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More Visitor Feedback #141

Saturday, February 4th 2006 - 12:42:12 PM

From: W-2 Information
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Information on W-2s and Bankruptcy

To all:

The following information concerns the W-2s and bankruptcy.

Banruptcy was filed in November 17, 2005. The case # is 05-50204 and was filed in Western PA. Trustee of the case is Robert L. Williams. The law Firm of Metz Lewis is handling the case ( The recorded infromaton says that Phillip Uher (412-918-1148) is the lawyer handling the case but upon a call to Metz Lewis (412-918-1100)found that Donald Mazzotta is the lawyer we need to talk to. His direct # is 412-918-1130; fax # is 412-918-1199. Renee Bish is Mazzotta's administrative person. Unfortunately, I don't have her dirct number but you can call the main # to get to her. Mazzotta's e-mail is: Not surprisingly, neither Bish or Mazzotta have returned my calls. Supposedly, we should be able to contact them to get the W-2s. The bankruptcy is a Chapter 7 so there are no assets. I'm sure Aloe transferred all of the cash to a Swiss bank account (why else would the company pay for him to go to Switzerland?) and to one of his other corporations (Three Sister Corporation or Berne University). I'm sure they drained cash out of the company and are doing quite well.

My sources also tell me that they are working on getting the W-2s printed within a couple of weeks from now. Let's hope that's true. YOu can file your taxes if you have your last paystub and tell the IRS that the company went out of business and yous hould be OK. I think there is a form on the IRS web site that you can complete to send in with your taxes to explain the situation.

We all can only hope that Iskra, Madden, Kluck and that little shit Aloe will get theirs. It IS a round world.

More Visitor Feedback #140

Saturday, February 4th 2006 - 10:45:02 AM

E-Mail: Private
Subject: TAX I.D

Does anyone know the federal tax I.D and California state I.D for tax purposes?
Are these numbers the same from year to year?
Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
I worked for Paceseter for nearly 20 years, I wish the best to everyone.

More Visitor Feedback #139

Tuesday, January 31st 2006 - 03:35:22 PM

From: private
E-Mail: Private
Subject: PA Channel 11 Target Investigator

If everyone emailed Target 11 with their story, maybe they will dig really deep and do a thorough investigation on Pacesetter/American Home Installation Co./my The site is news then click on the Target 11 button at the top and you will get the email address.

More Visitor Feedback #138

Tuesday, January 31st 2006 - 02:31:03 PM

From: Cathie
E-Mail: Private
Subject: an insiders view

I came across this page while trying to track down a phone number where I can call Pacesetters. You see I worked for them for a few months this last year, and haven't received a W2 from them. Now, I am a single mother and a few months might not be a lot, but it can make a big difference for me. I have been in telemarketing for the past 10 yrs, have been a manager of 2 call centers and a handful of teams. I started at Pacesetter back in March and was told about the wonderful commission that they have set up for the sales team. Customers don't have to buy anything you just have to get the salesmen into their house for a demo. If you get 3 of these you get paid 2 dollars more an hour, 6, four dollars more, 9, eight dollars more an hour. Now, I have always been very good at sales. Have made a very good, and honest living by doing this. I looked at the products and they seemed really nice. I liked the fact that they had been around for a long time. Thought that I could do this and make a pretty decent living. That is what I get for thinking. Yes, they do train the telemarketers to be very high powered. Which is not my style, depending on how it is said no, means no. No, does not mean ask 5 different questions, say thank you for your time, hang up and go on to the next call. After all telemarketing is just a numbers game. Anyhow, it turns out that the reschedule about 75 percent of the appointments that you set therefore when yout think you should have 20 demos in one week you really only have 3 and then they would tell you that one canceled which was most likely true so you go down to 2 demos which doesn't qualify you for your commission. Then when you do finally get commission you have to fight to get the check.
As far as the telemarketers that keep calling you over and over. The call center where I was, was on an automated dialer meaning.........that I had no control over who was being called, I just started my pitch as soon as it beeped in my ear. You are supposed to mark on the acct how far you got in your pitch so who ever gets it next knows where to start.
As soon as I figured out how they were cheating their own employees out of money I quit. For if someone can't be honest with their own employees how can I expect for them to be honest with their clients? It bothered me a great deal that there were people out there that associated my name with Pacesetter. I was raised where your name meant something, and that you should always take care of it. I was also raised by parents who had their own business is that you aren't anything without your customers because they are the ones who are in charge of your paycheck. I wish that Pacesetter would have realized this and maybe they wouldn't be where they are today. For everyone who I brought to this company I do offer my sincerest apologies.

More Visitor Feedback #137

Tuesday, January 31st 2006 - 12:03:34 PM

From: Private
E-Mail: Private
Subject: W2's

The W2's are going to miss the 01-31-2006 deadline but my sources say that they are working on them. They could be ready it about 2 weeks. If get anymore info I will post it here.

Good luck to all.

More Visitor Feedback #136

Tuesday, January 31st 2006 - 08:30:21 AM

From: ex-employee
E-Mail: Private

Sounds to me someone or somebody is a little scared. That their new company is going to take some heat. We know, all of us know what is going on. We have played their games all to many times. My is run by the same peple iskra, madden, kluck where aloe fits in well that's yet to be seen. And you know they read this site as much as we do.
I can almost bet their running scared. They made their bed now they have to lay in it.
Pittsburgh's Channel 11 Target 11 has the scoop and will be airing a story about the updates that have unfolded after the Pacesetter doors were closed.

Some old employees have received letters regarding a hearing coming up February 8th at 2pm in pittsburgh courts.
I myself never received one. Most of the paperwork from the Cranberry office was disposed in the dumpster not shredded. God knows what information of ours got out.

More Visitor Feedback #135

Sunday, January 29th 2006 - 09:00:08 PM

From: Really?????
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Don't b.s us!!!!!!

So, this company is not afiliated with Pacesetter?......then
why are they calling all Pacesetter customers, trying to sell them more or, installing old jobs?.Please don't insult our intelligence..........using one company to sell and the other to install(Quality first and HQ. in PA. and two offices in CA. wow, maybe a coincedence..........It's hard not to start using foul language you !@##$$%%.

More Visitor Feedback #134

Sunday, January 29th 2006 - 09:00:01 AM

From: Confidential
E-Mail: Private

Your web-site makes incorrect statements concerning a new company. The gentlemen you refer to do not own nor are they employees of the new company.
Your use of that company's name is unathorized and may cause significant damage to this company. You should expect to hear from corporate counsel in the near future.

Admin's Response: I do not want incorrect information on this site. If the people of Pacesetter do not own and are not employed by, then could you please tell us how they are associated with

More Visitor Feedback #133

Friday, January 27th 2006 - 09:46:57 AM

From: private
E-Mail: Private
Subject: 888 phone number Mess.#102

Just called this 888-836-8989 and it is to A site I believe is an input site and/or referral for lots of contractors.

More Visitor Feedback #132

Friday, January 27th 2006 - 07:00:38 AM

From: Dunk
E-Mail: Private
Subject: W2's

I spoke to an attorney today, she told me that they legally have to send them, they have until the 31st of Jan. to send them out, and if they're by at least a week after that, to call the IRS, and an attorney, because they will have broken the law. (Wouldn't be the first time!!!)

More Visitor Feedback #131

Thursday, January 26th 2006 - 11:02:56 PM

From: ex employee
E-Mail: Private
Subject: ex employee adds info

pacesetter gave out this number fty 10-10-37 as a factory discount #. all it is is one of the big wigs' birthdays. the office on broadmoor in kentwood michigan has been vacant for several months. many of the managers used a "backdoor" approach when sending salesmen to potential customers' doors. they asked the homeowner if they'd seen the rep yet and if not, to watch for him. pacesetter began going down the tubes in 2003 i belive. i had been there for 2 years. then one day i came in to work and was notified that i was now a part time employee. since i was now "Part time," i lost my vacation time, sick time, insurance, as well as $1 per hour. of couse they put it in the computers before they told me so that i could not request my vacation or sick time.

More Visitor Feedback #130

Wednesday, January 25th 2006 - 03:55:05 PM

From: Ginger Nash
E-Mail: Private
Subject: getting paid?

I worked for Pacesetter for a year and a 3 months, at the end of May they shut our office down. My husband worked there as well and between the two of us they owe about three thousand dollars net to us. I seriously doubt we'll ever see that money, but I do want to know if Gary Iskra meant it when he said he wouldn't be sending out W-2's. I heard that from a former co-worker who actually managed to get him on the phone. If they can't pay us can we at least get the money we are entitled to as tax paying citizens??

More Visitor Feedback #129

Wednesday, January 25th 2006 - 11:20:41 AM

From: Shafted by Pacesetter
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Pacesetter has filled Bankruptcy

for your copy of a w2 call
Attorney Phillip J Uber, Metz Lewis 11 Stanwix Street, 18th Floor Pittsburgh, Pa, 15222 telephone 412-644-2700, The are representing Pacecetter Corp:
to file a proof of claim form (for your wages they owe you) go on line to go to forms download or fill out form "Proof of Claims for Pittsburgh Cases. this form must be typed mail it to the address on the form.
ohh if you have filled with the Labor Commision, they can not do anything due to the "bk"
Tthe attorneys office are supposed to be in charge of mailing w2's if you get it and it is not correct call them back and ask for a amended w2.
And may the force be with you all...

More Visitor Feedback #128

Tuesday, January 24th 2006 - 04:35:44 PM

From: A Former Employee
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Phil Shrager

Well, Phil is certainly putting his money to good use. Imagine what his total art collection is worth if the painting as described below was bought for $352,000?

I could tell you 13 years worth of stories about the poor, the elderly, the uninformed and gullable who bought products from pacesetter to line the pockets of this egotistical example of corporate and personal greed.

Interesting how he sold and then washed his hands of any further obligations to those who built his fortune.

What a shame.


"The final lot, David Salle’s Ashton (1992), a large painting dominated by a portrait of a sour-looking fop with pursed lips, sold for $352,000 to collector Phil Schrager. Perhaps the market for works by the prototypical 1980s artist, who has concurrent exhibitions now on view at Mary Boone Gallery and is showing with Deitch Projects at Art Basel Miami Beach, is on the way up."

More Visitor Feedback #127

Saturday, January 21st 2006 - 05:19:37 PM

From: Ex-Employee
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Perfect Solution

The FYI channel has slots for advertising that you can buy. I am seriously concerning buying a spot to let the public know that Pacesetter is reborn again under (

This will be a chance to have it aired on t.v. and everyone will be able to see it.

