popular Regional Visitor Publication. So, why don't you offer some of the customers who are anguished some advice on how to get out of some of their delimas that you read about, enstead of name calling. Tennis was a generous well liked person and you - well we had to think a long time to remember your name. Tennis did like to drink - no question about it, but he was kind, generous, outgoing and friendly. We all have some skeletons in the closet of some sort, so if you are without any, I would be surprized. I never got to know you like Tennis, nor did you make any attempt to forge a relationship with the top rep in the office. Hell, when we went to the Bahamas, we never even had dinner together, which was shortly after you had mistakenly been placed in the position. You could have learned a lot from Tennis about leadership, of which you had no clue, but is to be expected of a "trainee manager". When I left Pacesetter, of which you were the reason, you deprived the Corporation of $100,000s in revenue and you continued to run everyone off with your lack of leadership skills. You were a perfect example of one who had risen to his highest level of incompetence. Now, you want to lash out at me and critices my age and call people drunks. Just remember what it says in Romans Chapter 13. I am not a religious fanatic, but have read and believe what it says in there in most cases. As far as Neal Rogencamp is concerned, when we said he was selling in a lucrative market (San Jose), we were told that it didn't matter, now you are confirming our beliefs. I liked Neal and don't care that he was accused of what some other informent stated in an ealier posting. When I first started at Pacestter, he was the story of success. Nobody ever talked about any Dave Brown. Now, please don't continue to slander people on this website and confirm age discrimination, because it will come back to haunt you, if you know what I mean.

More Visitor Feedback #120

Friday, June 30th 2006 - 10:09:28 PM

E-Mail: Private


More Visitor Feedback #119

Friday, June 30th 2006 - 07:38:09 PM

From: Steve Hammons
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Ann - Lien on your Home

Did you sign a deed of trust when you purchased the windows? In California, one would have to sign a Deed of Trust if the Financed amount was over $5,000.00. Did a Notary Public have your sign anything? When One signs these things, they automatically have a lean put on their home and then when the bill is payed off the deed is reconveyed or removed from your property. If you are still paying, regardless of whether you have never missed a payment, a deed of trust has been filed in the courthouse. You might check to see if that is what you did, without realizing it. I was a Notary Public and Notarised many sales for the purpose of placing a lean against the property in the amount of the financed amount. Hope you get it straightened out.

More Visitor Feedback #118

Friday, June 30th 2006 - 05:35:28 PM

From: an ex'er
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Was Neal "the real deal" afterall

Well, a lot of allocades was placed on that man, but working in the Sac Profit(Debit)center and being in Mgmnt I heard a lot of sleazy things that guy did, like changing phone numbers on leads so he could get the extra 6% ARC comm and bonus like crazy, or selling nutritional supplements to people on Pacesetter leads and then giving the customers a different name than his on crap like that. I could go on and on, and I am sure some of these readers have similar stories. Just ask Jeff Thompson.

More Visitor Feedback #117

Friday, June 30th 2006 - 12:19:25 PM

From: Steve Hammons
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Best Sales Person Ever

To: "Best Sales Person Ever" The person that I have met and am familiar with that I felt was the Best Sales Person in my region was Neal Roggencamp, so unless you identify yourself, you could be anybody. By the way, are you into Pre-War Lionel Template Trains as well? I ask this because you said double whatever I have and you have that. I've been looking for someone else into the same hobby as I am. I am a TCA member - are you as well. Someone that sells that much stuff would have been one that I would have looked forward to learning from at the time. I had just gone through a divorce and had to start all over again at 50 years old, so Pacesetter looked like a great place to build up some capital. The money was great, but their treatment of personnel wasn't. I'm not saying that it was all bad, but "check-in" was always a challenge for me, knowing that I was the top producer at my office and still had to get second guessed every morning. Our telemarketers have admitted in earlier feedbacks that they were on drugs. I knew that and it really bothered me with their insensitive leads where someone was sent on a wild goose chase in the opposite direction of home on a Saturday Afternoon after being away from their own bed all week. Those leads always turned out to be bogus or retaliation for not demoing or just plained viciousness on the part of a meth head. I had a successful career in the military and was just trying to re-adjust to civilian life at the time, but now I look back at the experience as good and character building. When I tell my wife what I did back then to stay affloat financially, she justs says "I feel sorry for you", but at the time there wasn't much else for a retired 50 year old soldier except for selling cars, insurance, homes or selling in general. I have fond memories of my first manager at Pacesetter, being Richard Crumb. He was a good guy with a big heart, and Tennis Ingebritsen, who was a great motivator and generous, but without mentioning any names, there were 2 others that I wish I had never worked with. Anyway, Mr. Best Salesperson, thanks for the compliment about the military. 26 years of my life were devoted to that and now I have found my new niche' in publishing. Have a good day.

More Visitor Feedback #116

Friday, June 30th 2006 - 09:21:26 AM

From: The Best Sales Person Ever
E-Mail: Private
Subject: I was the best ever

All you guys sucked. I sold more product than all you all. I averaged 200K per month NET! Steve, what you say you have? Double that, and that's what I have. However thank you for your service to our country. Have a nice day!

More Visitor Feedback #115

Friday, June 30th 2006 - 07:20:36 AM

From: Steve Hammons
E-Mail: Private
Subject: You are calling me a name?

Mr. Dave Brown - you have resorted to calling people names. That shows allot a maturity. You were never my boss - you were just a puppet put in place by the rest of those idiots that ran the West Coast Profit Center. Because of my outspokeness, I wasn't put into the position that you did not deserve. If you will remember correctly, I had a higher sales amount than you did to go to the Bahamas and was totally familiar with the area. As far as a wife, I think it was you that had a problem, not me and I wasn't even married. As far as the papers are concerned, what gives you the right to criticise a right that one has when they are right in pointing out what this website was set up to expose in the first place. Apparently, I am not alone! You were too young to manage men. You never gained my respect or any of the other one's that I am still friends with as well. Hell, we had a hard time remembering your name. But, this "nut" as you say is very successful and happy. I was the top saleperson at Redding, the Yellow Pages and am now the Associate Publisher of the 101 Things To Do Regional Visitor - Humboldt, will be drawing my Military Pension starting in November and 2 years later drawing SS, not to mention being a home owner, having a beautiful wife of the last 3 years, a new Mustang GT and a large collection of Pre-War Lionel Template Trains. Pacesetter was an experience, not a lifestyle. If I am a nut, then someone should ask me how to be one as well! You are one of the disengenuous types that I was referring to. You are not even in the same league, so please don't associate yourself with me at all. Have a nice life sunny boy.

More Visitor Feedback #114

Friday, June 30th 2006 - 07:16:28 AM

From: Ann
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Pacesetter put a lien on my property even though I have not missed one payment

I also bought the windows but only 4 over priced one. I can feel air around them. The company was a good one at one time but sold it to others who had no clue what they were doing and went bankruptcy. They taught me a lesson- not only to ask how long the company has been in business but have proof they haven't sold it recently.
I am going to closing today on my home only to discover they put a lien on property without letting the person know about it. I have not missed one payment!!!! It comes out automatically from my checking account.
I was told today this is something they do all the time and no one knows about it.
I do know where mine was set up and will give the information but I wanted to post this today so others that might have had this done are aware.
If you are still making payments, check to see if their is a lien on your property!!!!
How dirty can one company be???!!!!
They taught me a good lesson. I will check everyone out from now on that does work on my home.

More Visitor Feedback #113

Thursday, June 29th 2006 - 10:44:08 PM

From: dave brown
E-Mail: Private
Subject: steve you sold buss but are a nut

Hello steve you remeer me your old boss. And how you tried to get me fired and your crazy wife would call sac posing as someone elses mom. Fond memories. Dont forget about calling the paper and telling them stuff. Anyway at least you made it to the carribian.

More Visitor Feedback #112

Thursday, June 29th 2006 - 08:34:38 PM

From: Steve Hammons
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Life after Pacesetter

Just wanted to let people know that there is life after Pacesetter.

I was the Assistant Manager of the Redding, CA branch in 2001 and had been a rep since Jan of 1997. I ran into 2 of my former team mates at Pacesetter today in Redding. One is now the owner of a successful Carpet and Flooring store and the other is an independent contractor installing flooring. I won't mention their names, because they don't know that I am writing this. I am the Publisher of a regional visitor magazine, called 101 Things To Do Regional Visitor - Humboldt. All three of us are doing great and have moved on and been successful. One thing that I can honestly say about Pacesetter in the positive is their systematic approach to closing a sale. Thanks Pacesetter! I have used a modified version of the 10 step consistantly. I might ad that some of the people that I ran into at Pacesettter were genuine people, but allot were disingenuous. It has been 5 years now since I worked there and I still recall some fond memories of living on the road at Clear Lake and Dunsmuir and Fall River Mills, etc. But then there were the cookie cutter multi-level managers that acted like sleazy barkers at a nude encounter parlor, with their stereotypical behavior and claims of positive mental attitudes and demo rates and close ratios that I wonder what they are doing now? I guess they are probably selling used cars or working at the flea market or maybe the carival - now that's a good one. Where are you now Mr. Kluck and Mr. Anderson. Oh where are you? I really did like Tennis Ingebritsen - just too bad that he took the pact with the devil offered to him when he left Redding. Where are you Tennis? You are probably living in the Caribean sitting in the shade sipping on a great drink. You were a good guy and will always be remembered as such. And, I didn't really run off all those lousy reps that were pulled off a park bench and taken their bottle of ripple away. They just didn't have the character or perseverience to handle the pressures of that type of job. A Leopard doesn't change their spots, so a loser will always be a loser. Just thought I'd get that thought in for old time sake. Everybody remember to be careful how you treat strangers, for you never know when you are intertaining an Angel without realizing it. Hope you guys had a good time on our houseboat trip after the ones that made it happen were kicked off, Tennis. Later everyone!

More Visitor Feedback #111

Wednesday, June 28th 2006 - 01:45:49 PM

From: ex employee if PC and MYCO
E-Mail: Private
Subject: for P Cook and other PC (Pacesetter Corp) customers,,,,

Im sorry sir. Anything that PACESETTER CORP installed at all is voided for warranty work by them, your kinda stuck like chuck... sorry. In this business, its common for a business to be deceased after just a few short years. Here is the problem: The company (pacesetter or MyCo) signs a contract with a homeowner for lets say, windows, the order is made thru the manufacturer (dont beleive the circle of fear bullshit, its all a ploy to get you to beleive MyCo is not a standard general contractor, THEY SUB OUT TALL THEIR JOBS!!) and then when the materials are received the customer is called and scheduled for install. THe problem is, day laborers are hired to install the windows, or paint the house, or put up the roof! Here is the problem, they are paid like crap cause the compant wants to make as much as possible from the sale. Well, when Jeorge, and Jose put up your windows, they didnt put them in right. Well, when you need a service, the company that sold you the windows is gonna do everything they can to NOT COME OUT FOR SERVICE WORK. It dont make them money to service work, ONLY NEW INSTALLS. Well, they have to survive as a company, RIGHT!!?? So you finally call the manufacturer after you file a formal complaint on your contractor thru the BBB (wont help), the company that designed the wonodows (amerimax, superior, milgard, anderson, pella, IWC, the list goes on and on...) WILL EVENTUALLY come by after you bug them for a few weeks. Well, here is the BULLSHIT!! They show up, look at the windows and say, "Sir, Im sorry to inform you, but these windows were not installed to manufacturers recomendation, I cannot cover these windows under OUR warranty, the warranty is VOID!!" Okay, now AFTER spending about $11,000 on windows and patio doors, is this WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR!!?? HELL NO!! But it happens with almost every company!! Im gettin outa this business!!

More Visitor Feedback #110

Tuesday, June 27th 2006 - 03:50:31 PM

From: P Cook
E-Mail: Private
Subject: pacesetter storm door

I have 10 year warranty on this door and apparently it isn't worth the paper it is written on! I called for service on a storm door only to find out that Pacesetter must have gone out of business! I had no complaints with the purchase or installation but now I need service and don't know who to call. I'm in Riverside, California and I spoke with the DA's office but they have no complaints on Pacesetter. Does anyone know who to call for service?

More Visitor Feedback #109

Monday, June 26th 2006 - 05:52:34 PM

From: MyContractorSucks.Info
E-Mail: Private
Subject: MyContractorSucks.Info exists

MyContractorSucks.Info exists. It looks like it's waiting for someone to take up the axe and grind it... It appears to be ready to take on MyContractor.Com.

More Visitor Feedback #108

Monday, June 26th 2006 - 05:00:38 PM

From: PaceSetter Survivor
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Pacesetter Survivor

This site is the best!!!! where else can you go after a long days work to relax and get re energized. It's amazing the trail of turmoil this 4-some as caused. Heart-ache after heart-ache. And yet we as SURVIVORS can't stop them. We give them toooo much power. I am sure in time they will get what is coming to them. That's a given, they will cross the wrong path and get fried. But until then, keep this site alive. For all of us.

More Visitor Feedback #107

Monday, June 26th 2006 - 10:34:20 AM

From: EX-employee of MYCONTRACTOR.COM
E-Mail: Private

My Bad, is there already a MYCONTRACTOR.COMSUCKS.COM!?? Or one similar to it that is dedicated to the trashing of MYCO.COM!!??? PLEEEEEEEEEASE let me know ASAP. Thanks!! :)

Admin's Response: There is already a, but it was most likely registered by so nobody else could use it. But there are an infinite number of alternatives, such as,, and just to name a few.

More Visitor Feedback #106

Monday, June 26th 2006 - 10:31:05 AM

From: EX-employee of MYCONTRACTOR.COM
E-Mail: Private

Yes, I am the same guy who wrote the story below. FUCK these ppl!! They are the same FUCKS that ran Pacesetter Corp into the GROUND!! Now those ppl who work for MYCO and in the Concord (bay) office will know who I am. I walked in today and told Larry KRAPowsky to fuck off basiclly, in a nice way, I had to, or I would have ripper his fuckin throat out with my hands!! I cant stand this asshole. I told his old ass that he is the rudest, most dis respectfull person I have ever met. I told him his talking down to ppl and opening his fuckin mouth is gonna get his ass in trouble one of these days! He's like "well, thanks for your opinion, everyone is entiled to their opinion." I said, its a fasct Larry, not a personal opinion. I tols him that I have spoke with ppl in Pennsylvania and they have said how much they hate him, and have told me thier opinions about his old ass. Now I know he and the company caould give a fuck less about my opinion, or my loss as an employee. I dont care, what I do care about is ppl reading this so they know what kinda company MYCONTRACTOR.COM is!! They are crooks, lyars, and bullshitters!! Its all the same bullshit, and the sad part is, a very good friend of mine got sucked back into this company after PACESETTER didnt pay him over $20,000 that they owed him!! Sound familiar!!?? Fuckin ppl.... He is a good person too, just tryin to make it big. He has known Gary iskra for over a decade, so Im sure he will always stick by his side, sorry Velvet, I just hope they dont fuck you over like they did last company they ran! It was great, just like I stated in my last entry, Gary HIMSELF (Iskra) said he didnt want their to EVER be a MYCONTRACTOR.COMSUCKS.COM, I think Im gonna go make one today! I really dont want to run it, and keep it updated and host it, its a pain in the ass, plus it costs money!! Something that these fuckers refuse to pay out!! So maybe I will, I dont know, depends on how much it is, and how much i got left on my credit card! Lol. Ill keep everybody updated, cause like i said, I got a lot more dirt on this company!!

More Visitor Feedback #105

Saturday, June 24th 2006 - 02:10:24 PM

From: employee of
E-Mail: Private

SAME PPL SAME BULLSHIT!! Yes, the CEO is the Good ol GI (Gary Iskra) and the faggot Gary Cluck is up in Sac with Jerry Anderson (who I seen in the BAY Office yesterday). Unfortunatly, some idiot company invested over $150 million into Gary and his "business plan" (what a joke) so he could get up and running. He is moving in a very FAST pace, as always, which smart business owners know will kill your business!! So anyways, Im PISSED at my company ( right now, it is the same fuckin shitty run company it was before. The same fuckin ppl are there!! Mike Madden, Larry (im gonna beat his ass!! And bust those ugly fuckin TEETH in!!) Krempasky, as I said, Cluck the fat fuck is up in Sac, with that faggot Jerry Anderson, just the pure thought of these fucks back workin with eachother makes me sick. Oh, MYCO (thats what GARY ISKRA calls it) is at the PLEASANTON FAIRGROUNDS this weekend at the HOME SHOW. Do me a favor tho, the ppl there are LARRY KRAPOWSKY, and 2 or 3 canvassers (totally innocent ppl) go get a shirt made at the local uniform shop, its only about $20, have it say on the front, MYCONTRACTOR.COM is the OLD PACESETTER CORP.!!! then on the back, have this web address printed, go to WWW.PACESETTERSUCKS.COM for the REAL info on MYCONTRACTOR.COM!! Lol. They paid over $5,000 for the booth, which you cant miss, they are like the 3rd or 4th booth when you walk in!! Lol. I would do this, but Im an employee for now. Dont hate me tho, Im just tryin to feed my little girl and keep my girl happy! I fuckin hate this company, but its what i have right now, so i just do it. I dont think PaceSetter Corp will ever pay anyone what they owe them. I worked for their faggot asses last year, and I knew I wasnt gonna win and get my money, so I filed for unemployment and started gettin checks every 2 weeks for about $800 each (only $1,600 a month, but i was also working under the table, indoors, and gettin paid too) I got sooooooo much info on this NEW company that would be sooooo fun to put up on this website. I know that GI and the crew reads it too, cause they have mentioned it at MYCO ( Gary says, "I dont want there to ever be a MYCONTRACTORSUCKS.COM, I want to do things right here, treat ppl right, and make it fair! I want to keep people happy, all the time!" ROFLMAO.... What a FUCKIN joke!! This man has his HEAD so FAR up his OWN ass he cant tell left from right!! Gary Iskra JUST changed his cell phone number the other day!! Guess he was sick of harassing phone calls from ex-PC employees. lol. WANT THIS NEWE CELL NUMBER!?!??? I HAVE IT!!! Lol. This muther FUCKER runs around with a $30,000 solid gold ROLEX YACHTMASTER watch on his wrist!! Cant pay his fuckin ppl the millions of dollars HE owes them for FUCKIN them over, but he can wear a watch that most ppl dont have cars that are worth that MUCH!! He is a BITCH that has gained off other ppl's misfortune and heartache. He will get whats coming to him. And this little old FUCK, Larry Krap-owsky, he is the most disrespectfull, demeaning fucker I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Im a grown man that has met alot of scum in my life from bein locked up, but little LARRY, is the biggest piece of shit I have met,EVER!! Pops off at the mouth talkin shit sayin uncalled for things, tryin to talk down on a muther fucker!! Ima BEAT HIS FUCKIN ASS next time he dis-respects me. He was havin chest pains the other day, GOOD, i hope his ass has a MAJOR heart attack and drops fuckin DEAD!! Fuck him! Sorry... Im pissed at this guy. I got up in his face the other day cause he was tryin to be the controlling type... fuckin old man, ya think he would know better! Oh well. Anyways, Im outa here, fuck speel check, im to tired and pissed now, I got myself all pumped up. Ill write more later, ALL subjects will be labeled "..IT IS THE OLD PACESETTER!!!" ^Thanks for listenin!! Have a good weekend, and go see LARRY now that you all know he is at the PLEASANTON FAIRGROUND in PLEASANTON, CALIFORNIA all DAY TODAY (Saturday, JUNE 24th, 2006) you will see the MYCO booth and LARRY's FUCKIN TEETH when you walk in the door, they are like the 3rd or 4th booth. Oh, CA residents, dont burn up out there, it was fuckin 104 degrees at the home show yesterday!!

More Visitor Feedback #104

Friday, June 23rd 2006 - 07:50:30 AM

From: Qwek
E-Mail: Private
Subject: The storm door is TRASH as is the warranty and the company

I got SUCKED into Pacesetter Corporation through Sam's Club. I filled out an estimate request in the store and there began my frustration. I purchased a storm door and laminate flooring in 2004.

So far the flooring installed is fine but the storm door is TRASH. It was NEVER installed properly. It had many, many adjustments during its period when adjustments were free. The threshold was never installed properly. The strip at the bottom fell off and it was letting cold air into the house. The latch for the catch for the lock kept coming loose and I kept repositioning it and creating new screw holes. The springs inside the hinges fell out on my front porch floor so the door is falling of its hinges. And finally, the handle/lock has completely fallen off, both inside and outside. I've NEVER seen such trach. The door will not close and when there is a strong wind it flies open and hits the railing. I fully expect the glass to shatter soon when a strong gust comes about.

But fool me once shame on me. I thought it was a reputable company since I was approached in Sam's Club. I'll tell you this the lesson I've learned is for expensive purchases like this I'll trust a brand name with a long and reputable history.

The storm door is TRASH. It's being hauled away and replaced with an ANDERSEN storm door from Home Depot. Cost me less three years later and its a better door with a warranty that a recognized manufacturer will stand behind and a recognized retailer has sold.

Pacesetter Corporation is TRASH.

More Visitor Feedback #103

Thursday, June 22nd 2006 - 10:40:36 AM

From: #102 is a jerkoff
E-Mail: Private
Subject: #102

You are equally ignorant! It's RIDICULOUS, Dumb ass!

More Visitor Feedback #102

Tuesday, June 20th 2006 - 06:57:31 PM

From: Jake
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Comment to previous post...