More Visitor Feedback #126

Friday, January 20th 2006 - 11:16:34 AM

From: Lindsay
E-Mail: Private
Subject: W2's

Nevermind, I found the form on, H&R Block directed me to them. You still need a W4 to use that form though. I'll check w/ IRS and H&R Block both to see where I can get one of those. Pacesetter just keeps screwing us and screwing us!!!!!!!
Like it wasn't bad enough that they didn't pay us, and stole money from us for Health Insurance that we didn't even have anymore, now this!
When will it end??????

More Visitor Feedback #125

Friday, January 20th 2006 - 09:53:59 AM

From: Lindsay
E-Mail: Private
Subject: W2's

Where do we download the form from? what site do I need to go to to find it?

More Visitor Feedback #124

Thursday, January 19th 2006 - 07:56:35 PM

From: None
E-Mail: Private
Subject: New Contact Information

More Visitor Feedback #123

Thursday, January 19th 2006 - 06:48:47 PM

From: sherry martinet
E-Mail: Private
Subject: six sets of window and still can't see thru the stickers

My nightmare started when Pacesetter installed my upstairs windows that sit 6" from the floor. The 15 foot windows face the West so we asked for the darkest tint possible. The picture they showed us looked great. When they installed the windows they were suppose to be low-E, tempured and dark tint, my living room became hotter than with just a pane of glass. I called and said the windows were very hot to the touch and the room was like an oven. I continued to call from the installation date for 3 months. Finally they sent someone out, they informed me the tint was reflecting in not out, so they would flip the windows and that should take care of the problem. While flipping the windows they broke the windows, that is when I found out they were not tempured glass. They then told me that it would take about two weeks for the windows to be reordered and installed. A month later pacesetter hadn't called. I called them, I received countless empty promises from several managers that seemed to disappear one after another, like rats jumping ship. One manager even died. After six months with no resolve, I saw an attorney. He sent a letter. Suddenly, they had windows for me. I received a call for an appointment. I scheduled to have no one show up. I called them an rescheduled. This time they showed up, but the windows were not tinted nor tempured. I refused the windows, shame on me. It took them six sets of windows, and ten appointments before they showed up with windows with tint and tempured glass. Of couse I must of been out of my mine to expect them to be low-E too. Regardless they installed but didn't attach the windows to the house. These windows sit 15 feet above a cement slab.

When I called the sales representative, who said if I had any problems to call him, he transfered me and refused to talk to me again.

Meanwhile the other windows they installed, they never caulked or repaired the surface around(that they damaged) so they leaked and caused damage to the interior of my home. My complaining about that too made me a difficult customer.

Being the upstanding reputable company, they of couse still expected payment for a job not done. They wouldn't release the lein on my property without payment they felt they were entitled too for an incomplete job.

That sales representative who transfered me showed up at my door a year and a half later not realizing the problem hadn't been resolved. He was looking for a reference from me for one of my neighbors. He wanted to take a picture of my house. He was so bright, he didn't notice the windows were still broken. He also wanted to sell me the windows we didn't replace yet. I of course being a lady threw him out on his rearend and told him I wouldn't refer his company or him for a dog house. Later that day, he came back and took a picture any ways. I called the company and threatened them with a law suit if he used those pictures for a reference or any type of advertising.

My final results ended in windows that are falling apart, leaking, stickers in between the two panes of glass and damage to my home. Thank you pacesetter.

You may notice I never capitalized they're name, its because they don't deserve that much respect.

I just heard of this web site today and couldn't wait to write in. If you ever decide to make a class action law suit, I will be happy to join in.

More Visitor Feedback #122

Wednesday, January 18th 2006 - 02:04:42 PM

From: exer employee
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Crying over spilled milk

Poor Poor Nick, Your secret is out!!!! How long did you think it would take for people to find out where you are working. If it was such a hush hush thing, you should of stayed self-employed even if you didn't know what you were doing, you would of still kept your respectful reputation, now you are considered trash just like the rest of them !!!!!
Best of Luck!! Yeah Right

More Visitor Feedback #121

Tuesday, January 17th 2006 - 04:00:25 PM

From: private
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Pacesetter bankruptcy

I received today from the bankruptcy court the district of Pennsylvania a notice of chapter 7 bankruptcy case, meeting of creditors & deadlines. A meeting of creditors is to take place february 8, 2006 at 2pm in Pittsburgh. Like most of you I do not live in Pennsylvania. Pacesetters Attorney phone number is 412-918-1100 his name is Philip J. Uher or the trustee is Robert Williams 412-802-8650.

Their (Pacesetters) tas ID number is 20-0615234 which you will need to file your taxes. You can download the IRS form number 4852 off the internet. Must have adobe reader.
this form is a substitute for form w-2 wage and tax statement.

My question is now what do we do that I received and you will to the bankruptcy form?

More Visitor Feedback #120

Tuesday, January 17th 2006 - 12:15:50 PM

From: Lindsay Duncan
E-Mail: Private
Subject: parts for storm door

I may be able to help you get some parts. One of the old Service Managers/Installation Managers has started his own business now, he's just getting started but he's doing home improvements now too. I'll talk to him and see what he can do, I know that he did a job very cheap for one of the customers that Pacesetter lied to and stole money from. She paid for flooring they took her down payment and never installed her flooring. Well, this installation manager knew her situation so she was one of his first jobs, he helped her out for basically nothing. Anyway, I'll see what I can do, he's a great guy!!

More Visitor Feedback #119

Tuesday, January 17th 2006 - 07:22:37 AM

From: Lindsay Duncan
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Iskra

"Google" Gary Iskra, it pulls up so many articles, it has the water softner story in there too. I guess they made him pay all of those customers back. It's scary all of the things that this prick has gotten away with. I started with the Shragers when Pacesetter actually meant something, I've completely lost respect for Phil and Harley after seeing what kind of person they sold their company to. Who all went to the last Pacesetter trip in Los Cabos??? Remember the Evening of the Stars? What a crock!!!!!!!!!

More Visitor Feedback #118

Tuesday, January 17th 2006 - 07:13:06 AM

From: Lindsay Duncan
E-Mail: Private
Subject: KC

Is this Mike Asaro???? What's up, this is Dunk.

More Visitor Feedback #117

Tuesday, January 17th 2006 - 07:02:32 AM

From: Lindsay Duncan
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Hello

Hey Terri,
How are you? How is Chris doing? Tell him I said hi! Keep in touch, here is my email address: Tell all the other Ex-KC employees that Dunk says Hi!!!

More Visitor Feedback #116

Monday, January 16th 2006 - 08:52:28 PM

From: an ex'er
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Go Figure..

I just interviewed with a guy how worked for AHIP, the company Gary Iskra ran. He told me that they were using 2 sets of books and then when they sold to Sears for big bucks, the truth came out. Iska also ran some type of Water Filtration company out of business also. My question to all of those in the know, why did the Schragers sell to this guy if they must of known his past deeds and reputation? I am not so sure that this might have been the big plan? Anybody out there in the know?

More Visitor Feedback #115

Monday, January 16th 2006 - 02:18:52 PM

From: Terri
E-Mail: Private
Subject: W-2's

Lindsey, this is Terri, Take a look at response #101. It has instructions on obtaining a W-2. If you have no computer to do this, go to library and use theirs for an hour. I used to work with you in KC. Say hello to rest of your family for me.

More Visitor Feedback #114

Monday, January 16th 2006 - 02:08:51 PM

From: Lindsay Duncan
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Ex-Employees

this is for all of the ex-employees from 2002-2005 out there, I still have not recieved my last two paychecks from last May before they shut down. Also, does anyone know who to contact to get our W2's? Pacesetter has been screwing me since 2002, I've pretty much given up on my paychecks, and the money for Health Insurance that they were taking out of my checks for 3 months before they told us that it was cancelled, but I really need my tax return this year, so if anyone knows who to contact, I'm giving the webmaster of this site permission to give out my email address. Please email me and let me know.


More Visitor Feedback #113

Monday, January 16th 2006 - 12:25:28 PM

From: ex-employee
E-Mail: Private
Subject: repsonding to #107

Who the f--k are you. So tell me again, they had our best interest at heart. How much did they pay you to run your mouth. How about when it was Christmas and we went without paychecks, and were told point blank it was the DHL's fault that the plane was grounded.
Or how about the time, when 9 paychecks bounced and their response was we our changing banks and it's just an error.
No!! You have your information screwed up/ they new exactly what they were doing. And they didn't care just as long as their money was coming in.
How many times did they say Our jobs our secure, don't worry things will get better.
F--K your customer satisfaction and they did a great job with the work they did, if they were so clean why our they hiding behind a different name.
And yes it became personel, when they became greedy!!!!
I am only speaking for myself/ nothing is over until I say it's over. If they come to Greentree, I will make sure every door has a flyer cautioning homeowners to get their doors locked. Go stick your head up mickey's ass a little further you don't stink enough!!!!!!

More Visitor Feedback #112

Sunday, January 15th 2006 - 11:16:35 PM

From: Fired-up
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Roberto Dumb B#$#*^#'d

Free speech, your an a-hole. Just my opinion.

More Visitor Feedback #111

Sunday, January 15th 2006 - 07:40:25 PM

From: steve
E-Mail: Private
Subject: license or no sence

Does anybody know if gerry anderson has a license to do construction work or are they just winging it If you want call gARY K. AND ASL AOBUT OUT W-2 AND HE PLAYS STUPID 1916 533 3303 DONT FIGURE

More Visitor Feedback #110

Sunday, January 15th 2006 - 07:04:18 PM

From: In the mix
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Kluck and Anderson

Zoran you are right they have different company names, however,Kluck sells the products,then subs out the work to Anderson, that way they keep two companys in the mix trying to confuse us,the BBB,and the state lic. board. No respect........

More Visitor Feedback #109

Sunday, January 15th 2006 - 01:25:29 PM

From: Merry George
E-Mail: Private
Subject: need parts

We had the windows in our whole house redone by Pacesetter and were overall very pleased. We have found that we need replacement parts for our storm door handle and have been unable to contact anyone at Pacesetter. Believe it or not--we were totally unaware about any problems at Pacesetter Corp. and missed any news releases on the subject.
If anyone knows where I can get parts let me know.

More Visitor Feedback #108

Sunday, January 15th 2006 - 12:25:34 AM

From: Zoran Theodorovic
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Kluck

Kluck = Quality First both in Sacramento

More Visitor Feedback #107

Saturday, January 14th 2006 - 09:35:23 PM

From: Roberto DB
E-Mail: Private
Subject: The real truth

As a ex employee of the Pacesetter Corporation I must say that I have to agree to some of the statement and stories displayed here, however I feel that you are taking this war on a personal basis fueled by another bunch of unhappy customers. You all must realize the fact that Pacesetter has had literally hundred of thousands of absolute satisfied customers and treated their employees just fine, in fact Pacesetter has helped several employees with advances towards their pay when things were slow due to recession or during holidays when business slowed down a bit, they cared about workers families and children, Pacesetter also cared very much about all the thousands and thousands of clients they acquired over the decades and as far as I know they always maintained a solid price structure and treated everyone equally in regards of whom they were dealing with, and the presence of management in every department made sure that everything was kept under control, their service dept was impeccable therefore they got many repeated clients. Your opinion it is probably accurate but unfortunately it may very much represent a very small percentage of dissatisfied customer or employees compared to the total operation.
In my years of experience in the home improvement industry I've work, seen and heard of several companies that operated illegitimately , price gouged people, adopted par systems, did not have an existent service dept, and basically did not give a rat about anyone but themselves and their revenues and I have to tell you that Pacesetter wasn't about that.
Iskra, Madden and the rest of the people mention on this website are true businessman 100% dedicated to reach success, and they literally helped improved the quality of life of their employees along with thousands and thousands American households, this is strictly my opinion, I receive no compensation, promotions, bonuses or free vacations for making such statements since I have no connections with them.
Good Luck to you on this war, I believe in freedom of speech.

More Visitor Feedback #106

Saturday, January 14th 2006 - 07:28:30 PM

From: mark drake
E-Mail: Private
Subject: stealing continues

Here a nice bit of information to you all. Gary Kluck Gerrry andereson are selling in sac again. But worse than that they are still installing ols pacesetter jobs and collecting the money unknown to the bankruptcy board. Also as far as I can tell tehy dont have a license either. They do not ever stop.

More Visitor Feedback #105

Friday, January 13th 2006 - 05:49:19 PM

From: ex-employee
E-Mail: Private
Subject: News Travels Fast!!!!!!

New Company Name!!!!

News Flash Pittsburgh's old manager Nick Gottschak couldn't make it running his own contracting business, so he got sucked back into the Madden web, rumor has it he now works as the manager for Mickey and Gary. No telemarketing as of yet, although other weak soul who couldn't survive in the real world follow Nick right in his footsteps Scott Giesel is the new recruiting manager. What do those guys think!!! It's going to be different the second time around. I also heard that the expansion is going to be in a location in Greentree, Pittsburgh PA.

I have flyers reading to be printed and hung in every gas station, shopping mall, grocery stores. To get the word out that the scam is about to begin.

I think its a awesome idea. I started calling the 888 today. Its now programed in my phone. 8 times a day (piece of cake)I will hire and pay people to make the calls.

This company doesn't stand a chance!!!!! Pacesetter here we come!!!!!

More Visitor Feedback #104

Thursday, January 12th 2006 - 06:09:19 PM

From: Private, withheld
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Ex Employee

I read allot of these complaints and the telemarketer response. First and Formost I want to say I did work for Pacesetter for almost one year. During that time the transition from privately owed by one owner to owned by three top executives was being done. Yes they closed most company owned and operated manufacturing. And yes they started selling from other maufactures of windows, doors, aluminum patios etc. The Pacesetter prices have always beed very high and I believe was due to splitting the pie up to allot of people. Smallest piece to the actual salesman. And the salesmans took all the risk I might add.
I also want to point out that as a telemarketer that person does not see the actual installs and complaint homes that we as salesmen get to see. Yes maybe there are allot of happy people sold but, We saw allot of unhappy people and when we try to get things done for our customers or previous customers, there is a lack of responsibility and action being done to resolve those matters. I personally went through a few that were not my customers but tried to get fixed as well as some of my customers. Also I went to installations and saw things that scared me. I have worked with my brother on home repair and window installations before and I know what should be done or not. And I gotta tell you, Pacesetter installers were doing things half assed and improperly. As an Example and I hope everyone who has had windows installed by Pacesetter sees this, When Pacesetter installers remove the old windows they would break the seal of the old windows (remove frames and break stucco). Which I was told is illigal unless properly repaired? (please correct me if I'm wrong) You see, breaking the seal if not properly fixed and sealed will allow weather and all kinds of dirt, mold to build up inside. In time it can cause serios damage to the surrounding window area. Which could lead to replacing window frames and walls. The Pacetter installers would not fix or reseal these windows. Instead they would place thier windows inside the hole and frame it with aluminum or fiberglass frame kits. These were only thin 1-2 inch flat pieces that went around the gap of the window and the broken seal. Then they would only put white cauking to supposedly seal it. In fact i've been in previous homes where the caulking cracked, pealed or gotten so dirty and moldy it needed to be replaced or redone. This caulking seal is in no way replacing the original sealed window frame. After seeing this I did not allow the Pacesetter installers to do this trim seal to my new windows. Instead I went to home depot and bought window sealer foam and sealed all my windows as best I could and then put new stucco on the edges to complete the seal. Yes I did get Pacesetter all fiberglass windows because I do beleive they are a great product. Unfortunatly Pacesetter installers are not trained to do proper installs.

Pacesetter trains salesmen to lie to customers allot. One big example is this. They make us tell customers that our installers all work for Pacesetter and none are contracters. Well that is a bunch of BS. At my very first install visit I asked the installers where they come from. They told me they were contracted by Pacesetter.
Another lie we had to tell was that we have no complaints outstanding with the BBB but of course we all know it's a lie now. They also made us say "there is a lien we can place on your home if you don't pay but, we have never had to".
Things like this and many more finally made me realize this company was not for me.
To be honest, I love my windows but that's because I completed the installation properly. I hate to see what the rest of you have to say about the leaks, noise, dirt etc.

So, again this is from my personal experience only and I have many horror stories from friends who also worked for Pacesetter.
By the way, I was owed about $400.00 from my last few sales which to this day I never got paid for.
I hope and pray that the people behind the lies and deceit finally get what they deserve.

Good luck to all of you.

More Visitor Feedback #103

Thursday, January 12th 2006 - 12:08:49 PM

From: Ted Langmack
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Wowed by Pacesettersucks stories

What a shame. We bought our first Pacesetter storm doors in Hobbs, NM back in 1976 or so. We put them on our first new house and loved them. When we moved to Albuquerque, NM we again chose Pacesetter storm doors. Great. Moved to San Angelo, Tx. in 1982 and had them put on front door and rear french doors. They've been there ever since. No problems. The only repairs ever needed was a handle replacement or a piston closer. They were always sent with no charge. Even the glass would have been replaced free but none ever broke. I was in need of a closer today and was saddened by the fact that it looks like the old Pacesetter corp. has been ruined by someone and is now out of business. We used them for over 25 years with no complaints. Now I can't find the customer service website. Too bad. I'll keep the doors till they fail. No big problem getting a closer locally.


More Visitor Feedback #102

Wednesday, January 11th 2006 - 04:23:37 AM

From: Screwed2
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Pacesetter reopens

CONTACT US AT 888-836-8989

Corporate Office: 766 E. Pittsburgh St.
Suite 206
Greensburg, PA 15601
Fax: 724-836-6332
Sales and Service Centers
Our service and sales centers span a large radius and, as we are expanding, please check back to see if we have a location close to your home.
Greensburg and surrounding areas
Pittsburgh and surrounding areas
Sacramento and surrounding areas
San Jose and surrounding areas

Copyright © 2005. All Rights Reserved.

Howdy Folks, Happy New Year, Please write down the 888 # above and put it in your wallet or purse and when you find yourselve near a pay phone take a minute or two and dial the # and hang up and redial over and over again for a minute or two. This may sound aimless and petty but hear me out. Each time a toll-free # is dailed from a pay phone the owner of that # is charged 30 some cents plus toll charges. Not a significant amount you say, but wait follow this thru. How many people did these B#$@$*%@*&(@'s screw. If an average of 100 people each month call 10 times a day, about an extra $9000 is added to the long distance charges for that line for that month. This is about an extra $108,000 for that year. If 5000 are made each day this would cost Gary and Gary over a half million dollars. The 888 # may not work in your state yet but as the new web site says: they are expanding.

More Visitor Feedback #101

Tuesday, January 10th 2006 - 02:10:53 PM

From: Terri
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Obtaining W-2's

Called IRS today. Telephone number 800-829-1040 and got the scoop on obtaining missing W-2's. They are also available to answer any questions you may have. As you may or may not know W-2's must be available to all employees by Jan. 31, of current year. If you do not receive a W-2 form type in Just to the top right you will see where to search topics. Type in W-2 missing and hit search key. Go about half way down the page and you will see "Help to obtain current tax year information" Double Click on that line and downlod the form #4852 which is a substitute for an actual W-2 form. Print it out. Hopefully you kept your last pay check stub or can use last years tax return to fill in all your information and can estimate taxes if necessary. Also, found out you as an individual are not liable if Pacesetter did not pay the federal tax on you. The IRS will go after Pacesetter if indeed not paid. However, in order to use this form you must wait until after Jan 31 to use and it may/may not hold up your expected return if any. You may also want to contact Social Security and let them know as well if no W-2 received.

Hope this information helps everyone out and eases your mind.

More Visitor Feedback #100

Monday, January 9th 2006 - 08:34:42 PM

From: Donna Morris
E-Mail: Private
Subject: No Complaints

My husband and I purchased a couple of windows from PaceSetter back in about 2000. They came out and installed them promptly and well. We were so happy with them that we redid all the windows in our home, purchased two storm doors and a front door. Since we have done this we went from burning 6 cords of wood to only 4. We live in Klamath Falls, Oregon so I would have to say that is impressive. Not only have our winters been warmer but our summers have been cooler. The windows do exactly what the representative told us they would do and they are still working just fine for us. Nothing falling apart or making noise. As a matter of fact our house is quieter then it ever was when we first moved in. You probobly won't print this because it doesn't go in line with your PaceSetter sucks opinion but I hope you do. The rep we dealt with was professional and prompt with any return phone calls. As a matter of fact they kept in touch with us for a long time after we got the windows to make sure everything was okay. We told them we were interested in siding but have not received any bothersome calls try to persuade us into doing it now. It's unfortunate that so many people have had such bad experiences with the company but I felt it only right to let people know that not all the experiences are bad. I hope you post this and Thank you for your time.
A Very Satisfied PaceSetter Customer

More Visitor Feedback #99

Monday, January 9th 2006 - 08:03:43 AM

From: Joe D.
E-Mail: Private
Subject: - CA SOS details.

Number: C2811257 Date Filed: 11/29/2005
Jurisdiction: California

PO BOX 526036
SACRAMENTO, CA 95852-6036

I still can't find these cowards on th PA SOS site...
The address in the WHOIS records for & come back to entirely different locations.

More Visitor Feedback #98

Sunday, January 8th 2006 - 10:44:45 PM

From: scott
E-Mail: Private

the photos on are right out of the pacesetter presentation books.