I dont know what aggravates me more... being burned out of a lot of money by Iskra and his crew, or the idiots that continue to leave feedback like the person that put a note in here before me. Before you leave feedback, learn to spell. Take your keyboard off of caps-lock, and go get a high school education. This is rediculous. I can't believe the way some of these people write. If I were Iskra, I would have fired you BEFORE everybody got laid off.

My name's Jake, and that's all I have to say about that.

More Visitor Feedback #101

Tuesday, June 20th 2006 - 10:40:21 AM

E-Mail: Private


More Visitor Feedback #100

Thursday, June 15th 2006 - 06:58:26 AM

From: Ex
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Gary K.

Rumor has it that Gary Kluck is unemployed. Did he drive into the ground too, anyone know?

More Visitor Feedback #99

Monday, June 5th 2006 - 07:03:41 PM

From: karen
E-Mail: Private

I too got screwed by pacesetter years ago.......... windows that don't work right. Storm window so big & lite that when the wind blows it about comes out of the track. That was 15 yrs ago complain and they came out and looked at them said sorry nothing we can do again and again over and over and over nothing . Storm door window locks keep breakin

More Visitor Feedback #98

Monday, June 5th 2006 - 03:14:24 PM

From: Michael Chicka
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Just Ask Me

I was the marketing manager for Advanced Water Soluions the 2nd month they opened. I work there till things started to smelling bad 2 1/2 wasted years of my life. One month later there gone.
I've had dinner at Gary's Home in Ligonier. I fell for the line of B.S. Yes they tried to recuite me to Why did the try to get me back when they F----- owe me over $4000. E-Mail me back and we'll talk. Talk about who-Gary, Larry and Madden. I currently work in Greensburg Pa. Myc.Com is right down the road, you need something.

More Visitor Feedback #97

Thursday, June 1st 2006 - 02:36:36 PM

From: Informational Resources
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Informational Resources

More sucks sites...

You'd think Phil Schrager would have registered this one as a matter of self preservation. He should have learned from

And you'd think Gary Iskra, Gary Kluck ore of or his merry men would have registered this one...

More Visitor Feedback #96

Wednesday, May 31st 2006 - 06:47:15 AM

From: an ex'er
E-Mail: Private
Subject: JT

Anybody know what Jeff "Niiiiiice" Thompson is up to ???

More Visitor Feedback #95

Saturday, May 27th 2006 - 12:03:05 AM

From: JT
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Hmmm the Koolvent crew goes west to screw people

I worked for Koolvent in the late 90's. I am sure most of you know by now that Koolvent was owned by Gary Iskra, Mark Aloe was CFO, Larry Krempasky VP telemarketing, Mickey Madden VP sales, and the name Gary Kluck sounds very familiar.

Koolvent was known for shady buisness practices in the East. Mainly PA, OH, WV, MD. Everything I read here sounds like the old stuff too a "T". The sales tactics, the telemarketing tactics, all of it.

Here is a quick rundown for anyone that is not familiar with the happenings from 10 years ago in the Ohio Valley. Koolvent sold alot of windows and siding jobs. They had a supposed lifetime warranty. Koolvent went out of buisness and became American Home Improvements, a licensed contractor for Sears. All of the previous Koolvent customers were left in the dark for service and "warranty" coverage. I talked with many a very upset Koolvent customers over my time. I would urge anyone to steer clear of this group, thier track record is telling.

More Visitor Feedback #94

Friday, May 26th 2006 - 11:41:17 AM

From: Habib
E-Mail: Private
Subject: To "Bruce"

You are a complete moron. Before you make a post here, read some of the responses. Almost everybody here agrees that Phil and Harley were good to work for. It was the new owners that took over that @%!@#$ everybody. Read before you reply you idiot.

More Visitor Feedback #93

Thursday, May 25th 2006 - 02:52:58 PM

From: bruce
E-Mail: Private
Subject: *******"PACESETTER WAS THE BEST"*******


More Visitor Feedback #92

Thursday, May 25th 2006 - 01:32:50 PM

From: Ex Employee
E-Mail: Private

i use to work for pacesetter.. they suck... i have gotton some info back on them running into the ground.. hahaha.. i new that was going to happen, me and a buddy worked there for like 4 months.. when they finally shut down, they asked me and him to stay working for him making 15 bucks an hour.. we happily turned them down &*$# Pacesetters Corp, now i am just looking for there address in sacramento so i can put it on my resume and get some different work.. so anyone have that info plz contact me ty

More Visitor Feedback #91

Thursday, May 25th 2006 - 12:04:18 PM

From: bill
E-Mail: Private
Subject: mycontractor

i emailed u last week but see no updates - mickey madden is running around santa fe springs hiring people for my contractor - gary iskra also met with an old employee to convince him to work there - i bet if u call the greensburg office acting like a salesman in need of work looking for iskra or madden they will call you back - tery it and see

More Visitor Feedback #90

Wednesday, May 24th 2006 - 10:24:31 AM

From: Lorraine Coe
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Pacesetter still has lien on my home.

I'm writing to tell you my nightmare. I had pacesetter install some windows in my home and I paid them off in 2003. Now I'm trying to sell my home and they still have a lien on my home for original amount owned for the windows. I have no way to take them off without a written notice from them and I have no one to contact. It looks like I will have to pay them twice just to sell my home but the check will be sent to whom I don't know.

More Visitor Feedback #89

Monday, May 22nd 2006 - 04:26:15 PM

From: Rico
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Just a reminder

Just a reminder : Pacesetter is now, call them and bug them for your services, paychecks and warranty issues 1-888-836-8989....let their current employees know who they REALLY are (they probably don't know what their into) Gary Iskra's 3rd company to go belly up(bounced checks,services and lawsuits).

More Visitor Feedback #88

Monday, May 22nd 2006 - 11:47:19 AM

From: Ms Loine H Van Pelt
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Pacesetter Complaint

Well, it was quite a shock to come across this site and realize I'm certainly not the only one who has had a problem with this company. Quite some time ago, I had a strong suspicion they were going out of business, but was working full time and didn't really have time to follow up.
My problem was not nearly as big as some of them posted on this site - basically, I'm in a mobile home, had some of my windows and a sliding patio door replaced, and had a storm door put on my back entrance. It is the kind with the screen on the bottom and window that slides up or down. The area inside the door is a dark laundry room and my purpose was to get light into the room without worrying about outside heat or cold. The side piece which enables the window to slide up and down had the plastic clip on one end break off.......I called and asked if it could be replaced under warranty - of course, I just had to pay a $90 trip fee to make it possible! (I live 40 miles from the office in Sacramento!) Helen (at Pacesetter) told me three times they would be happy to mail me the piece I needed - part number 24B, which is the entire slider piece for one side. The last time I spoke with her, she confirmed it was in the mailroom, being packaged for mailing - yeah, right! I finally had time THIS MORNING to call, got the disconnected number recording, checked the website - gone - and started googling to see what I could find and found you! Guess I'm SOL - oh well, should count my blessings that my problem isn't as bad as some of the other ones! Just wanted to add my confirmation that PaceSetter SUCKS - big time!

More Visitor Feedback #87

Monday, May 22nd 2006 - 08:31:31 AM

From: Verena Wheatley
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Product and financing

We had the unfortunate experience of having Pacesetter put storm windows and doors on our home over 20 years ago. Well needless to say the product was horrible and the company was no help in correcting the problems. The doors warped and the storm windows leaked causing water damage.

The worst thing is when we refinanced our home, we learned that Pacesetter had filed a lien against our home title the day after we signed the papers and then sold the loan. The bank who bought the loan released their lien but not the one Pacesetter filed. When Pacesetter was contacted, the customer service was rude to me and to the morgage company, stating it wasn't their problem. It's been three years and nothing has been resolved so I'm getting an attorney.

More Visitor Feedback #86

Monday, May 15th 2006 - 09:23:33 PM

From: richard schaefer
E-Mail: Private
Subject: pacesetter windows

Our windows were installed in February of 1997. We started having problems with the ones used the most about three years after installation. Being mechanically adept I was able to keep them functioning reasonably well. But that lasted for only another two years. We finally broke down and made a service call. This is when we found out that pacesetter no longer maintained an office in Utah. The service tech. (title used loosely), came down from Wyoming to asess the problem. There were many windows that would not raise and lower easly. And I'm talking about 13 out of 21 windows! This particular techs. answer to this problem was to spray the window track with Amour All vinyl and leather treatment. Never mind the hardware that is falling apart! With such blatent and obvious disregard for their customers and the quality of their products, how is it this company stayed in basiness as long asthey have? and WHY hasn't a class action suit been filed against them?

More Visitor Feedback #85

Monday, May 15th 2006 - 08:32:55 AM

From: Judy madison
E-Mail: Private
Subject: siding

I signed a contract with Pacesetter of America in 9/2004. I have been having a little difficulty with the siding falling down on the front section of my house. I noticed this last year. I have tried to contact these people but all numbers are disconnected. This loan has been sold 3 times. I was so
desperate to have the work done, I signed the ridiculous contract with an annual percentage rate of 12.67%, finance charge total 34,120.80 total amount financed was 20,000.00 and total payments would be $55,120.80. They also placed a lien on my home. I am to be able to pass the warranty and all down to the next person in line when selling. I need someone to come and repair what was done. This is not a good thing.

More Visitor Feedback #84

Saturday, May 13th 2006 - 09:40:00 AM

From: private
E-Mail: Private
Subject: #80

#80 How about you getting the dick out of your mouth. You obviously haven't been f----- enough yet in the ass yet. When they get you I hope it's one big burn!!!

More Visitor Feedback #83

Friday, May 12th 2006 - 07:52:00 AM

From: Joyce Washington
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Nightmare with Pacesetter Windows

Unfortunately, we trusted the Pacesetter Corporation because we assumed that because they had set up a booth in SAMS Club, we couldn't go wrong. We were told that the company had a good reputation with SAMS Club, and they would not let them advertise in their store, if they did not have a good reputation.

Nightmare! When it rains, it pours into our living room! This problem was noticed a year ago, but when my husband attempted to contact Pacesetter (Baltimore, MD), the number on the business card had been disconnected. I just discovered today (5/12/06) that the website can not be located. Shame on us that we did not check with the BBB before signing the contract. Now, we have to put out extra money to have this problem fixed because the rain is damaging the walls in our living room. You live and learn!

More Visitor Feedback #82

Tuesday, May 9th 2006 - 10:09:54 AM

From: Tom Reinhiller
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Pacesetter in PA

For what it is worth, I Googled a former employee "Bill Bowden" + "Pacesetter" and found the following contact information listed in BBB for MN/ND

Pacesetter Corporation
415 Commerce Park Drive
Cranberry Township PA 16066

I don't know how current or relevant this information is. I have yet to call the number, but I thought you might find this of interest.