More Visitor Feedback #97

Saturday, January 7th 2006 - 11:27:31 AM

From: Leisa
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Another life-time warranty scam!

I spent $10,000 for windows for my home and was of course stupid enough to believe the lifetime warranty. we are with windows that won't open or some that won't stay open and I have no one to call!!
Does anyone have any information about someone who can at least FIX the windows? Thanks.

More Visitor Feedback #96

Tuesday, January 3rd 2006 - 11:37:20 AM

From: Rena Wigley
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Question

Has anyone filed a class action lawsuit?

More Visitor Feedback #95

Tuesday, January 3rd 2006 - 11:34:56 AM

From: Rena Wigley
E-Mail: Private
Subject: window started cracking and completely shattered for no reason

I have been trying to reach pacesetters to lodge a complaint and ask them to replace the window. Every # I have called has been disconnected. Can you help me, when I go to web sight all I get is a map and no way to communicate with them. If you can help I would deeply appreciate it. I am a single parent taking care of my handicapped 39 year old daughter who can only crawl and this could be potentially very dangerous for her. I have had other problems but this could be very serious and dangerous for her.

More Visitor Feedback #94

Saturday, December 31st 2005 - 09:26:39 PM

From: Happy New Year 2
E-Mail: Private

It's not just in Cali...the Iskrra, Kluck and Madden are working in the East coast too. Better start reserving the * domains and continue the education of consumers.

More Visitor Feedback #93

Saturday, December 31st 2005 - 05:28:41 AM

E-Mail: Private

Help Wanted - S - The Sacramento Bee -
... SALES Reps, Canvassers & Telemarketers. Home Improvement. Flex hrs Top $$$.
916-854-1580 Add this to clips Published to the Web on Tue, 12/27/05 ...

More Visitor Feedback #92

Friday, December 30th 2005 - 11:41:06 PM

From: Canvass Manager 2005
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Gary Kluck

Gary Kluck has a new company in Rocklin,CA called My, although they dont seem to seem to have a website as of yet, they are running an ad in the Sacramento Bee looking to pay canvassers $12 an hour + $20 a lead. He has also told people hes got a restraining order against me even though I have never threatened him. It seems like he would rather live in fear and pay a lawyer, than pay me/us and get on with his life. Not much of a Positive Mental Attitude with this fella.......

More Visitor Feedback #91

Friday, December 30th 2005 - 06:59:48 PM

From: private
E-Mail: Private
Subject: w-2's

It is my understanding that the bankruptcy court enforces the W-2's. In other words we will get them. My tax person says that in the event we don't then all you need do is add up your pay stubs on the actual checks you received and that didn't bounce. Not on the money you worked your ass off for and never received.

More Visitor Feedback #90

Friday, December 30th 2005 - 10:20:57 AM

From: unknown
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Comment for *

Although it may have been a good company in the 70s. That is more than a lifetime ago. How dare you critisize peoples anger and frustration after the have spent the last couple years being lied to about pay, insurance and security. There are people that have lost houses, cars and even marriages because of the current dealings with Pacesetter. You might want to get off that perch your on, since you can only speak of authority on the state of the company 30 years ago.

Yes, incentive pay is good for those who want it. But to ask a man to treat his family as a secondary priority, is asking a bit much. Phil as nice and charming as he can be, is definately a brow beating, self centered, greedy son of a bitch. Who's only concern is what you can do for him. While you may respect someone like this, I think the majority of people perfer to surround themselves with a slightly more respectable person. Money doesn't make a man.

So why dont you quit your whining and STFU.

More Visitor Feedback #89

Wednesday, December 28th 2005 - 05:37:35 PM

From: JLB
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Pacesetter didn't always suck

I started with Pacesetter in the early seventies. I moved up the company ladder and enjoyed a great life style. We were aggresive but never miss-represented ourselves, our company or product. I'm sure there were ones who did, but it was a bonified reason for dismisal if you were caught doing it. The person who wrote that the windows were Republic windows not Pacesetter's was only half right. They are Republic extrusions used to build Pacesetter windows. Phil Shraeger, Bill Blaha, and John Knoblach were the home improvment genius's that brought the home improvment busines out of the dark ages. The prices of Pacesetter products though high, were standardized. (unheard of before Pacesetter) The person who wrote in about the prices being high because of kick backs has never been in business. It's true commissions are high and bonuses are abundant. That good people... is called incentives. The harder you work and apply yourself, the better your paycheck. No company has to apologize for that. The products aren't perfect, but definatly far above average. After all is said and done Pacesetter opperates a 13% profit margin. That's a little below average but the volume makes up for it.

Pacesetter isn't perfect, but some of the people on this band wagon should see some of the other companies in this industry. Companies that take down payments without ever planning on doing the work. Their nice,low prices lure em in and BANG! Note the infamous Williams Brothers. (where's their website)?

Phil has since sold the company and that does scare me. But let me say this. incentives lead to hard work and we did a lot of that. As a result, we never had to lay anyone off in the factory or installation. not many business can say that. ( It's not a job, it's a lie if you get laid off).

I left the company a long time ago to go on my own, but I didn't leave for any of the reasons these other people did. I hate to say it, but not everyone can handle the pressure of working for this company. The one's who tried and failed all tell a sad story, but no one ever left this company because of thier success. Indeed you are a bitter group. Unless you quit whinning, you will never make an impact in any industry. Stand up and be men don't join these low class lynch mob groups. Good luck people.

More Visitor Feedback #88

Monday, December 26th 2005 - 11:33:45 PM

From: an ex employee
E-Mail: Private
Subject: w2's

Anyone have any idea what to do about recieving our w2's. I worked there for 8 years. I am curious on how to handle the year end taxes.

More Visitor Feedback #87

Monday, December 26th 2005 - 04:53:44 AM

From: Bob
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Mickey, Gary, and the gang

Are all of these dirtbags still living??? Amazing!
All are coke-heads. Mickey Madden thinks he's the baddest man since Rocky (in truth, he's a punk); Al kniffen, Gary's brother-in-law, is a mooch, As a whole they all would look good in prison blues.
I worked as a sales manager for years with the ol American Home Improvement Products ( now Sears). I taught all the BS they forced on us to make a living.

I'd like two minutes with Madden in an enclosed roomQ

More Visitor Feedback #86

Friday, December 23rd 2005 - 10:55:43 PM

From: private
E-Mail: Private
Subject: The Warn Act

Unfornately this information has come at a time where it may be too late. The Warn Act. This is an act that requires employers of employees of 100 people or more to inform their employees of company closings. They must tell you at least 60 days before closing. A claim can be filed at www.dol/gov/compliance/ or just put in The Warn Act. We should have been notified (as employees) of the company closing at least 60 days before it happened. They may have filed bankruptcy, but does bankruptcy protect them against illegal acts? I would think not! They did not inform us! Legal charges could be brought against them. Dont let them get away from _ _ _ _ ing us! Jail time or pay me MF er's!!!

More Visitor Feedback #85

Thursday, December 22nd 2005 - 05:47:52 PM

From: Theo TePaske
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Don't buy their windows

I too have a horror story with them. My parents had windows put in the living room when I was 15 and right away they started leaking in air. According to my dad they didn't even bother putting insulation around them, which you're supposed to do. They caulked them, but that's not enough. We also bought two similar windows from them for the dining room which were installed come summer. A different couple of contractors installed and insulated those and they held up better, but not anywhere near as good as they ought to. Pacesetter windows are very flimsy and they do a crappy job putting them in. I wouldn't waste my time or money on these as they are worthless, almost as bad as buying aluminum framed windows. Go with another brand even if it costs more as we got taken big time. Never again.

More Visitor Feedback #84

Monday, December 19th 2005 - 05:19:07 PM

E-Mail: Private


More Visitor Feedback #83

Monday, December 19th 2005 - 02:10:44 PM

From: Omar
E-Mail: Private
Subject: inherited Pacesetter windows/doors

I bought my first home a few months ago and inherited pacesetter doors and windows. We had our first major storm in years here in California and guess what? The storm door blew off its hinges. I'm desperately trying to find contact info for pacestter and can't find it. I suspect by everything I've read here that the scam artists are out of business. Too bad, the parts (spring-pins) I need do not seem standard. I hope the windows hold up.

More Visitor Feedback #82

Tuesday, December 13th 2005 - 07:53:06 AM

From: Mary Jacobs
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Nightmare!!!!!

I had gutters and gaurds placed and also siding.

Water now leaks down the side of my home and i cannot get in contact with PACESETTER!!!!! and I bought the warranty!!!!!!!

More Visitor Feedback #81

Tuesday, December 6th 2005 - 12:07:43 PM

From: Tammy
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Flex Plan

The Flex plan was Self Funded. The money in your account is now gone. Anyone that had a balance in the account, please send me your name and phone number. I have been working with The Department of Insurance and they need to know who is due money from the Flex Plan. My E-mail address is

More Visitor Feedback #80

Tuesday, December 6th 2005 - 08:46:49 AM

From: Don
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Pacesetter Parts

Looking for parts for Pacesetter windows. Any help would be appreciated. Please e-mail me.

Thanks, Don

More Visitor Feedback #79

Monday, December 5th 2005 - 07:41:34 PM

From: Mike
E-Mail: Private
Subject: bankruptcy of pacesetter

I knew that was going to happen right after the benifits and the other products were chopped it's like the domino effect theory, they still owe me my money but since that bankruptcy happened I would have thought it would be chapter 13 total bankruptcy. From y understanding is that chapter 7 usaully means that there in for collection and creditors I could be wrong but I think those crooks should get what they deserve I know that the kansas dept of labor is going after not just pacesetter but the big asshole individually to get the wages that are owed to the employees back. so if they are trully under chapter 7 then there is still a chance that the people in kansas will still get there wages that are owed to them by going iskra individually is district court so it's not over yet

More Visitor Feedback #78

Sunday, December 4th 2005 - 08:58:10 AM

From: joe
E-Mail: Private
Subject: windows

i bought a home with new pacesetter windows in it, they leak and don't stop any cold air from entering my home because of this my heat bills are very high but because i am second onwer the will not do any thing about it.

More Visitor Feedback #77

Thursday, December 1st 2005 - 04:58:06 PM

From: Very Sad
E-Mail: Private
Subject: how bad's bad?