More Visitor Feedback #81

Monday, May 8th 2006 - 11:53:06 PM

From: Buy from and throw your $$ down the toilet!
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Klucks New Brown Nose Boy @ # 80

I think most have moved on to bigger and better things. It does'nt take much to post on here. We just figure that most people with at least half a brain who read these posts will determine that maybe working for Kluck, Iskra, and the rest of the bottom feeders is'nt such a good idea, considering how many people they ripped off nation wide at the last company they ran into the ground.
The most important thing we hope to accomplish now is to warn people to never ever buy anything from If you want quality home improvement products go to Kdesigners or American Home Craft or Home Depot, anywhere but If you want to get ripped off go to LOL

More Visitor Feedback #80

Sunday, May 7th 2006 - 08:19:46 PM

From: employee
E-Mail: Private
Subject: u guys suck

how about u take the dick out of your ass and all of u sorry fucks get over it! move on with your lives.

More Visitor Feedback #79

Thursday, April 27th 2006 - 11:02:49 AM

From: fmr employee
E-Mail: Private

Call and ask to speak to micheal madden. I know for a fact that he and gary run the place.

More Visitor Feedback #78

Wednesday, April 26th 2006 - 11:02:38 AM

From: Jim Smith
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Response to all

You guys and me got taken by the creme de la creme of the con-artist business. These guys are better con-men than Redford & Newman, and they were fictional. All you can do is lament the fact you got taken and wait for the nex shoe to drop, which will be Just think how bad the Shragers feel. Hey whatever happened to Mel Fineberg? Was he ever with Pacesetter. Poor guy he got caught up in the mess that was Gary Iskra.

More Visitor Feedback #77

Monday, April 24th 2006 - 10:09:01 AM

From: vera kloone
E-Mail: Private
Subject: sex drugs rock n roll

Never before have I worked in a drug and sexually filled business atmosphere than here. This place was insane. The employees smoke weed on all there breaks, all the employees were fuckin each other, ok well most of them, and we all knew it!! Some of the employees were smokin crack. Sex and drugs in the office, office bathrooms, man it was unreal. Too much drama and too many stoned workin hours. Hehehehehehe. It was fun every day bein stoned, but now that im older i just cant see the point in it. But it was fun lol. VK

More Visitor Feedback #76

Sunday, April 23rd 2006 - 12:30:15 PM

From: me you dumb ass!!!
E-Mail: Private
Subject: re-get a clue jackass

hey closer.. what the hell are you talkin about? if u close so much why do you have enough time to write? shouldn't you be in a house selling something? shut up!!!
you're just another worthless has been!!!

More Visitor Feedback #75

Sunday, April 23rd 2006 - 12:24:23 PM

From: me
E-Mail: Private
Subject: your spelling stupid

anybody is one word not two... (hello come back) business is with one s, not bussiness... what the fuck is ELES? please tell me you don't have a job!!! tell me you're on unemployment. you are too (not two), but too stupid to be employed!!! not EMPLOYIED

More Visitor Feedback #74

Sunday, April 23rd 2006 - 12:15:15 PM

From: me
E-Mail: Private
Subject: re employee of

good job on the spelling jackass... do you even know what the hell you're talking about??? you can't even spell... how the hell do you write up a contract when you can't spell? good job stupid ass... ya know there's spell check retard!!! know your role and shut your mouth. if you were closing SO well then why are you lookin at the site!!!

More Visitor Feedback #73

Thursday, April 20th 2006 - 12:27:47 PM

From: *****************
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Really....Gary's friendly...

I worked for this FRIENDLY GARY fellow you speak of in terms of being a saint. He was sure a saint when my father had a heart attact and i asked to be with him i was told - "I don't fuckin' (his words not mine) care I have a quota to hit" or the time I said "Hey Gary I'm getting married - in a couple weeks I need Saturday off," he responded (I have it all on tape recording)- "You sure ask for a lot of time off." I guess missing 1 day of work in 20 years is a bit excesssive - Oh yeah, I just want to thank Gary for offering to sell his NBA tickets to those who worked around me for 175.00 each after netting over 3 million dollars for the month. To think, most other places the man in charge would have said, "Good Month - have the tickets on me"
Maybe it wan't iskra maybe it was the Gary K.

More Visitor Feedback #72

Thursday, April 20th 2006 - 12:21:07 PM

From: ********
E-Mail: Private


More Visitor Feedback #71

Wednesday, April 19th 2006 - 09:32:35 AM

From: daniel
E-Mail: Private
Subject: on your side

Heard Pacesetter went bankrupt when appproached recently by a new wave of scam sucking artists in the house paint business.About 5 years ago had kitchen cabinets refaced.3 day job took 4 months.Everything was and went wrong.Wrong agreement,wrong work.wrong parts,stole old doors to be used in garage,missized parts that did never work, absolutely no customer service,their lawyer threatened lawsuit if i did not want to pay for the horrendous job,filed a complaint with the contractors board in Sacramento,and finally paid about half when I should have brought them to court.These people would lie to their dad and steal from their mom.Gave their branch office a long apocalyptic 'limb chewing'tirade and when I saw one guy shook up I shifted the words directly to those who could care less.And they don't.So it didn't bother them,but you can believe that soon after a supervisor named Ray expired from a heart attack.Tough tickets!Nice consolation to know that if not here then later over there we all get what's coming to us.I'm accountable for how I react and that is my trouble.I was humbled long ago for fighting back and yet everyone in business that won't be honest in weighing price to work;agreement;quality;time;and service,think that people just will not complain or expect them to do anything about it.Therefore,I have no sympathy for the ones on top of things as they take from the customer everything they can.Tell me if they are truly out of business,so I can hope these takers are the real losers and cannot even sell a burger w/fries.

More Visitor Feedback #70

Wednesday, April 12th 2006 - 09:05:32 PM

From: Zorro
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Butt Licker @ # 69

Said she wouldnt be back on this site after her 1st post and now she 3 long ass posts in the same week. This girl is full of contradictions and dick in her mouth. She must be closing her sales/no demos in record time to free up her time to berate us injured here. She says "Gary told me" as if that means its true, we all know different. We all have all the copies of memos from Gary Iskra promising this and promising that, ALL LIES. Silly ho wants to blame everyone except the people in charge(she must have worked @ Enron). She dosent sound like a happy salesperson rolling in dough, but more like a bottom feeder begging for slop @ the trough of the pigs who destroyed Pacesetter now known as If in fact Klunk and Sikra are doing so well @ why dont they pay us and all the customers nationwide that were RIPPED OFF under their REIGN OF INCOMPETENCE what they owe us and we can move on. Until that time we will all be happy to share the Pacesetter/Myconvictractor connection with anyone open to be victimized by these scumbag lowlifes who, by the way give all home improvement companies a bad name. We should be expecting another long ass post from SHE WHO HAS NO NAME BUT HAS TATTOOS ON HER NECK AND KLUCKS BROWN EYE ON HER NOSE, BUTT LICKER @ # 69 within 24 hours. God bless you all!!

More Visitor Feedback #69

Wednesday, April 12th 2006 - 02:04:10 PM

E-Mail: Private
Subject: ROFLMAO...

YALL ARE JUST MADD CAUSE I GOT PAID AND YOU DIDNT!! and the LAME COMEBACKS, childish! You must be young. Say what you want, fact of the matter is we have 100's of millions of dollars for investing into the company, and its the next best thing to sliced bread. We have the largest displays at the shows, and the most available man power to complete jobs. Again, say what you want, IM GETTIN FATT PAYCHECKS EVERY 2 WEEKS, YALL AINT!! Reason I dont give my name, I DONT WANT YOU TRASHY ASS TELEMARKETERS finding out where I LIVE! Last thing I need is trashy, drug addict, alcoholics coming around my place!! THATS WHY! So, once again, GO AHEAD AND SAY WHAT YOU WANT, THINK WHAT YOU WANT, IT WONT MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN HOW WE DO BUSINESS. WE STILL GONNA MAKE IT BIG, AND MAKE MILLIONS DOIN IT! None of you had ANYTHING to say that was BAD when you were working there, GETTIN PAID every friday, or whatever your pay schedule was, as a matter of fact, PLENTY of you thought it was the best place to work, THATS why you brought all your friends to work there too!! So when the $6 million dollar lawsuit happened and PACESETTER lost, the company was done with, especially since the lawers had access to the BANK ACCT'S of PACESETTER, they just went and took the money. One day PACESETTER had a lot of money, the next day, WE WERE BROKE!! Blame it on the ASSHOLE who was drinkin and drivin, and almost KILLED a child with OUR work truck! Not to mention all the CORPORATE idiots in Penn. who had their heads up their ass and didnt know how to run a BIG company, to make a long story short, the people were too COMFORTABLE in the company for too long and that helped the end of PACESETTER, and Iskra had a bad insurance coverage for employees (FOR HIM) see if an employee went to the hospital to have a baby, it didnt cost the couple anything, they were covered by PACESETTER, but Gary had to come out of pocket, tens of thousands of dollars!! GARY ISKRA paid more monies out for EMPLOYEES than ANYONE CARES to pay attention to. HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS! He told me that one time, an employee had to have a C-section done and it cost him $135,000 in hospital bills. LOL. HE PAID IT FOR THEM!! YEA, BET YOU DIDNT KNOW THAT!! SO all of you who think differently now cause YOU DIDNT GET PAID, but when you were gettin paid, you thought it was the BEST place on earth to work, YALL GOT MENTAL PROBLEMS, go see a doctor. lol. Think what you want about me. Brown Noser, ass kisser, lol, whatever you want, its ONLY your opinion, and doesnt effect me 1 bit. So if your little young ass thinks thats the way to get to someone, GROW UP! Id be glad to talk with ANY of you in person or on another site, or even by AIM, but you will never see my FULL NAME on this site! EVER! I AINT THAT STUPID, THOSE OF YOU WHO DO PRINT YOUR NAME HERE ON THIS SITE, ARE ASKING FOR IDENTITY THEFT AND DANGER OF YOUR FAMILY, CAUSE IT EASY TO FIND YOUR ADDRESS WITH A FULL NAME. STUPID IDIOTS.

More Visitor Feedback #68

Wednesday, April 12th 2006 - 04:00:01 AM

From: CA. Dreamin
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Puppet- Man #61 & 64

Isn't 30th. a month a little lite to have Gary & Gary shove their arm up your ass and wag your lips?.....Well you did say you are enjoying yourself.

More Visitor Feedback #67

Tuesday, April 11th 2006 - 10:47:34 PM

From: Zorro
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Nobody You Know ?

This site amuses me and I consider it service to God & Country to warn people of the evil that men do @ Maybe I will canvass in Rocklin tomorrow, all depends on the weather. LOL

More Visitor Feedback #66

Tuesday, April 11th 2006 - 10:40:41 PM

From: Zorro
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Nobody You Know ?