I've been away from the company for over 20 years, but I started Pacesetter in it's infancy and was a part of the original "dirty couple of dozen" The founders of the company (Phill and his father JJ schraeger, are responsible for making the home improvment business legit back in the late sixties and early seventies. We were aggressive but miss-representation of the company, products, or services was not tollerated. Phill and JJ, along with Bill Blaha and John Knoblach contributed greatly to this industry early on. As the company got big and Phill's lack of presence in the company operations was felt. It became a "push button" type of company. It lost it's personal touch with both it's customers and employees. Either the company out grew me or I out grew it. I won't elaborate. I'll just say it's sad to see the changes and read these stories. Believe me please .. Phill is and was a man of industrial genius and integrity .. It's very sad to see this happen to the company that did so much for me. Let me also say that I have been my own business for a long time. It's very ma and pa compared to Pacesetter. I strive to treat my customers and employees right. But the small time crooks like the imfamous Williams brothers and others like them pose a greater threat by far than Pacesetter. If you'ld like to hear some horror stories that'll make your stomach turn, try Sears and their friendly authorized contractors. I have heard unbelievable things they've done. (aledgedly)

More Visitor Feedback #76

Thursday, December 1st 2005 - 11:02:05 AM

From: an ex'er
E-Mail: Private
Subject: to # 74

The company is MFS RETIRMENT SERVICES, INC. but I am not sure if the "flex money" went to them. Their number is
800-854-0647. Good luck.

More Visitor Feedback #75

Thursday, December 1st 2005 - 08:41:05 AM

From: Lynn Lisica
E-Mail: Private
Subject: civil case action against pacesetter for over $8000

went to court, pacesetter of course did not show. I won my case now I have to have a sheriff sale if I want to recoupe my losses. Or hire an attorney an fight. In the mean time my roof is still leaking from the falty installation of a leaf guard and my home owners won't help till the ceiling comes down.

More Visitor Feedback #74

Wednesday, November 30th 2005 - 05:17:30 PM

From: private
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Flex spending

#73 If that is fact do you recall the name of the 401k company? I can at least check to see if it was through them.

More Visitor Feedback #73

Wednesday, November 30th 2005 - 04:24:49 PM

From: an ex'er
E-Mail: Private
Subject: flex plan

If I am not mistaken, Pacesetter was self insured for awhile on the health insurance, but the insurance companies just administered it. I think the flex money was taken out of your paycheck directly by Pacesetter and put into a trust account(supposedly), just like all of the income taxes etc that were deducted, buy never reported. I think you are S.O.L. Another "stick it to ya" by the big boys of Omaha, Pittsburgh and Sacramento.

More Visitor Feedback #72

Wednesday, November 30th 2005 - 02:55:33 PM

From: Lisa
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Leaking Window

I had all my windows replaced by Pacesetter in October, 2001, and recently noticed water damage around one of my bedroom windows and the inside of the window frame shows a little rust. The paint around one corner is starting to crack and peel. I tried contacting Pacesetter today and found out that they went out of business, which is not good. Any suggestions what can be done since the warranty now isn't valid because they went out of business? I'm very concerned about this.

Thanks for any input from anyone that knows something.

More Visitor Feedback #71

Wednesday, November 30th 2005 - 11:57:22 AM

From: private
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Flex spending

It doesn't matter if the company is closed or not. It is my understanding that flex spending is through the government or a government sponsored program. So if you had money in your flex spending it is still available to you, to help pay medical costs. But I disposed of all my papers (duh) so does anyone have that information to whom the flex spending was through? United HealthCare said it wasn't them.

Thank You!

More Visitor Feedback #70

Wednesday, November 30th 2005 - 08:38:14 AM

From: Smitty
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Response to #68.

Do you people read anything on this site?? Pacesetter has already closed it's doors.

More Visitor Feedback #69

Tuesday, November 29th 2005 - 06:56:01 PM

From: private
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Flex Spending

I had a flex spending account with Pacesetter with money in it. I was told I can still use it. Does anyone know of how to contact these people to who I can recover the money from? Insurance co? Who?

More Visitor Feedback #68

Tuesday, November 29th 2005 - 06:06:19 AM

From: Wendy Dorn-Recalde
E-Mail: Private
Subject: what a fabulous door!

At first I would like to say that because of our naivety at the time, we were easily taken by the Pacesetter rep that came to our house. That said, I believe the lesson we learned will last forever. In August of 2000, we moved into our first house. I was pregnant with our first child, and we were talking about adding some decent storm windows to our house, as everytime the wind blew, the curtains danced around. Not exactly airtight.. We went through a year of freezing to death, and decided to buy some storm windows. Around this time, (summer of 2001), I received a call from Pacesetter Corp. and set up an appointment with a rep to talk about storm windows.
The rep showed us the storm windows, and truthfully, we thought they looked pretty nice, and because these were the first we'd really looked at, we had no idea of a reasonable price. So, we signed on, and bought eight storm windows, plus the lovely new screen door, which ended up looking nothing like the picture he showed us.
He also failed to mention the little detail of a lien being put on our house.
Anyway, the windows and door arrived a couple months later and were installed by two rather scary looking individuals with a rattle-trap vehicle. Not the idea I had had in my head of a Pacesetter van or something, with people in Pacesetter uniforms installing my storm windows. Everything was fine until the next spring, when the screen door started to come within only inches of the door frame- not closing at all. If you forced it, you couldn't get out again. I called Pacesetter, and they informed me that this was my houses fault, although the previous screen door, although not new, fit just fine. I informed them that the door had been measured for by one of their measuring people, and at approximately the same time of year that we were having this problem- in other words- they should have had the measurement of the door frame at its supposed yearly expansion. Anyway, they sent someone out to fix it, and he tried to plane down the window frame, which caused the door to close, but extremely tightly, so you had to hit the handle with your fist to open the door. He left. The door began migrating again. I called again, and after being treated exceptionally rudely by a customer SERVICE representative, another fix-it man came and did the same thing.
To make a long story short, our door continues this yearly migration and gets a little worse every year- in other words, it almost never shuts. At this time (November 2005) it stands about three inches open. Now my indoor cat is an outdoor cat, and my dog can get out quite easily if the actual front door isn't closed. This whole situation is not made easier by the fact that we have three little boys who would really like to let the dog out, or worse, themselves.
I would like nothing better than to see Pacesetter shut its doors, if they won't get on the ball, and shut mine.

More Visitor Feedback #67

Sunday, November 27th 2005 - 03:37:42 PM

From: my ass hurts
E-Mail: Private
Subject: thanks for nothing

My thanks to the garys Mickeys and aloe. You ripped off employees customers and all

More Visitor Feedback #66

Thursday, November 24th 2005 - 08:19:34 AM

From: private
E-Mail: Private
Subject: bankruptcy and Pacesetter

Log onto

this will give insite as far as fraud/debtors exam. If anyone lives in the state as to where they filed please look into this and do what you can do for all of us.

More Visitor Feedback #65

Thursday, November 24th 2005 - 06:53:58 AM

From: private
E-Mail: Private
Subject: fraud/debtors exam

With suspected fraud after a chap. seven is filed they can be made to take a "debtors exam", but I have no way of knowing how this is done. Look up chap 7 on the internet. Too bad we can't get an audit of all the income (and they made tons of it) and make them show where it all went. Sure didn't go to the employees or the creditors. It is stashed somewhere where the law can't find it. These four owners are crooks and scam artists in the biggest sense of the word and need to be in prison.

More Visitor Feedback #64

Wednesday, November 23rd 2005 - 08:28:26 AM

From: Private
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Chapter 7

Chapter 7 is liquidation. They will be selling all assets to pay any "creditors" that the courts deem worthy. Even then they are going to get pennies on the dollar. The employees will most likely get zero. Anyway good luck.

More Visitor Feedback #63

Monday, November 21st 2005 - 04:19:10 PM

From: FYI
E-Mail: Private
Subject: bankruptcy and Pacesetter

If in fact pacesetter filed for chapter 7 this is where they pay creditors back. They can't discharge damage awards resulting from intentional wrongful acts. Now wouldn't that fall under them working us and not paying us?

More Visitor Feedback #62

Monday, November 21st 2005 - 04:17:45 PM

From: Teri
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Not entirely gone

Ive read somewhere that pacesetters website was gone. And I dont know if this has already been disclosed in other messages (as I havent read them all), but I stumbled on their site.

My father worked for pacesetter in the 90's, and things, depending on the issue, were great. Lots of money, new cars, trips to very nice places, awards and rewards. It wasnt until he was awareded an office of his own and turned it into one of the top producing offices in the region, did his marriage fall apart. Once that happend, he continued to produce great numbers, but the GM decided to take the credit. He left pacesetter on bad terms and kept one of the demo boxes (empty of course). Which makes for great storage of all those extra RCA jacks and super short telephone cords you get when you buy a new phone.

Anyway, good luck to everyone that has had trouble with this company. They really do, only care about the money.

More Visitor Feedback #61

Friday, November 18th 2005 - 11:17:23 AM

From: In the Know
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Truth

It is official , The Pacesetter Corporation of America filed for bankruptcy 11/17/2005

More Visitor Feedback #60

Friday, November 18th 2005 - 06:56:47 AM

From: Greg Gerlach
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Pacesetter bankruptcy

I received the following email regarding Pacesetter:

On November 17th, 2005 at or about 4:54PM, The PaceSetter Corp. Of America (hereafter "PCA") filed a petition for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Western District of PA, Case Number 05-50204.

More Visitor Feedback #59

Sunday, November 13th 2005 - 08:39:04 PM

From: Jeanne B (former payroll mgr.)
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Unpaid empoyee medical insurance claims

This message is to inform all former Pacesetter empolyees with qualified unpaid medical claims for services prior to the 04/08/05 plan termination date. There appears to be a total of over $1.4 millon of claims that were not processed by United Health Care. I have been in contact with a legal firm that is interested in representing a group action to settle these claims. Research has been done and a plan of action has been proposed. The fees can be negotiated on a contingency basis but an account will have to be funded to cover expenses.
This message is being posted for responses from former employees interested in participating in this class action suit. If you are or know of someone affected by unpaid claims please e-mail me at
Also be aware that this legal firm prompted an investigation that has been completed by The Department of Labor into the actions of Pacesetter.

More Visitor Feedback #58

Tuesday, November 8th 2005 - 12:18:38 PM

From: Lisa
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Ripped off by Pacesetters; now filed Attorney General complaint

Just a quick update. Purchased siding from Pacesetter's in December of 2004. Did job in January in 2005 in 12 degree weather. Job site was left a mess, and many repairs needed done. Contractors at PaceSetters scheduled and rescheduled repair appts. 4 times. On the 4th, after they didn't show up, and given the promise the salesman Kevin Elliott made -"If we don't respond to a service call in 2 weeks your siding is free". Wrote to the salesman, the CEOs (Iskra,

My attorney suggested this company is a fly by night and (in her words) takes advantage of people - and we probably could get them for breach of contract. I was contacted by Amerifirst Home Improvement Finance Company offering to help me get my repairs done (I took photos of all the problems and sent color copies to EVERYONE). Two estimates came back in the $15-$16K range, and both companies said that they used wrong materials and the siding job COULD NOT BE REPAIRED. The finance company then told me that Pacesetters contacts would not return their call.