He called Kluck honest???? According to the brown nose king one minute Cluck is a wonderful, incredible, educated and get this HONEST human being, next minute Clank is an asshole according to this so called salesman. We all know who he is. He forgot to point out the tatoo on his nose of Clunks brown eye. The air must be pretty thin up their where theres bowel movement. Just like Corporation of America who refuse to put their own name on their website this human toilet paper is too embarassed to put his name on his mindless rants. See you @ the next home show dumbass. Z from Sac

More Visitor Feedback #65

Tuesday, April 11th 2006 - 04:22:31 PM

From: Ron from the old Fresno office
E-Mail: Private
Subject: to all the nameless ones.

TO all you nameless people, I guess you do not get it. The Pacesetter corp was a good company years ago. The new management team was the cause of the companys passing. The Garys and the others are not smart savy businessmen. They are liers and theives. They stole literally millions of dollars from suppliers, employees, and customers. If they are now on the team, then the new customers need to know the quality of the management team they are dealing with. You who agree with the way the business was done and profitted will be paid back. Your turn is coming. Al Capone was never convicted of any crimes, except tax evasion. All of you that worked for Pacesetter and lied to customers will be spending time with Bubba. The people that read this website will make sure you will get whats coming to you. As for you foul mouth punks, If you really were as tough as you think you are, you would sign your name. "Vengence is mine sayeth the Lord, I will repay" Ron Penman fresno office.

More Visitor Feedback #64

Tuesday, April 11th 2006 - 03:27:25 PM

From: nobody you know, trust me
E-Mail: Private

NOBODY YOU KNOW. Im not one of the people you think I am. I was paid EVERY CHECK cause I brought in over $190,000 each month, they never missed paying me. I onyl worked for PACESETTER for a short time. I actually NEVER sold out of the SAC office, just CONCORD and SAN JOSE. I AM NOT MIKE BROWN, or NEAL ROGGANCAMP either. Those guys are OLD men, that close the OLD FASHIONED way. Here, this is a HINT. I GOT TATTS on my NECK, hands, and fully sleeved on my right ARM, SEE, NONE OF YOU KNOW ME! Cluck is an ASSHOLE, yea, he is. I personally dont like the guy. Iskra on the other hand, NONE of you know anything about him. You can "read" what you want, but Ill tell ya now, most of the shit that makes it onto the PRESS and then gets out, is bent over 80% before it actually is read. So most of the shit you have read about ISKRA is bullshit, just published by people who didnt like him, and wanted to make the story more exciting, ANY of you that have ever been in the news industry KNOW that! Yea, I said that I wouldnt post agian, but I felt that those of you who think you know me, DONT, and I thought it was unfair for whatever DRUNK you are claiming is me. I dont drink. Ill smoke the hell out of a bag of weed, but drank is pioson. Its gonna be nice when the persone who pays to keep this site up decides not to fuck with it anymore, and it disappears. I am definatly not a CRUMB SNATCHER or whatever you said, I used to be, until i started making money off sorry ass leads that were generated in SAC!!! Lol. Yea, the leads were a JOKE! They SUCKED ass! Most of the homeowners were FORCED into an appointment. "well the guy on the phone said that you would be in my neighborhood and were going to stop by anyways" yea, muther fucker I just drove 68 miles from the city to your house in San jose to "be in the neighborhood" ANYONE CAN DO WHAT YOU GUYS DID. TELEMARKETING IS THE BOTTOM OF THE BARREL EMPLOYEES, THE FOLKS THAT CANT GET A JOB AT A DAMN GAS STATION GOTTA BE TELEMARKETERS! WHY, CAUSE MOST ARE TWEEKERS, DRUNKS, AND TRASHY TRAILER LIVIN SCUM. Sorry, It's TRUE, at least for 75% of them. Anyways, I got a lead to run, some siding to sell. Keep siting at home reading PACESETTERSUCKS.COM and feeling sorry for yourself, its a crack up!!

More Visitor Feedback #63

Monday, April 10th 2006 - 05:49:19 PM

From: Which of the stooges is it?
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Moe-Larry-Curly or maybe Laurel and Hardy?

So, you were waiting so long to post something meaningfull, so why don't you? ....Many of us have gone to other successfull careers and owe it in part to the good training provided by Phil and Harley, you in turn are still eating the crumbs dropped by Gary Iskra or Kluck (crumb snatcher LOL) , look at Iskra's track record and you'll see a trend in destroying companys and not paying is NOT going to make can't change the spots on a Leopard they are dishonest and decietfull people and it will catch up to them again, also how can they rise to the top with YOU? You are a burden to any Co. , just a stooge...drowning in alcohol(thought we did'nt know who you are?) you're past success was just being at the right place at the right time, no talent was ever necessary (or evident in you).
So, when you're ringmasters tell you about how good it's going to be and they spiff you (to keep you dancing), remember before you they screwed somebody else and after you somebody else will dance.....

More Visitor Feedback #62

Monday, April 10th 2006 - 10:31:17 AM

From: private
E-Mail: Private

Who ever you are an idiot because you can't even spell you fit right in with all the other losers and you're just as bad as they are!

More Visitor Feedback #61

Monday, April 10th 2006 - 03:27:37 AM

E-Mail: Private

Okay, THIS SITE was developed for CUSTOMERS that had been screwed over by PACESETTER. Well, that company is NOT LONGER IN BUSINESS! THIS HAS TURNED INTO A SITE FOR ex-employees to bitch cause they are too LAZY to get off their ass and do something with themselves. Yea, A LOT of people GOT FUCKED by the company, customers, and employees too. GUESS WHAT PEOPLE, its PART OF LIFE!! I have been in SALES, the real CLOSING part of sales, for ah, a few years now, I worked for PACESETTER in the "Bay Area" offices. I have worked for some of the BIGGEST names in the industry in the years I have done it, ITS A CUT THROAT INDUSTRY. No company lasts long, there is always "bullshit" going on, on the inside, people always feel they got screwed over somehow by somebody. There is a "Gary Kluck" in every compnay, in every state, out there, ready to piss YOU off! All the people who are bitchin here are the ones who are NOT stepping forward in life with their goals, and stuck in a state of SHOCK from what happened with the company. YOUR FUCKIN CLUE SHOULD HAVE BEEN LONG AGO WHEN THEY STARTED CUTTING SHIT FROM EMPLOYEES, LIKE MEDICAL COVERAGE, AND IMPORTANT THINGS THAT HUMANDS NEED. The larger the company, the more problems are gonna be there. When PACESETTER was goin thru everything it went through, I was still there, see, the people who actually made REAL money got PAID, like me. :) LOL. I was there when they were all sittin up in SAC tryin to think of a different name for the company they wanted to start, in the meetings with CLUCK and everybody who was left. I was there when the auction crews came and picked up the furnature and everyting else in the building. Look people, LIFE is sometimes the SHITS, you have to pick yourself up and keep goin strong. Plenty of you did good there, I seen it, none of you really know me, casue I sat in another office most the time, LOOKIN at all the numbers! If you can take legal action do so. I would personally recomend it. But going online and posting MORE SHIT about the NEW company is plain childish. These people who are trying to keep a business going, had nothing to do with the "ultimate demise" of PACESETTER. Gary Kluck, and Iskra, had noting to do with what happened. It was all political bullshit, and stupid fuckin lawsuits, combined with poor medical insurance for the company, it SHUT the company down. It was alot of different shit that lead up to what hapened. NONE of it was any particular persons fault. I DO STILL WORK WITH BOTH GARY's, they are wonderfull, incredible businessmen, who have made millions of dollars for themselves because they are inteligent, educated, honest human beings. NONE of the people here on PACESETTERSUCKS.COM that I have read their comments know Gary Kluck, or have ever even talked to Gary Iskra on the phone. Lol. You dont know who these people are, BUT YOU POST THEIR PHONE NUMBERS, HOME ADDRESSES, and everyting else. YOU are lucky they dont press charges and go after most of you. Go get another job, file for un-employment or whatever, BUT MOVE ON WITH YOR LIFE! As far as the NEW company goes, MYCONTRACTOR.COM will become the BIGGEST, LARGEST, MOST PROFITABLE company this country has seen, and with it, keep its morals, like honesty, companionship, and dedication to their employees, and customers for years and years. No more rippin off old people and sellin HIGH priced products. For those who know who you are, who just have a "grudge" and cant get the stick out of your ass, and keep printing UPDATED info on the movement of Gary Iskra, and his NEW company, GROW THE FUCK UP, GO GET A DAMN JOB AND MOVE ON WITH LIFE, your PATHETIC!! For those of you wishing to contact me, or want me to get back on here and make more posts, lol, I wont. I have been reading this site for the last few years, and have never made a comment till NOW. It will also be the last. I have said ALL i want to say, and thats that. Those of you who I pissed off, grow up! You are at a lower maturity level than you should be, and need to stop acting like a primate. For those of you who "feel me" and can see what Im sayin, YOU SHOULD HAVE OPENED YOUR FUCKIN MOUTH IN THE PAST! Lol. Im gonna go on making my $30K an month and enjoying myself with what I do, and watch this new company BUBBLE up to the top of the industry, and put everything in the past, where it belongs, and move on with life.....

Good luck to all you NEGATIVE, SELF CENTERED, ex-employees, that cant accept what happened and move on with life, best wishes...

More Visitor Feedback #60

Saturday, April 8th 2006 - 05:44:00 PM

From: greg
E-Mail: Private
Subject: re-employees

hey shelby, i was great on the phone. started in 1997. was telemarketer, then jr asst, sr asst, a training manager, monitoring manager, a rehash manager, a t.m. moved to san antonio, tx and then 3 yrs later the doors were locked & we were on the news. i devoted a lot of my adult life to this company! the schragers were GREAT! but, gary iskra is a loser. he bought the company on april 1st (april fools day) we shut down on friday the 13th!!!! what does that tell you. he could only keep the company open for 1 yr and 2 months... smart guy huh? PEOPLE PACESETTER WAS AN AWESOME PLACE TO WORK AND GET WORK DONE ON YOUR HOMES, UNTIL GARY ISKRA.

More Visitor Feedback #59

Saturday, April 8th 2006 - 05:26:29 PM

From: greg
E-Mail: Private
Subject: re-no involvement w/

i worked for pacesetter for 8 yrs. when i read about my i called them. yes, i spoke to GARY ISKRA personally. he is running that company!!!

More Visitor Feedback #58

Friday, March 31st 2006 - 03:28:01 PM

From: Ex-Cranberry
E-Mail: Private
Subject: RE: Same

I have talked to people at the new company along with another VERY solid contact and found that the company was started and funded by a small group of investors, which, considers their 'owners'. However Gary Iskra is indeed considered the ceo and the other good 'ole boys all are employed there as well. Hell just call & ask for one of them. I also attended a recent home show and seen good 'ole smiling Larry. Yet the legal letter that was sent to this website says these men are not employees or involved with mycontractor. Very unsettling. I wonder what type of loopholes they will try and use to explain that these men "are not affiliated" with & also another unsettling piece of info I got is that the new company, mycontractor, is actually getting a good bit of jobs and work. I just wonder if this time their trying to do things right or just gonna do a small percentage of the work on peoples homes again.