So, I have filed a complaint with the PA Attorney Generals office (fyi-Atty General has already investigate Mr. Iskra under the company Advanced Water Solutions).

I also received a letter from James B. Miller general counsel for Amerifirst Home Improvement Finance Company - basically telling me that the complaints I sent to Schrager and Danielson - was not the owners of the company who sold me the siding. Basically, Pacesetters was bought by Iskra and is now Pacesetters Corporation of America (PCA). And, Mr. Miller states that "he regrets to inform me that PCA is now virtually defunct".

At this point, I advised the attorney general that I want my debt dismissed (I'm still paying the monthly payments) and I want the $16,000 to get the siding repaired.

More Visitor Feedback #57

Tuesday, November 8th 2005 - 11:22:29 AM

From: private
E-Mail: Private
Subject: liens

Pacesetter is known for this, unless you can afford a good lawyer I am sure it will have to be paid. Once a contract is signed a person is stuck, unless Pacesetter DID NOT follow thru on their end of the contract. One thing being they cannot guarantee the product anymore. And if the work was not finished or done right, and you cannot get in touch with them, then you may have a legit reason to get it off.

More Visitor Feedback #56

Tuesday, November 8th 2005 - 10:58:25 AM

From: Beverly Hynes, Realtor
E-Mail: Private
Subject: lien on property

Please help me. I have a listing that has a lien on the home from Pacesetter Products regarding windows. How can I get this lien off the property. I want to close on this home asap. Please call me at 517.256.9633 or email me with a solution....thanks,


More Visitor Feedback #55

Tuesday, November 8th 2005 - 08:09:27 AM

From: private
E-Mail: Private
Subject: answer to post 53

He worked til the end. Got sporadic paychecks but said no more and is now working for Quality First and is doing great. Pacesetter as of last knowledge has still not filed bankruptcy.

More Visitor Feedback #54

Tuesday, November 8th 2005 - 07:49:26 AM

From: dean rodencamp
E-Mail: Private
Subject: what the hell

so i says to the guy bite me. Klucks response was we should have payroll problems fixed in two weeks. That was may 15. So I says to the guy what about my rent. So he says to me what about my cable. So i say what about my food bill, he says what about my gardner So i says to the guy what about my kids so he says push weekend go sell and get some down payments. What a load of crap

More Visitor Feedback #53

Monday, November 7th 2005 - 04:47:47 PM

From: scewed2
E-Mail: Private
Subject: #52

Just curios when did your husband last work at pacesetter? I know a few that worked to the end and and never got even a "That a boy, good job"

More Visitor Feedback #52

Sunday, November 6th 2005 - 12:34:54 PM

From: Private
E-Mail: Private
Subject: #51 message/ Amer. Home Install. Co.

The two checks my husband got were paychecks and we banked them, wonder of wonders they were GOOD FOR A CHANGE. I looked on the copy of check and stubs and no phone number, but same address as old Pacesetter. On the bank of "National City Bank of Pennsylvania", Pittsburgh

More Visitor Feedback #51

Friday, November 4th 2005 - 10:10:42 AM

From: private
E-Mail: Private
Subject: iskra,paychecks, new pacesetter name, letter campaign

I just talked to gary iskra about a week ago on the phone and I asked him when he will be sending out the paychecks that pacesetter owes me and many others, he said he will not be sending out anything and hung up, basically he is just asking for trouble I doubt he even cares. he uses his mainline for a fax so call his cell phone. The paychecks I assume iskra probably threw them into file 13 or something

Why send out paychecks with another companies name on the letter head thats just fucked up and illegal, I checked the directory assistance for pitts pa for american home installation's number no listing, can you amagine that ha, I bet there just doing that so who ever recieves cash's those checks can get into trouble so DO NOT CASH THEM.

I think that writing a letter to iskras wife is not the way to go. It would just be a waste of time but's it's worth a shot. I think everyone should just go full force and call up the authorities (Feds) and let them know what is going on.

More Visitor Feedback #50

Wednesday, November 2nd 2005 - 07:42:43 PM

From: Dick Tracy
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Is it a coincidence?............not

One of my customers calls me and asked me about a phone call she just recieved, is it true about Pacesetter?, she asks, so I had to tell her the whole story.......Now, her call went like this: Unknown telemarketer calls her and tells her "they took over Pacesetter sales, would you like more products?" The name of the company is Quality First, presidided by Jerry Andersen, located in Roseville CA.1-916-788-2921.
They owe me BIG$$$, can anybody get their address?,what's with all the Gary's? in prison yet?

More Visitor Feedback #49

Wednesday, November 2nd 2005 - 01:17:20 PM

From: private
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Pacesetter has a new name

The latest name of the Pacesetter Corp. is American Home Installation Company out of Pittsburgh. Address is USX Tower 56th Floor, 600 Grant St., Pitts, PA 15219. This is fact as my husband has received two paychecks by that name, however, those were far between. They still are not paying and still screwing employees and customers. My husband is now an ex employee and has filed with the State Labor Board. As of the latest info they still have not filed bankruptcy. They have not paid warehouse rents and they have been booted out of them, thousands and thousands of dollars of windows, cabinets and etc. are left there. Cannot understand why these people are not in prison for defrauding everyone they have ever come in contact with.

More Visitor Feedback #48

Sunday, October 30th 2005 - 06:44:08 PM

From: Naomi
E-Mail: Private
Subject: former employee

Hi I worked for the pacesetter corp. for about two months when I was 19. At first it seemed like a great job, that lasted about two days. I have always had sales postitions, I had worked for Victoria's Secret Beauty and was recognized as one of the top sales people in the company. However I never made a single sale at pacesetter, even though I worked my tail off. One time I was called by the call center at 8 pm and told I was to drive an hour and a half away for an appointment they just set by telling the customer I was "in the neighborhood". Needless to say they were either not home or asleep when I got there. I then got lost on the way home and did not get back to my house till almost 1:00 am. I put almost 10,000 miles on my car in two months and spent about 10 hours a day driving. Everyone is required to go out of town once or twice a month but pacesetter only gives you a $35 dollar a day per diem that is supposed to pay for your hotel. I couldnt afford more because I was a broke teenager trying to make the "$50,000" my first year like I was told by my hiring manager, so I had to stay in the trashiest hotel ever. I was sick and tired of the company especially that they wanted us to lie to people and say our sales preso would only take 30 minutes when we were trained to stay no less than 4 hours and we would get in trouble if we did not. I still think pacesetter fiberglass windows are great but the company sucks. I no of one guy in the oklahoma city office who had customers make the checks out to him personally ( I don't know who these idiots are who would do that) but he stole something like $50,000 from the company. They fired him but this shows the quality of people they hire. Obviously I feel that I am not that type of person as I quit due to the lying of the company and the seedy individuals I worked with. It was the worst working experience of my life.

More Visitor Feedback #47

Sunday, October 30th 2005 - 04:34:55 PM

From: Unknown comic
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Rumor has it

Rumor has it that Gary Kluck is taking out ALL of the equity he has in his rental properties and is getting ready to fly the coop. Hope we can catch this thief before he hits the road. I'd really like to pluck his feathers along with Iskra, Madden, Aloe and all of the other corporate raiders. Hey Iskra, I hope you rot in federal prison you S.O.B.

More Visitor Feedback #46

Sunday, October 30th 2005 - 02:44:44 PM

From: Cranberry Ex Employee
E-Mail: Private
Subject: response to #27 letter Campaign

How about you write a rough draft so we know what to write, mention all the schemes and non payment of paychecks. how we had to pay money on our gifts we got for Christmas last year. What a joke that was!!!!!
I think that's a great idea...... Send them directly to the wives....

More Visitor Feedback #45

Sunday, October 30th 2005 - 06:58:49 AM

E-Mail: Private
Subject: PHONE # for PARTS & SERVICE

If you need parts, service or warranty on your your Pacesetter products, here is the phone # for the last Pacesetter Installation and Service Group. I've been told they have a warehouse of Pacesetter supplies. They appear to only take calls late evening and nights. Good Luck. 304-233-4142

More Visitor Feedback #44

Thursday, October 27th 2005 - 05:47:50 PM

From: Unknown comic
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Death of an employee

The persons name which you are asking for is/was Steve Bertz. He was an Installation Manager out of the Sacramento "Profit" Center. God Bless you Steve...

More Visitor Feedback #43

Thursday, October 27th 2005 - 01:50:28 PM

From: Dan
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Where are they?

While cleaning my office (an endeavor I try once a decade) I found our package from pacesetters for entry and screen door and decided to give them a call. We had these installed in Dec, 1999 but never received any appropriate user materials, specifically, how do you remove the sliding window on the storm door for cleaning.

I've called the rep, the 800 #'s, the website is gone, called all the numbers on our package folder (office nearest you) and got no phones and of all things Bill's tire and trim. I checked the postings here and called the Amerifirst # and actually got through to someone. I asked her for pacesetter's actual working number (as of today 10-27-2005, is 916-788-2931) which she gave me. I said "gee, that change numbers more often than my ex-wife", she gave kind of a disgusted laugh. Must be pretty bad when you extract your livelyhood from crooks. No one answers the phone, just a voice mail message that sounds (sorry) like someones elderly mother.

I appreciate you putting up the site, I'll give the Wisconsin BBB a call in the morning.


More Visitor Feedback #42

Thursday, October 27th 2005 - 12:19:26 PM

From: rob terrel
E-Mail: Private
Subject: death

there was a salesmanager that moved to phoenix and had a heart attack the same day ill try to get his name
for you

More Visitor Feedback #41

Thursday, October 27th 2005 - 07:48:31 AM

From: Private
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Death of an Employee

I am not sure where he was out of, all I know is that he had a life insurance policy through pacesetter. If you have any ideas it would be greatly appreciated.

More Visitor Feedback #40

Thursday, October 27th 2005 - 07:14:12 AM

From: rob terrel
E-Mail: Private
Subject: death of an employee

where did he work at i might be able to help you

if it was gr or sac i proboably would know

hope the info on the w2 helped you all

god bless and good luck to all

More Visitor Feedback #39

Thursday, October 27th 2005 - 06:36:53 AM

From: Private
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Death of an Employee

I am looking to see if anyone knows a Pacesetter employee that was employed May/June 2005 that died of a heart attack. I believe that he was a Sales Rep. I am needing to find his wife's name and phone number.