More Visitor Feedback #57

Friday, March 31st 2006 - 01:52:06 PM

From: CaliforniaDreamin
E-Mail: Private
Subject: One in the Same Indeed

Just out of curiosity and concern for my & my wife & kids welfare I thank all for their opinions and information. Of course it's good advice to not believe everything you read, especially on the net. I currently work for mycontractor and it is unsettling to hear some of the info especially considering how close to home it hits. All I can offer is some honest information. Of course this is just that, information only. The CEO of mycontractor's name is Gary. The head of sales name is Mike. The gentlemen running things here in CA is also a Gary. I'm not sure what to do at this point but I felt obligated to convey this info under the risk of my own career, but if what this site says is true then I really don't have much of a career anyhow. Hope everything gets better for all who were wronged, in the end things always even out.

More Visitor Feedback #56

Monday, March 27th 2006 - 03:28:19 PM

From: Scott P. Coleman Sr.
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Warranty work needed for PACESETTER WINDOWS

My PACESETTER windows are 4 or 5 years old. Some of the seals between the glass are sagging. I recieved a call about a year ago stating that Pacesetter, ( Federal Diversified Services), Was now owned by PITTSBURGH WINDOWS, and that i would be contacted..... Guess what?????
The 1-800-310-4608 number supposedly cannot be reached from Friant, Calif........

More Visitor Feedback #55

Friday, March 24th 2006 - 01:17:12 PM

From: Matthew
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Pacesetter woes continue

Well I found out about Pacesetter from doing a refi transaction with a customer who had used them in TX. After searching for the corp. to get a release of lien, I ran into this site. I read every word...and it still amazes me. Well i did some tracking of my own and found out that Gary Iskra, CEO of Pacesetter, was also CEO of Avanced Water Solutions Inc. out of Penn. To make a long story short he has been barred from owning such businesses in the future there, because the company has violated the Consumer Protection Laws in Commonwealth, Penn. In addition both companies are under review for failing to pay employees and have been ordered to pay $16,000 in back pay. In my opinion, these guys are the cream of the crop, capitalistic, and greedy folks that screw everything up for everyone. And they wonder why consumer confidence is on the downslide???

More Visitor Feedback #54

Wednesday, March 22nd 2006 - 11:15:49 AM

E-Mail: Private
Subject: W-2 FORMS

To all former employees of PACESETTER:

The Chapter 7 Trustee IS NOT the party responsible for issuing your W-2 Forms. I understand your fustration, however, I will not be sending out W-2, 1099s or any other tax forms for the Pacesetter Corp.

In an effort to assist all of you, I contacted my local IRS Office and spoke with them regarding this problem. I have been advised that you do not have to have your W-2 in order to file your taxes. Please follow the procedures I will outline below and I believe you will be able to properly and timely file your tax returns:

1. You need your final (LAST) paystub
2. Contact your local IRS office and request form # 4852 or you may go online and print out the form from the IRS web site ( follow instructions

More Visitor Feedback #53

Wednesday, March 22nd 2006 - 05:14:56 AM

From: Ken Mitchell
E-Mail: Private
Subject: 800 number

That number is no longer any good, it just directs to a paid directory in navada.

More Visitor Feedback #52

Wednesday, March 22nd 2006 - 05:09:40 AM

From: Ken Mitchell
E-Mail: Private
Subject: also trying to gain info

I am pro-se against the Pacesetter Corp. I have been trying to find out whom the agent for service is for pacesetter/optimus is. I know that pacesetter is an alter ego of another company. If you can help, please call me at 8324897697 or leave a message at 2818959256.

I would be more than happy to share the information that I have with you.

Many thanks,


More Visitor Feedback #51

Monday, March 20th 2006 - 08:03:27 AM

From: brad tague
E-Mail: Private
Subject: buying house with lien against it

I am trying to buy a house, when they did a title search we found out that pacesetter has a lien on the house. The funny thing about this is the people that got the windows were buying on contract. The person that holds the free and clear title did not sign any contract with pacesetter. This was done in august of 1995. I have found out that Amerfirst has charged off on this. Does anyone out there have any information that I could use to get this cleared up, we are ready to close on the house if we can get the title cleared. any help would be much apperciatd.

More Visitor Feedback #50

Thursday, March 16th 2006 - 03:22:27 PM

From: ex-cranberry
E-Mail: Private
Subject: W-2's

How about this I left an e-mail on and reeceived a reply back that I nned to go through the trustee for Pacesetter to get my W-2's. Is she stupid too.
Does she not know that her Boss was our boss, I don't know maybe they changed their real names too. Like maybe Mickey Madden is now Michael Madeline or something I wouldn't put anything past them. Wait just wait until her paycheck bounces. And she can't pay her bills. I bet she runs for the hills and never looks back.

More Visitor Feedback #49

Thursday, March 16th 2006 - 04:35:37 AM

E-Mail: Private
Subject: RE: shelby

WOW! some folks are really cheap! A free trip to see Mickey Mouse and your ready to take it up the A#@$ from Mickey Madden. Maybe the Shragers WERE (key word)good people but when they wanted to CASH OUT of pacesetter and keep amerifirst they sold out to thugs in there employ who had much experience in corp. dismanteling. Unless the Shragers are completly stupid ignorant folks they knew exactly what they were doing. Infact amerifirst continued writing loans to pacesetter customers for many months when they knew the installs were shit. Worst of all there are 100's if not 1000's of folks that paid their loans in full only to find the liens were still on thier property giving them bad or worse credit scores and preventing them from selling, refinancing, getting that better job or car insurance. Shelby, I'm still a bit financally devasted from my Pacesetter days and can't afford a trip to see Mickey, but tell me, What will you do for a candy bar?

More Visitor Feedback #48

Wednesday, March 15th 2006 - 07:27:55 PM

From: jim harton
E-Mail: Private
Subject: how do i get my window repaired

I just found out the the company named pacesetter is no longer. Is there no one holding onto there guarentee to fix or repair. If so what legal rights do we the costomer have. Please let me know.

More Visitor Feedback #47

Tuesday, March 14th 2006 - 10:21:01 AM

From: RE: Shelby
E-Mail: Private

Shelby, if you read these stories well, you can see it is about the "new Iskra Pacesetter" not the Schrager need to talk down to us I've been on all those trips and more (Arizona, Sanibel Island, Ixtapa....)
So, yes it WAS a good CO. back in the day, but , not the last 2yrs.

More Visitor Feedback #46

Tuesday, March 14th 2006 - 10:05:06 AM

From: Gary
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Response to Shelby

Shelby, you are right the Shragers were good people. I am sure they are mortified about the current situation. However, you and them have no clue what a consummate MESS, Iskra, Madden, et al. are. They are the worst sort of people you can imagine. They cared nothing about the customer or the employee. They cared about themselves only. They are true con men and possibly true criminals. They have bombed three companies, at least.

More Visitor Feedback #45

Monday, March 13th 2006 - 02:13:48 PM

From: Shelby
E-Mail: Private
Subject: positive feedback

I was with pacesetter for 15 yrs and have nothing bad to say about the real pacesetter i was a manager and sale rep and top telemarketer they where a true equal employer and payed me ever dollar promised and paid well the stories told here on this site are stories told by bad employies that could not do there job but the schagger boys ran a great bussiness lets see if this site post the real truth
pacsetter payed for 5 cruise trips 3 time to disney world can any body eles here say that

More Visitor Feedback #44

Sunday, March 12th 2006 - 10:25:43 AM

From: LeRoy Taylor
E-Mail: Private
Subject: CHAPTER 7 All X Employees must read Pass it on

To all x employees wondering about the chapter 7 filed by Iskra and his gang of Hoods
I worked for them, and so did my brother, and owe both of us $ , My brother received papers to fill out a claim against them but I DIDN’T I wonder how many others dint, so here is the info you will need to get them your self, It needs to be done by MAY 15th 2006.
United States Bankruptcy Court of Western Pennsylvania ,
Bankruptcy case #.: 05-50204-MBM
The Pacesetter Corporation of America
aka America’s Home Improvement Co., LLC,aka The Pacesetter Acquistion, Inc
Address of the Bankruptcy Clerk's office
U.S Bankruptcy Court
5414 U.S. Steel Tower
600 Grant Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Telephone # 412-644-2700

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Sunday, March 12th 2006 - 09:12:42 AM

From: elwood
E-Mail: Private
Subject: windows

Your parents windows were made by republic out of Chicago and do cover them for 25yr according to the lawsuit republic filed for 4.2 mill against them. Looks like they have a service charge and ECT …

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Friday, March 10th 2006 - 01:59:12 PM

From: ex employee
E-Mail: Private
Subject: response to #41

At least you admit to being a f**# up. And you are beyond stupid. Now if you would just admit you screwed us. Well we would be getting somewhere. Why don't you tell them the story of how coming back from Baltimore's offfice you wrecked the U-haul carrying your windows and whatever shit you were trying to salvage before they bolted the door shut from non-payment of rent on that building. THAT'S WHAT THEY CALL STUPID...... I like many others will not rest until you are behind bars. I here the meals are five star. And the beds are comfortable, you shouldn't have a problem sleeping since your such a hard-ass. if your good you might get F@#$^% in the a##.

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Thursday, March 9th 2006 - 12:59:01 PM

From: M. Maddeen
E-Mail: Private
Subject: I am Stupid

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA what a joke. These people have burst more bubbles than jabba the hut farting in the bathtub. They will surely do it again., now that is funny.

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Wednesday, March 8th 2006 - 09:02:34 PM

From: girlfriend of a employee
E-Mail: Private
Subject: a lie, not at all

well i've read this site and i'm sorry for all of you people who pacesetter f#@Ked. my boyfriend now works for's sad to say that) and as soon as i was told about this i needed to get as much info out of my boyfriend as i could. well your thoughts as for as being the old pacesetter is true. all of the people you fokes talk about like mr.madden the gary's larry k and the rest of them all work there but they are not employees they are consultants. they run the place. i'm not sure i can say to much more. if and when me and my boyfriend breakup i will give up everything i know and let me tell u i know more now than my boyfriend thinks i do. like what bank they use and all of the good stuff you people would like to know. so keep looking and i will post more later. good luck. p.s.. like someone said go to the homeshow u might just see someone u know!?

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Wednesday, March 8th 2006 - 09:43:07 AM

From: ronald baumert
E-Mail: Private
Subject: pacesetter

Hi i have been trying to track down a way for my parents to get there windows fixed they bought the windows, which are from pacesetter, in 2004 and they have cracked. They tried contacting pacesetter through there warranty papers but have had no luck. Do you by chance have any ideas.

thank you for your time

Ronald Baumert

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Wednesday, March 8th 2006 - 05:58:34 AM

From: Ken MItchell
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Pacesetter legal representation

Does anyone out there have any idea about Pacesetter's corporate structure? I have been trying to get The Pacesetter Corp served with various legal documents with no luck so far. Any information about their agent for service or aliases would be much appreciated as I am engaged in a lawsuit against pacesetter along with Amerifirst home improvements (Financial); whom I believe to be actually the same company hiding the assets of both companies.

Please email me if you have any information.

Many thanks,

Ken Mitchell

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Tuesday, March 7th 2006 - 11:52:23 AM

From: jason danziger
E-Mail: Private
Subject: NEED INFO


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Friday, March 3rd 2006 - 06:47:37 AM

From: private
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Re: Response #35

I have an old W-2 from 2002. Not sure if the numbers have changed but it says "Employer's identification number" 47-0486836, "Employer's state I.D. No." 348-4590-9. Maybe this will help.

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Thursday, March 2nd 2006 - 10:27:19 AM

From: Melissa Dirks
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Former pacesetter employee

My husband worked for pacesetter in Sacramento,CA. last year, for about a month. It was a horrible experience. After struggling to get hours and then get paid for those hours worked, my husband went back to his old job. As I thought would happen we have not received a W2 from them.
I contacted the IRS who has tried to request it from Pacesetter meanwhile they have sent us a form to use in place of a W2 we are trying to efile and need Pacesetters employer tax Id number for federal and state of California.
I have tried every possible way I can think of to find someone from Pacesetter who may be able to give the numbers to me.I was wondering if some who worked there might have a W2 from Pacesetter with the federal and state of Calfornia employer tax Id numbers on it that they could share with me. It would be greatly appreciated.
> Thank you,
> Melissa Dirks

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Thursday, March 2nd 2006 - 06:29:13 AM

From: private
E-Mail: Private
Subject: answer to post 30

The name of their attorney NOW is Philip J. Uher, 11 Stanwix St., 18th floor, Pittsburgh, 15222. Have no phone number for them.

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Monday, February 27th 2006 - 12:25:36 AM

From: Mary Jo Greynolds
E-Mail: Private
Subject: The "shoddy" installation of PaceSetter Replacement Windows

In the summer of 2004 We had replacement put through our entire home. The installers torn up my plaster, left plaster all over the floors in every room and in the window sills. The windows stated to sweat and i called their so called office in Fairmont West Virginia. They sent some joker out that told us it was something we would have to live with!!! I ran him out with the broom. By the way he told us to get a de-humidifier!!! I call again and they sent out another Joker that didn't have too much of anything to say except it was normal for the windows to have "running" water coming down them. He left and we have not heard nothing from them since. Guess what? WE NOW HAVE BLACK MOLD GROWING IN ALL OF OUR WINDOW SILLS!!! I am allergic to any form of mold and it is affecting my health I have to sleep with an oxygen tank to keep from having asthma attacks. How's that for a fine job that PaceSetters do?

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Sunday, February 26th 2006 - 04:32:10 PM

From: ex-employee
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Convention Center

I was reading the Sunday paper when I came accrossed the Home Garden Show they have every year held at the Convention Center breifly reading through I noticed that is listed as one of the vendors who has a space their at the show. It runs March 3-12 at the convention center downtown Pittsburgh. There is a flyer in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. I am going to check it out, I woundldn't be surprised if Madden or one of the old salesman is going to be there. Anyone want to join me....

Admin's Response: Bring your camera and snap some pictures. If you can get some solid proof that the old Pacesetter guys are associated with, we want to see it.

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Friday, February 24th 2006 - 08:24:41 PM

From: Anonymous
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Law Firm

You have to read through the posts man... There is actually a lot of information in here.

- The law firm that represents them is the Metz Lewis law firm. I believe the website is You can find the address, phone #'s, and e-mail at the site.

Good Luck

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Thursday, February 23rd 2006 - 08:41:56 AM

From: Chris
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Bankruptcy Attorney/Address

Nate - #10

Could you possibly provide the name of the bankruptcy attorney/address/phone number?


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Tuesday, February 21st 2006 - 10:34:58 PM

From: enough is enough
E-Mail: Private
Subject: klucks suck

listen we all know that these guys are not going to pay us ajny money that they owe us. I just consider it karma because of all the crazy hours they made us work have no life. I would not want to be kluckfor all the money in the world. Does he sleep at night? or drive around without fear that somebody might jump him. Me i think its funny there is a god payback is a bitch!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, February 21st 2006 - 08:37:20 AM

From: R.Schmidt
E-Mail: Private
Subject: W-2's

There is no way to process the W-2's. The boy's from Pittsburgh left a small crew to process data in Omaha, who also is/was owed money with the promises that they also would be paid as soon as new financing came through. You guys are not the only suckers, they are into us for over $14,000, which will never be seen. I do not believe there
is any way to process the W-2's since all the files and computer equipment was no longer functional and removed from the offices.

More Visitor Feedback #27

Sunday, February 19th 2006 - 11:50:07 PM

From: Shane in indy
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Thank you fellow employees

Even though it seems to have been a bad trip for me, I did get5 to meet alot of good people in Ohio and Indiana. I made friends, real friends with alot of my customers. It gave me hope that there are still alot of good people in this world. I didn't think so before. To my customers, I was always honest with my answers, good or bad, or I simply said nothing at all. I still think about my journeys across the midwest and the people I met. I miss the road, I don't miss standing on ladders in the snow, wind and rain for peanut wages, or driving a piece of crap truck with nearly 300,000 miles on it all ovwer this beautiful country. To my co workers in Grand Rapids, Omaha, and Nashville, thank you so much for the memories, i truly miss you all, especially Jennifer in Omaha. I learned that it is easier to get more productivity out of an employee by simply respecting them, you must remember they are people too, and you may not always be protected by your position over them, I mean, one day they may not work for you anymore and you may have to answer to their pain. As for me, easy going, no hard feelings, cause the boss told me I was one of the best, Omaha said I was great at getting service completed successfully, and very few return trips. Dear customers, becareful who you hate, not all of us were guilty, mostly the "new regime" is who you need to focus on. I never learned so much in my life about skilled trade as I did from the veteran employees in our shop, B.B., J.C., J.P., and yes even you B.S. Mycustomers were usually thrilled to death to get product installed, they were only upset when they got that first bill. To all my friendly customers in Toledo, Dayton, FT.Wayne, and so on, I wish you all the best in the end.

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Sunday, February 19th 2006 - 10:16:04 PM

From: Private
E-Mail: Private
Subject: #16 Reply

All of the ex-owners of Pacesetter are indeed running 1 888 836 8989 and 916 784 0333, which by the way Gary Kluck/Colonel Klink's wife answers the 916 number. Everybody has new jobs and has moved on with their lives, we just want money owed to us, how unreasonable is that? Its amusing to see mycontractor instruct their so called employees to post nonsense and lies here because its same thing they did when they were Pacesetter. Its very important to keep reminding people that Pacesetter is next time, positive things happen to positive people

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Sunday, February 19th 2006 - 10:13:38 PM

From: Shane
E-Mail: Private
Subject: they tried too late

I attended a business meeting in Pittsburgh one time when I was an employee, and Pete Daniels or Danielson was there. So was redecker and a retiring bill goldman. These guys were steppping forward and asking us as assistants to go the extra mile and do services for customers without trip charges being applied. They really seemed sincere in rebuilding a nearly destroyed reputation. Problem was, these guys were left in the dark about how assistants were treated when it comes to raises or sometimes even being talked to like a respectable person, we were treated like children most of the time. How do you ask for anything extra after all of that? Nice try. I did like mr. Pete and mr. Goldman, they were old school pacesetter, trusting I still believe, they just had no clue how we were treated at home. By the way, I did take it upon myself to go the extra mile for the customer even before I was ever asked. I got bit by a damn pitbull twice on two separate occasions toperform services for the company. I didn't sue my customer, and the boss said, "well, I got bit too." I'm torn about my old supervisor, he had two weeks to inform me of my lay-off and didn't do it still knowing I had a family too. Part of me likes him to this day, and that's good, cause I'm old school, I don't call the police and I don't sue. Why do you spank a child? To make sure they don't make a mistake twice. I would probably want to remove his teeth and then drink a beer with him, just the kind of guy I am. To all of my old customers in indiana and ohio, I know you remember me, you know I did my best for you service wise, and if you never heard from me again it was not my decision. I have a conscience, and I do care about people. Money does rule this world, but surely shouldn't. Where have all of our values gone in this country? If this were not the truth I wouldn't have given my name. To my co-workers, I really miss all of you. Rick, Schrager that is, we all know why youleft the company after your father sold it out. Bless you, I wouldn't have put upwith what Isky was going to do either, and Rick did care about all of us, and he wasn't going to be a part of it. Those are the values I'm talking about. Americans, all you have is your word to go by, especially if you are poor, don't abuse that, it used to mean everything, now-a-days it aint worth spit even for the working man.

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Sunday, February 19th 2006 - 09:02:04 PM

From: private
E-Mail: Private
Subject: prison for iskra kluck and madden (puss)

I was just going through my old notebooks, the one's I kept aside for days like these. Everytime I met a customer I liked on the job or a customer that was deeply upset I kept their names, phone#'s and addresses, just in case one day I got jammed. I got enough to send them to prison I believe, just don't know where to start with it. I got jammed. So did alot of other employees, love to see Iskra or madden in the pen, been there, they wouldn't make it a month just because of their dispositions. by the way, I was told the only reason iskra went back to PA was because his wife was bitching about Omaha, damn, gotta keep the lil lady happy, she's hot too. too damn pretty for his ass. Hey gary is that bulls$%t hairdo real? Whats this roomer about gittin on the desk?

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Sunday, February 19th 2006 - 08:23:31 PM

From: private ex-employee
E-Mail: Private
Subject: employee pride

I know the folks from the factory in Omaha were proud workers and surely showed. I ordered products for our office from them and the craftsmanship was outstanding, only due to employee pride. Don't anybody feel badly about what happened out in Omaha's factory, you were all fine employees. Some owners resigned and walked away when they heard Iskra's plans for the future. They were proud too. I do feel for all of you, hope things get better, and it is hard to forget when big money steps on you. Who fights the wars?..we the poor. Who works to build america?..we the poor. Who suffers in america?.. we the poor. Who is left with the bill at the end of everyday? we the poor. So, go ahead and vote republican, continue to get stomped by the big money people. That stuff is why people don't want to work anymore, they are not lazy, their tired of kissing ass for a living and then watching the big guy get all of the tax breaks. Hey, send the big guy to Iraq, we're footing the bill anyway. When is Bush gonna tell why 911 really happened anyway? Does everyone know the Bush family is in the oil business? I guess not, or he would havwe never been elected. Laws protect guys like Iskra, Madden, and Kluck. Us poor guys still got street justice though...

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Sunday, February 19th 2006 - 07:26:59 PM

From: sorry
E-Mail: Private
Subject: illegal install

I installed a wayne dalton garage door opener on a block building and the only opening on the structure itself. I reported that it was a fire hazard, I was told to install it anyway and collect. Never install an opener on a building with only one opening. It had no windows even. I didn't know better, I was just told to do it or corporate would pitch a fit. I found out later it was not the right thing to do. I personally replaced alot of openers for pacesuckers, because they all seemed to be problemful. The training of istallation was weak.