More Visitor Feedback #38

Thursday, October 27th 2005 - 02:30:00 AM

From: private
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Rob Terrel


More Visitor Feedback #37

Wednesday, October 26th 2005 - 02:05:13 PM

From: rob terrel
E-Mail: Private
Subject: w2

if you never recieved the money owed and they dont pay it til next year you dont have to claim it until next year.
if you call the IRS around tax time they will be able to answer your questions as well. it is pretty easy to deal with. it is their responsibilty to pay the irs not yours so they are liable and the irs will tell you the same thing

More Visitor Feedback #36

Wednesday, October 26th 2005 - 11:10:41 AM

From: Question
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Payroll

How do you fill out your W2 from the IRS if pacesetter still owes you for a months pay. What should you put for earned income and taxes paid for 2005??? If you have any answers please post them here.

More Visitor Feedback #35

Wednesday, October 26th 2005 - 10:35:51 AM

From: Cynthia Duggins
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Pacesetters Windows Complaint

In February of 2004 we where contacted by Pacsetters telemarketing group provided by our Local Sams Club to get a quote on their window products. They installed 21 7000 Diamond Lite windows and 1 Thermabreak 5000 sliding patio door. I am located in Yuba City Ca and the office that handled the installation is located in Sacramento, CA. We have had continual problems with the mechanisms in the slide up/down windows and contacted the Sacramento office to report the difficulties and I spoke with Phil Hice who informed me that it would be weeks before they could come out and look at the windows and repair a screen on the sliding door. That was in May of 2005. It is now October of 2005 and have yet to be contacted by their represenatives to service our windows. I have tried the Omaha, Nebraska number and other listed sites and all phone numbers are not valid. I attempted to contact using the web site that they provided in their paperwork and that site is no longer valid. How and who do we contact to attempt to reach and receive the customer service necessary to fix our defective windows? Advice to anyone looking at their product. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. THE ARE A CUT AND RUN ORGANIZATION. They bilked us out of 16,707.00 cash transaction and now have apparently dropped off the face of the earth.

More Visitor Feedback #34

Wednesday, October 26th 2005 - 09:42:18 AM

From: private
E-Mail: Private
Subject: w-2

I think that they probably will not send out the w-2's even though it's the law , iskra is probably just asking for trouble from the IRS, plus they will nail him. Like I said I think we all need to get together us ex-employees and file a class action suit against them, not wait till january of 06 and see if they send out the W-2's.
As far as with payroll I'm telling everyone as stated above file class action suit we'll all get more money out of them that way along with the money the owe us. See they meaning pacesetter corp and individually gary iskra are already in defualt against the kansas dept of labor for not appearing on the hearing of Oct. 4th and very well other states as well. so like the other person said get them while there hot. lets hear some feed back on this.

More Visitor Feedback #33

Tuesday, October 25th 2005 - 07:01:21 PM

From: ROB
E-Mail: Private
Subject: W2

if you dont get w2 just call the IRS and tell them your wages and withholding they will send ISKRA a substitute for w2 with the wages and withholdings you reported if he doesnt respond within 10 days the IRS will send you the w2 and ISKRA will be held liable paying the tax


hope you all are prospering and doing well

More Visitor Feedback #32

Tuesday, October 25th 2005 - 06:35:17 PM

E-Mail: Private
Subject: W-2 and back pay

With all this hocus pocus, will we get w2'?
I suppose back pay is out of the question?

More Visitor Feedback #31

Tuesday, October 25th 2005 - 03:55:45 PM

From: Alejandra Juarez
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Replacement Screen for my Storm Door

I just learned about Pacesetter when I tried to contact them and no one answers. I need to replace my storm door screen. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement? Please let me know. Thanks

More Visitor Feedback #30

Tuesday, October 25th 2005 - 02:28:20 PM

From: Christen
E-Mail: Private
Subject: The Pacesetter Corp old liens

If it weren't for this very website i don't know how i would have found anything!! for those looking for a satisfaction of an old mortgage/lien with The Pacesetter Corp, try a company called Amerifirst - 800-228-2179. make sure you have the copy of the recorded dot - you'll need to reference the FDS Job # on the dot. This info was listed somewhere on here, but thought i'd just add it again. thanks to pacesettersucks for the help!!

More Visitor Feedback #29

Tuesday, October 25th 2005 - 01:27:46 PM

From: Private
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Bankrupt

You suckers that got caught up in this crap better be on the look out cause they have no other choice than to file for bankruptcy. Get ur claims in while they're hot! Not a sermon just an opinion.

More Visitor Feedback #28

Tuesday, October 25th 2005 - 10:52:38 AM

From: private
E-Mail: Private
Subject: RE:# 26 and #23

well it's matter of judgement on what ur saying, look it we are all in the same boat here we all got laid off frankly to be honest with you, I saw where that person was comming from. he was basically telling his side of the story and how they screwwed that person up.
As far as dumb people working there hey look we kicked alot of butt when that office was open and each person had there own handicaps and weaknesses.
Now to the Kansas dept of labor I was involved in that appearance on oct 4th with the kansas dept of labor basically pacesetter is in defualt and they tried several times to get a hold of those SOB's no luck-no response it then was ruled that iskra will be served to his home address to respond bak by the dept of labor in topeka against the alligations.
now I have a suggestion here maybe will all and I mean all of us need to get a class action suit put together against those individuals who screwwed us plus maybe we should call the feds up and if they do get involved I guarentee they will put a halt to iskra and his crap and freeze his assets and he and his clowns will get what they deserve

More Visitor Feedback #27

Monday, October 24th 2005 - 06:17:45 PM

From: Have an Idea
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Letter Writing Campaign

Here's an idea: Now that Aloe's and Iskra's home addresses are listed on this web site, why don't we all write a letter to MRS. Aloe and MRS. Iskra letting them know what their husbands have done to the company. Who knows -- they may not even have a clue. I'm sure they would be interested. At the very least, it could cause a few questions to be asked at home, making their lives a bit more miserable. 1300+ ex-employees could equal 1300+ letters to the Mrs.! That could be entertaining!~

Let's hear some feedback on this.

More Visitor Feedback #26

Monday, October 24th 2005 - 02:19:02 PM

From: Part of the problem...
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Morons

RE: #23

This is a big part of the problem too. The quality of the people that worked there. What a bunch of Morons!! This is not to say that everyone was a dumbass; in fact there was a lot of people in corp and field that were quite smart and good at what they do. general, the call centers and canvass folks were not the upper echelon of society. This directly effected the professionalism in the company. So in summation, KC guy (#23) as right as you maybe your point is totally lost with your ignorant ramblings.

More Visitor Feedback #25

Monday, October 24th 2005 - 11:53:35 AM

From: Chad
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Response to #23.

To #23... I would have fired you as well. You have no writing abilities at all. Your response barely made any sense at all. Have you ever heard of punctuation marks??

More Visitor Feedback #24

Monday, October 24th 2005 - 11:28:40 AM

From: Larry
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Krempesky, what a JOKE

I knew Kremepesky. What he knows about home improvement marketing you could fit on the head of a pin. Absolutely the WORST marketing guy in the business. Between him and Madden the real reasons why American home pro and pacesetter wwent under

More Visitor Feedback #23

Monday, October 24th 2005 - 11:07:32 AM

From: private
E-Mail: Private
Subject: ex-pacesetter employee

I used to work in the Kansas City office till it was shut down last May, I started out on the phones with them and got promoted to canvass manager towards the end basically how it all fell apart was (this was the start of the down fall) when larry kremposky Vice president of the profit centers came down and told everyone that the health insurance was dropped and this came with out notice this was in late Feburary early april time frame plus there was no cobra offered in which was total B/S but then payroll started comming in late instead of the being there on monday as scheduled everyone was all ticked off, then they said that it would all be straightened out yeah right, we still havent been paid some people have there checks all bunced when they recieved the check what a shame. Gary Iskra and Mark Aloe and all those no good assholes were known as corperate raiders. they went in bought the company striaght out and cut the fat off in other words stopped paying off all the venders and moving corperate office from Omaha to Pittsburg so when it all went cashing down it would be very hard to have the labor boards track them down but back to the payroll that all started in april and went on way after they closed all offices/cut off commincation they kept on lying larry kremposki a real big lier and a con-artist DONT Believe he word he says, if anything stay away from him plus here is an example from he said and what everyone was told at the Kansas city office told everyone they were getting paid between then the sacremento office one of the biggest offices all the telemarketers jumped ship, corperate promised us that they would keep the kansas city office open at all costs but then the wichita office finally shut then us in may and then me and the other 10 claiments filed @ the kansas dept of labor in topeka, but I have a feeling that iskra,kremposki,aloe and kluck are probably keeping on the lows plus they know they are already in deep hot water cause there has been filings in other states as well I feel bad that the prospects and customers who had bought this stuff got taken for a ride thats bad for business but these people like Iskra don't even care about business if anything. who ever reads this DONT DO BUSINESS WITH THAT CROWD THERE ALL liers they will take there money and hide. like they did us they havent paid anyone yet not even the employees or vendors we are just labor board handle it and let them deal with those jerks. but thank you for time

More Visitor Feedback #22

Monday, October 24th 2005 - 10:57:56 AM

From: Randy
E-Mail: Private
Subject: former employee

I used to work for Iskra, Aloe, Madden et al..back with Sears. I realized vey soon what a bunch of no good rats they were. Madden was a friggin Hitler and Iskra and Aloe were clueless. They used to boast how they screwed Sears out of all this money and were not ever interested in the homeowner. Sorry for all you people that got caught up in the maelstrom of the Micky Icky and Marky show. (Madden and Iskra and Aloe) I guess the only good that can come from it is to try and see that no one else works for the chumps, cause they will do the same thing in their next venture. Believe me there will be a "next" on too.

More Visitor Feedback #21

Sunday, October 23rd 2005 - 10:30:34 AM

From: best is in the west
E-Mail: Private
Subject: bankrupt no way

JUst so you all understand why pacesetter has not filed bk. There is a reson for them not to file. If they file then the courts would take over there finances and make them pay people back. They could no longer hide the money or take it themselves. The bk court would appoint attorneys to watch everything. So now you know why they wont file because that means they would have to pay the money they owe. All these months they have been doing what they want with the cash that is so messed up. It also means the irs gets paid first and they owe alot of moneyin back payroll taxes.

More Visitor Feedback #20

Sunday, October 23rd 2005 - 06:57:57 AM

From: Mary jane Oppus
E-Mail: Private
Subject: so where do I go now to get repairs? Any leads?

We purchased the Ultima plus windows and need repair of our sliding door that wont open. Tried to call...all numbers are either disconnected or busy. Busy? after reading all these stories they must have closed shop. Any way, my husband and I had a few concerns about them as well but we finally got all our windows. There was alot of mix up in the order but it was cleared within 7 months. We still need help with the sliding door repair. Any leads would be appreciated.