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Sunday, February 19th 2006 - 07:19:16 PM

From: laid off
E-Mail: Private
Subject: change of name, still the same old stinkers

They did change the name, and the reason is because of this website I am told. This site really erked em when I worked there, heard they offered to buy it too. You will not find their names on anything any longer so beware!

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Sunday, February 19th 2006 - 07:15:21 PM

From: anonymous indianapolis office
E-Mail: Private
Subject: former employee

I swear the following to be true whether i can prove it on paper or not! I worked in the indy office for3 years. I didn't realize at first why customers were so upset all of the time. Then I seen bad quality, and the pricing on the materials. I have personally installed windows in houses that were barely standing. I witnessed sales people take advantage of the elderly. One time, it seemed like all of my customers were on dialysis. That's because sales got hold of a list of people on kidney dialysis and went for it. No morals and no ethics. At the end of it all, after all of the headaches, they laid me off with no notice and a family to take care of. There were employees who did try to do good work, even though the pricing could not be fixed. I'll tell you, the guys working in your homes were innocent. They only wanted to make a living. The assistants had the tasks of trying to keep customers happy for 10-12 bucks an hour, never any hopes for raises. The guys who done you are the ones in the suit and ties, the corporate office people. They also shut down the factory in Omaha with no notice. You should know that if you see an ex-employee on the street that they were used also. I've encountered so many upset customers it's a wonder I was never shot to death, sometimes it was close. I've been cussed and even bitten, you'd swear I stole from them, not so. I learned so much I lost sleep. These guys deserve to be in prison is my thought. I want to say so much more that I know, but legally I can't. Heresay that I know is true. Can't prove it. I do care about people, maybe that's why I suffer financially, I give all I have to others in need for a place in heaven hopefully. Don't worry about the products, especially the fiberglass windows, they are effective, very well constructed to last, they just ripped people off price wise though. I did and still do believe in the products if installed properly. Don't play games with the hired help, they are naive and innocent, by making their day awful, you've done nothing to the evil empire, just kicked the little guy to death. He is there to help, and sometimes they are overwhelmed whether you can tell it or not. Go for the big guys, they are the ones with your money and houses.

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Sunday, February 19th 2006 - 08:18:58 AM

From: private
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Getting on with our lives!

We will get on with our lives when the dirty rats that worked us and didn't pay us give us our money!!!!! And we still wont rest until they get what is due them for destroying and using so many lives!!!!!!!!

Still pissed, and revenge is a human trait we all carry. WE WANT OUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Friday, February 17th 2006 - 11:21:00 PM

From: Private
E-Mail: Private
Subject: My

Everybody knows Gary Klink er. Kluck is @ Somebody saw a myconractor yellow sign in front of a newly coated house in North Highlands and the next day the poor sign sign had vanished. Maybe the sign was ashamed. Remember positive things happen to positive people. My will never ever be able to wash the Pacesetter stench off, unless maybe they send Colonel Klink and his brown nose crew packing.

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Friday, February 17th 2006 - 08:48:55 AM

From: A cardboard box and a phone
E-Mail: Private
Subject: The truth???? Right.......wink.

MyCONTRACTOR.COM includes at least 2 former owners of Pacesetter (not the decent ones, SCHRAGERS)so, don't BS us.... clean up your back yard and this will go away!!!More clearly;
1-An apology
2-Pay what you owe
3-Get into another line of work

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Thursday, February 16th 2006 - 06:47:25 PM

From: The Truth
E-Mail: Private
Subject: The Truth

All of the "ex" owners are not in charge of but employees. Some people need to get on with their lives & finally get a new job.

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Thursday, February 16th 2006 - 06:27:20 AM

From: C. VanLeer
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Pacesetter filing Chapter 7Bancruptcy

I visited your site a few weeks ago and saw that Pacesetter filed Chp 7 on Nov 17 2005 in Pennslyvania case #05-50204. I can't find the info now? Could you email me the info that you have? They have a open mtg on my property that I wasn't aware of being a new homeowner(nieve)when they approach me & my husband. We purchased 4 windows for about $5,500. Now we have a unreleased lein against our home & we can't contact them. We can't even get our home refinanced because of this.

Thank you for any help...

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Wednesday, February 15th 2006 - 07:29:12 PM

From: Hmmmm...
E-Mail: Private
Subject: #13

Boy sounds like #13 is one of the good ole boys!!Unfortunately, for him the numbers posted are public information...but then I'm sure your attorney will tell you that!! I'm glad to see how much you care about what you did to so many families that worked their ass off for you. I hope that when you shut your eyes at night, you will forever think about how many families and homes you ruined with your irresponsible decision making...well, i'm sure that won't be the case since you have no moral fiber.

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Wednesday, February 15th 2006 - 06:01:37 PM

E-Mail: Private
Subject: FEEDBACK #45

The number that you posted does not have any parts or anything to do with Pacesetter Corp. I do not have any idea where you got the number but if you continue to post the number i will have my attorney get in touch with you.

More Visitor Feedback #12

Tuesday, February 14th 2006 - 05:25:44 AM

From: Ken Mitchell
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Urgent

Pacesetter Corp has many alias, such as Amerifirst, and Optimus that they operate beneath. The company appears to be a front for being able to hide all of it's assets or shelter it from anyone being able to recover anything from them financially if granted a judgement against them.

My wife and I are located in Houston, Texas and currently in a battle against the corporation(Amerifirst Home Improvement)formerly known as Pacesetter. Our situation is very simular to many of the tragic stories that I have read on your site of which I am much appreciative of. However, there doesn't appear to be a favorable outcome in sight for us. We have been engaged in a lawsuit with a lawfirm(The Reyes Law Firm, PC, The Park at Eanes Creek, 4407 Bee carve Road, Suite 512, Austin, Texas 78746)that has on many occasion shown that their conduct to be both ethical and unprofessional.

Any information from anyone who has had dealings with this entity; either in the past,or current that can be provided to me will be utilized to bring these bullies down and hopefully keep others from having to experience unwarranted pain and suffering.

For more details about my current status:

Please contact me at:

Ken Mitchell
P.O. Box 15983
Houston, Texas 77220-5983


Many Thanks

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Tuesday, February 14th 2006 - 04:01:50 AM

From: screwed2
E-Mail: Private
Subject: W 2's

I spoke with Pacesetters Bankruptcy Attorneys office at the end of Jan. They said W 2's were going to be sent out soon. No sign of mine yet. Anyone receive theirs yet?

More Visitor Feedback #10

Monday, February 13th 2006 - 03:25:59 PM

From: Nate
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Pacesetter and the W-2's

Hello.. just wanted to share some info I received from the law firm representing Pacesetter. I e-mailed them to ask about the W-2's, because I heard they were going to be sent out soon. Here is their response:

We have had a meeting ( the 341 meeting which was continued until March
15, 2006), with the Trustee and discussed this matter.

Pacesetter, a bankrupt, by its former officers, is not presently
processing any w-2 information.

The trustee, did indicate that he would look into the possibility of
trying to have the work done to get w-2s and any 1099's processed.

Donald Mazzotta, Esq.
Look into the possibility of it?? WTF!?!?! Any suggestions on what we should do now? I dont have my last pay stub, I only have the pay stub ending 05/12/05. I think I received one check after that. I can't wait to finally get away from this company.

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Thursday, February 9th 2006 - 09:53:26 PM

From: God’s country
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Republic Windows & Doors, LLC vs. Gary Iskra, Mark Aloe, Gary Kluck, and Michael Madden

More Visitor Feedback #8

Wednesday, February 8th 2006 - 10:30:47 PM

From: Scott Delger
E-Mail: Private
Subject: The mentally disabled elderly lady.

I have been in the home improvement industry since 1998. I started out as a telemarketer, but have moved on to other sources of marketing, since telemarketing has become so difficult. The story I read is like many others I've heard. I have known many people that worked at Pacesetter in Minneapolis, Minnesota many years ago. The story I read of the mentally disabled lady is unbelievable to me. I know that if my company came across someone like this, we would ask to talk to someone that helps make decisions with the house before accepting any money , or doing any work. I know for a fact that none of my salesmen would have even tried to sell her anything. This is unethical. We are all out to make money in this business, but we should all realise that there are morals involved. We pride ourselves on being honest, and giving our best effort on every job we do. It is the few companies like this that give all of us a bad reputation. From looking at the pictures of the windows installed, I can say that these are what we call a retro-fit window, and would work for most people. However, after seeing the exterior frame I am quite convinced she should have had a full-frame replacement window. It is very clear to me that whoever sold this job, and whoever accepted the sale were only out to make a buck and did not have the homeowners best interest in mind. I would recommend to anyone thinking of hiring any contractor for anything to check with the Better Business Bureau, and get some personal referrals from the company, of jobs you can see and people you can talk to. The # to the Minnesota BBB is 651-699-1111

More Visitor Feedback #7

Wednesday, February 8th 2006 - 07:31:42 PM

From: Ben Allen
E-Mail: Private
Subject: repair of pacesetter window

Okdy, I've read the info, but I still have some pacesetter windows and sometimes I need parts. How do I contact someone who has some pacesetter window parts? Thanks for the info, Ben

More Visitor Feedback #6

Wednesday, February 8th 2006 - 02:17:18 PM

From: Allyson Mace
E-Mail: Private
Subject: repairs

Hey, how do we get things fixed now? Anyone know who to call?

More Visitor Feedback #5

Tuesday, February 7th 2006 - 04:30:19 PM

From: margaret loftus
E-Mail: Private
Subject: pay-off

I am trying to refi my house and Pacesetter has a deed of trust against my house. Federal Diversified Services is who we paid. I need to contact them. Could you please help.
Margaret Loftus

More Visitor Feedback #4

Monday, February 6th 2006 - 08:24:08 PM

From: rich
E-Mail: Private
Subject: w-2

thanks for the info about pacesetter
I worked for them for two and a half months in 2005. do you have any information if they filed taxes on employees
or are sending w-2's.

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Sunday, February 5th 2006 - 05:46:47 PM

From: Fitting video
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Iskra, Aloe, Madden & Kluck - cluelessness caught on video

Iskra, Aloe, Madden & Kluck - cluelessness caught on video.

I know you probably already saw this super bowl commercial, but you got to admit the thugs come to mind....

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Sunday, February 5th 2006 - 01:18:56 PM

From: private
E-Mail: Private

You can get replacements parts for your Pacesetter windows at your local junk yard.

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Saturday, February 4th 2006 - 12:38:30 PM

From: Ken Innes
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Welcome to the sixth book!

Yep, it's that time! The fifth book of unfiltered visitor feedback just about filled up, so here is the next book to keep things flowing smoothly.

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