More Visitor Feedback #19

Saturday, October 22nd 2005 - 06:59:05 PM

From: yet another ex employee
E-Mail: Private
Subject: bankruptcy and Pacesetter

My understanding is that Pacesetter didn't file bankruptcy. With the new bankruptcy laws does that mean if they wanted to file now they too would have to go through credit counseling?

More Visitor Feedback #18

Saturday, October 22nd 2005 - 08:41:31 AM

From: From Sioux Falls
E-Mail: Private

Sorry, Christine....

If I would have reade your previous post I would have known you worked in Omaha. Question: Are you related to Fred Klopp?

More Visitor Feedback #17

Saturday, October 22nd 2005 - 01:51:37 AM

From: ex omaha employee
E-Mail: Private


Did you happen to work in Omaha? Was just thinking I might know you.

More Visitor Feedback #16

Friday, October 21st 2005 - 07:23:32 PM

From: Jake
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Iskra

Gary's phone # is posted on here. Call him up and ask him those questions yourself. I doubt you get an answer, but his response might be amusing. Good Luck to you.

More Visitor Feedback #15

Friday, October 21st 2005 - 05:59:44 PM

From: christine klopp
E-Mail: Private
Subject: wish i knew the whole story

i guess i am in the dark...but can anyone answer me this quesion......why did phil and harley sell and what real intentions did gary iskra have for us x-employees???? Gosh when he 1st took over,the newsletter had a real nice article about how we will exel in the future,our jobs were secure,our windows still #1. No one ever told me the real story and i guess i would like to know it they say for closure. I gave them 25 years of my life. Arent I owed an explanation???? I made them wealthy. I want answers. IF you can help me or guide me....i sure would appreciate it...thanks...

More Visitor Feedback #14

Friday, October 21st 2005 - 05:53:56 PM

From: christine klopp
E-Mail: Private
Subject: bill collectors

i use to work for pacestter until december 2004. i was in the sales division and then luckily got transferred over to the corporate area and helped out paying bills. after i got canned(2 weeks short of my 25th) about 4 months later i got a phone call from a friend who worked at millard lumber company and pacesetter owed them and they were getting no phone calls back or any kind of replies. so she calls me and i have to tell her that they owed thousands of dollars to companies and that i doubt her company would see any money. While i was in that department,we would get invoices from major companies that we owed $130,000.00,$80,000.00 etc. to. Our head bookkeeper and finance departments would have like $5000.00 to pay bills so they would say well pay this company $1000.00 and this company here $450.00. Like thats going to keep them at bay. How sad. I use to be quite proud in working for this company. Now I dont tell people where I use to work unless they bring it up. Once again how sad. I guess my revenge will be when Gary Iskra rots in hell!!!!

More Visitor Feedback #13

Friday, October 21st 2005 - 11:00:07 AM

From: More Contact Information
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Phone Numbers

Just found some more phone numbers that might be helpful to all of us who are trying to get our money. HOpe they are still valid. Here they are:

Iskra: home: 724-238-2279; cell: 724-331-2635
Kluck: home: 916-729-8005; cell: 916-995-8005
Madden: home: 724-845-9814; cell: 724-448-5550
Redecker: home: 412-831-5040; cell: 412-973-8159

Also -- the Federal Tax ID of the Pacesetter Corp of America (Iskra's company) is 20-0615234. That should come in handy when dealing with the IRS at tax time.

Hope this all helps. Everybody should give the boys a call at home! Might be nice to let them know we found them. "You can run, but you cannot hide..."

More Visitor Feedback #12

Friday, October 21st 2005 - 08:59:20 AM

From: Helpful Information
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Contact information

Thought all of you might like some more contact infomation on Aloe:

Home Address: 411 Roberts Cove Road
Alton, NH 03809
Home phone: 412-481-1144
Cell phone: 412-956-3206

This little shit needs to fry, too.


More Visitor Feedback #11

Thursday, October 20th 2005 - 10:25:53 AM

From: Robert Terrel
E-Mail: Private
Subject: federal income tax

hey you all i learned alot from pacesetter and wanted to let you all know if you do not recieve a w-2 all you have to do is call the IRS and tell them your earnings and federal with-holdings and they will send Iskra a copy he has 2 weeks to say wether it is correct if he doesnt respond the IRS will send you a W-2 of the staement that you gave them and pacesetter will be held liable for the payment and you will still get your credit for paying the tax!!!!!!!

I went through that once before with another home improvement company here in MI

Hell you can even beef the numbers a little and get some of your cash back!!!!!!!!!

Good Luck to all you can e mail at
those of you who were good friends i hope everything is falling into place with you

never meant to leave on the terms that i did, but it worked out good thank you jason anten and lisa stanchell for getting me fired cause i did not leave without getting what i was owed



More Visitor Feedback #10

Wednesday, October 19th 2005 - 09:51:11 AM

From: Push Weekend............
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Every day is a Thursday.......

Get ready Gary, It's a push weekend!!!! Can't pay your cable? can't pay your gardner? want to keep the gold digger?how about the phone bill? new mercedes? (old one looking kinda played out). Well you know the drill;
1-Positive things happen to positive people.
(but not to liars)
2-The power of one.
(not only one, but a couple hundred lawsuits)
3-Use the 10 step.
4-And the word for today s-p-i-f-f.
(spiff us our ; back pay, medical bills, trips(cabo??? hahaha)
Did you all know they did'nt pay our federal witholding tax?
and we might be liable for it?

More Visitor Feedback #9

Wednesday, October 19th 2005 - 09:19:51 AM

From: sandra
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Customer Services

I am a single women and paid the high amount for Pacesetters to install windows and doors in an older home i had purchased so i would have the customer service i was sold. I have had several windows that had to be replaced due to being the wrong size. They did come and fix them after several calls and complaints. The issue now is I have trim on my large window in the living room where it is coming off. I have called every number on my list and they are all disconnected and i had found a number here on this web site and the message machine is full so i still haven't talked to anyone. Is there going to be a class action suit against them for the customers that are left out even though we were sold this great services of theirs? I am very intersted in being a part of any law suit against them on the customer end. Also sorry for the empolyees...the ones that worked on my house were great. The second batch that came out...not so great...please keep me inform:)

More Visitor Feedback #8

Monday, October 17th 2005 - 11:38:49 PM

From: kluck
E-Mail: Private
Subject: I had to get rid of cable

Just a letter to all out there I had spoken to gary about a month ago and he informed me about how broke he was. He had to stop the gardner(damn shame) turned off his cable (oh heavans no) and had not got a check in seven months(thats funny cause the one you gave me bounced). Now I am a salesman by trade so I can spot b/s very fast. His point was I am poor so do not sue me. Do I look like I care.I was an employee made you money so pay me. End of story do not cry you did not see me cring poor when you cut my pay. Lets face it Kluck what comes around goes around we want to get paid and do not care if you had to sell your wife(is he still married) or is the gold digger gone. Anyway when you sell your soul the devil always wants to collect

More Visitor Feedback #7

Monday, October 17th 2005 - 05:59:30 PM

From: Former Rep
E-Mail: Private
Subject: New Tricks??

I have been thoruoghly entertained reading all these postings since I left Pacesetter over 1 year ago.I have been amazed at how so many ex employees hang on to their bitterness, instead of letting go, moving on, as I and others did. I saw the writing on the wall with Pacesetter when they began selling Republic Windows for astronomical prices.
If there had not been so MANY GREEDY people in the company, and had they pulled their heads out of their asses as to what was happenning in the real world regarding Window sales, AND changed their advertising a few other items...........maybe they could have survived as a company............But corporate stupidy prevailed and sunk the ship!!
I have more than doubled my earnings by leaving Pacesetter,still making more than double......and HALF the amount of work.Thanks for the good sales training Pacesetter!!!!!. Too bad they will most likely FAIL with the 'New Company' selling Certainteed Windows.........but it wont be Certainteeds fault.............It's the bumbling fools running this New Company that will not last long...........NICE!!!...COOL BEANS!!!..........PMA!!!
I just HAD to write a comment here..ha ha ha ha!!!
Good Luck to you all!!!!

More Visitor Feedback #6

Monday, October 17th 2005 - 05:01:55 PM

From: rick lewis (former sales rep)
E-Mail: Private
Subject: called gary iskra at home

i just got off the phone with gary iskra...kind'a pissed him off cuz i asked if it was mrs iskra...(guy has a little bitchy voice) and i told him that i was a customer and former employee and i had some issues to discuss with him about his windows and my pay...the guy sounded like he was eating in my ear and said he wasn't gonna talk to me about any of it and that i should not call his home anymore...then hung up. so, the number and address to his house DO i did a reverse phone search and the number was for ligoneer, Pa. guess its off to small claims court,...gawd...what a dick...if i can sue him for part of my loss anyways as my windows were not as described or promised to me..if i can recover some of it to pay for the over priced son-of-a-bitches...i'll be happy...

i understand that someplace in kansas had a court date aginst pacesetter on Oct 4th...does anyone out there know how the case turned out? i wrote back to the lady that sent me this info listed below when i forwarded her garys home address and phone number back in sept for the court date (terri) but have tried to get a reply back from her...with no if anyone knows ..please let me know..

copy of the reply back from terri:
Don't know who you are but I REALLY APPRECIATE all your help. The case goes to court on October 4 at 9am for the Kansas people. I will forward your info to the Kansas Department of Labor right now.

More Visitor Feedback #5

Sunday, October 16th 2005 - 09:02:24 PM

From: ex'er
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Get a clue

It's "hasta la vista baby"

More Visitor Feedback #4

Sunday, October 16th 2005 - 02:19:07 PM

From: Duh
E-Mail: Private

Have you read anything previously posted on this site? There is no # to reach Pacesetter.

More Visitor Feedback #3

Sunday, October 16th 2005 - 12:54:25 PM

From: Andrew Burfeind
E-Mail: Private
Subject: calling pacesetter

I'm not sure I'm unhappy with the products but I would like to call pacesetter so if anyone knows their number send it to me. Thanks.

More Visitor Feedback #2

Friday, October 14th 2005 - 07:16:57 AM

From: Vance
E-Mail: Private
Subject: ATTN:"137" All is well

Hello # 137 I'm doing fine.
I'm now working for Berkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffett)
And they make payroll every week and on time.
Unlike Pacesetter and yes pacesetter still owes me $$$$
The department of labor will not return my calls.
They are about as worthless as pacesetter when it comes to getting any answers. Good luck to you and all ex-pacesetter employees.

More Visitor Feedback #1

Thursday, October 13th 2005 - 10:35:17 PM

From: Ken Innes
E-Mail: Private
Subject: Here we go once again!

Here we go once again! The forth book of unfiltered visitor feedback just about got maxed out, and once again it happened in under two months. So here is yet another book.

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